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Your Character in The Heist: Monaco is the main protagonist in The Heist: Monaco book.

Although his/her default name is "Lee", the player can choose to name him/her as they wish. The player can also choose the gender of their character.


Your appearance is customizable according to the player's preferences. You can choose gender, skin tone, facial features and hairstyle. You have a closet available to change your wardrobe.


As a criminal, it is shown that you don't care about breaking the law given that you feel that your "marks" deserve it. It is mentioned that you have a code against killing and only steal from people who can afford it. The majority of your targets appear to be other criminals such as crime bosses and corrupt businessmen. As Sonia puts it, you are the ringleader of your crew, the glue that holds them all together. Ansel calls you the mastermind, as your crew follows your plans.


The Heist: Monaco

The Heist: Monaco

  • Chapter 1: What Could Possibly Go Wrong?
  • Chapter 2: Are We Really Doing This?
  • Chapter 3: Pros and Cons
  • Chapter 4: Go Directly to Jail
  • Chapter 5: Please Point That Somewhere Else
  • Chapter 6: You Think We Need One More?
  • Chapter 7: Who the Hell is Ulrich?
  • Chapter 8: Grift Happens
  • Chapter 9: Of Course It's A Masquerade
  • Chapter 10: Now's Probably A Bad Time
  • Chapter 11: Hit Me As Hard As You Can
  • Chapter 12: Not Furious Per Se
  • Chapter 13: I Love Hacks
  • Chapter 14: Hope We Didn't Get Dressed Up For Nothing
  • Chapter 15: Smash And Grab (And Run Like Hell)
  • Chapter 16: Do You Think We Were Done Here?



Rye is one of your potential love interests. He is also your childhood friend, who you've been hustling with since the fifth grade. When you were children, you both made plans to become mast criminals together and get rich enough to move Rye's mom out of Reno.

Sonia Alves

Sonia is the Chief Security Officer of Ansel, she and MC have a whole chapter to them, this chapter is for MC to gain Sonia's trust. It is later revealed that she is one of your potential love interests.

Eris Huang

Eris is one of your potential love interests.

Tillie Marshall

Tillie is one of your potential love interests.

Fabien Ahmad

Fabien is one of your potential love interests.

Character Customization

Gender, Face and Hair

Outfit Choices



  • A version of Your Character is shown on the cover of The Heist: Monaco.
  • This is one of the twelve characters in the game whose last name is not given nor is customizable. These characters are the MC from A Courtesan of Rome, the MC from Bloodbound, the MC from Endless Summer, the MC from Hero, the MC from It Lives In The Woods, the MC from LoveHacks, the MC from Nightbound, the MC from Passport to Romance, the MC from Rules of Engagement, the MC from The Haunting of Braidwood Manor, the MC from The Heist: Monaco, and the MC from Veil of Secrets.
    • The default surname Lee is of English origin and means "clearing" or "meadows".
  • Your Character is the first protagonist in the Choices franchise to be a criminal.
    • It's mentioned in Chapter 1, that even though you went underground three years ago, you are still on the FBI's Most Wanted list.
    • One of the jobs you are famous for was the Geneva Job where you knocked out the mainframe security and swapped out all the files.
    • Rye mentions in Chapter 3, that he and you have been put in jail more than once, the first time was in Reno.
  • The Crown Jewels of this heist are worth 200 million euros.
  • If you buy the premium outfit in Chapter 14, you tell the guard that you're wearing an Ana De Luca original.
  • The trick you pull on Ansel in the end (throwing him the decoy bag while your Thief has the actual bag of jewels) is called a Pig in a Poke, according to Niles.
  • If you unlock the good ending, you, Rye and Eris run an international organization of thieves with your headquarters based in the Carribean. 
    • A future potential target is Cordonia's Royal jewels. Apparently, there is discord happening amongst the royalty and they may not notice the jewels missing.
    • Another future potential target is Eros of which top secret blueprints and schematics have appeared on the black market.
  • If you unlock the Average Ending, you will meet Rye and Eris in San Francisco. You can tell them that you did more heists, including stealing satellite codes and a lost Picasso. Both Eris and Rye will be surprised because some of the heists you mention have become legendary. You can also tell them you enjoyed being rich, acquiring a penthouse in Dubai and a villa in Spain. Eris asks if you miss the Monaco crew and both you and Rye agree, so the three of you decide to call them all for "one more job".
    • Similarly, if you unlock the Bad Ending, you will meet Rye and Eris in Bethany, Oklahoma, in a rundown shed. You tell them that you have been on the run ever since and this has drained your funds as a result. You have the option of saying that you took on certain aliases to keep yourself intact.

Memorable Quotes

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MC [to Fabien]: It's not American unless ten meals are shoved into one, all a little bit deep-fried.