Your Character is the main protagonist of The Freshman, The Sophomore, The Junior and The Senior series respectively.

Although her default name is "Emily Day", the player can choose to name her as they wish. She is a student at Hartfeld University and later graduated in The Senior, Chapter 15.


Your appearance is customizable according to the player's preferences.


Your personality depends on the player's choices but can be generally perceived as a helpful, amiable and confident person.

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  • Your Character is the only character in The Freshman, The Sophomore and The Junior, for whom the player can choose the name and look.
  • In The Freshman, Book 1, Chapter 3, Twombly asks you what special skills you have, if you choose "I'm a star athlete!", Your Character will reveal that in high school, she played volleyball, soccer and softball and that she also set up an intermural dodgeball league.
  • It is implied in The Freshman, Book 1, Chapter 1, that had Your Character and Becca not gotten off on the wrong foot, she might have been recruited for Kappa Phi Sigma by Madison or even Becca herself.
  • Since Your Character's father lost his job, her family doesn't have much money, yet they seem happy.
  • Your Character has a cousin named Hanna.
  • She is shown on the cover of The Freshman, Book 1, The Freshman, Book 2, The Freshman, Book 3, The Freshman, Book 4, The Freshman: Snowed In, The Sophomore, Book 1, The Sophomore: Hartfeld Horror Story, The Sophomore, Book 2, The Junior, Book 1 and The Senior.
    • As of February 21, 2019 she and Becca Davenport appear as the new icon on social media across their various social media sites. [1]
  • If Your Character has been dating Chris, Kaitlyn or James since the beginning of The Freshman Series, the two of you celebrate your one year anniversary in The Sophomore, Book 2, Chapter 4.
  • Your character publishes her book called "The Freshman" in Chapter 5 of The Sophomore, Book 2.
  • In The Sophomore, Book 2, your character declares her major in English in Chapter 13.
  • In Chapter 15 of The Sophomore, Book 2, your love interest will ask you if you if want to move in together.
    • Alternatively, if Your Character is single, Zack will be the one to ask you if you want to move in together.
  • In The Junior, she has the same selection of love interests (6) with Kenna Rys from The Crown & The Flame series having 6 love interests.
  • The newspaper that publishes Your Character's article on Alpha Theta Mu depends on the number of clues on the evidence board.
    • If only 2 clues have been found, the newspaper is the Knightly News.
    • If 3 to 7 clues have been found, the newspaper is the Hartfeld Daily.
    • If all 8 clues have been found, the newspaper is the National Times.
  • At the end of the 13th Chapter of The Junior, it is revealed that due to Your Character's exposé on Alpha Theta Mu, the folks at Vangness Magazine read her article and offered her a summer internship before her the start of her senior year.
  • Her last name is not given until the beginning of Chapter 1 in The Senior.
    • Additionally, this is the second main character where players get to see both the biological mother and father.
    • In the same chapter, you are able to choose her academic focus: You can choose fiction, journalism or playwriting.
  • In The Senior, Chapter 12, Your Character goes to London after a falling-out with either her love interest (if she has one) or Zack (if she is single).
    • If she has a love interest, they will follow her to London and in Chapter 14, you are able to choose if you want them to get back together or to break up. If you choose to reconcile, you get to choose if you want her to follow her love interest to the place where they work and hence give up her job offer in London or if you want to take the job in London and go long-distance with her love interest until they join her in London.
    • If she and her love interest reconciled in the previous chapter, they will propose to Your Character in Chapter 15 and it is up to you to decide if she accepts or rejects the proposal.
  • In The Senior, Chapter 15 Your Character receives a Bachelor in Arts degree with a major in English.
  • The name default Emily is Latin Roman origin, which means "rival" or "trying to equal" or "excel" or "industrious" or "striving".