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Your Character in Red Carpet Diaries is the main protagonist of the Red Carpet Diaries series.

Although her default name is "Jessica Clark", the player can choose to name her as they wish.


Her appearance is customizable according to the player's preferences.


Her personality depends on the player's choices, but she can generally be perceived as determined to succeed as an actress and loyal to her friends.


Your Character has a life-long love of acting and was involved in her high school theatre program alongside her best friend, Chazz. Inspired by the famous actress Victoria Fontaine, Your Character moves to Los Angeles from Iowa to pursue her dream of becoming a renowned actress.


Red Carpet Diaries

Book 1

  • Chapter 1: Hello, Hollywood!
  • Chapter 2: Ain't No Party Like a Matt Rodriguez Party
  • Chapter 3: Everybody Starts Somewhere...
  • Chapter 4: Heroes and Hustlers
  • Chapter 5: The Most Important Audition of Your Life, NBD
  • Chapter 6: Day One Drama
  • Chapter 7: Desert Dreaming
  • Chapter 8: The Long Con
  • Chapter 9: What Stays In Vegas
  • Chapter 10: Crash and Burn
  • Chapter 11: Wild and Free
  • Chapter 12: Broken Arted
  • Chapter 13: Rock Bottom
  • Chapter 14: The Friend Whisperer
  • Chapter 15: Take Two!
  • Chapter 16: The Big Premiere

Book 2

  • Chapter 1: Toast Of The Town
  • Chapter 2: Leveling Up
  • Chapter 3: Grecian Spy-les
  • Chapter 4: I'll Make You a Star
  • Chapter 5: Going Public...Persona
  • Chapter 6: Are You Ready To RUMBLE?
  • Chapter 7: A Shot Across The Bow...
  • Chapter 8: A Picture Perfect Couple
  • Chapter 9: From Russia, With Pain
  • Chapter 10: Fired-storm
  • Chapter 11: Take Two
  • Chapter 12: The Underdogs
  • Chapter 13: What Goes Down Must Come Up
  • Chapter 14: I'll Take The High Road
  • Chapter 15: That's a Wrap!
  • Chapter 16: Happily Ever After... Right?

Book 3

  • Chapter 1: Taking Off
  • Chapter 2: Two Steps Forward...
  • Chapter 3: Into Ninradell
  • Chapter 4: Director's Cut
  • Chapter 5: Talk of the Town
  • Chapter 6: Dynasty
  • Chapter 7: Take Two
  • Chapter 8: The Bodyguard
  • Chapter 9: Calling the Shots
  • Chapter 10: Escape to Enchantland
  • Chapter 11: Superfan Con
  • Chapter 12: Lost and Found
  • Chapter 13: A New Direction
  • Chapter 14: Homeward Bound
  • Chapter 15: That's a Wrap
  • Chapter 16: The Premiere
  • Chapter 17: The Wedding


Chazz Javellana

Chazz is your high school best friend turned aspiring Hollywood agent. He immediately signs you as his client, having faith that Your Character will be the next up and coming star. In Book 2, Chapter 10, he is forced to drop you as a client to keep his job and feels bad about it.

Matt Rodriguez

Your Character first meets Matt at John Castle's mansion where he immediately takes a liking to you, helped on by your shared childhood fixation with the television show Pegasus Squad. Despite being newly acquainted, he confides in you his true feelings about the strains of being a Hollywood star and openly expresses how pleased he is to have met you. He is a potential love interest whom your auditioning to play a potential couple in Markus von Groot's film Tender Nothings. It's revealed in Chapter 4 that he still has yet to contact you since his birthday party. He is one of your love interests.

Seth Levine

Seth is Your Character's neighbor from across the hall throughout Book 1. He quickly takes a liking to Your Character, inviting you out shortly after you meet. He is one of your love interests whom you grow closer to if you accompany him to a stand up show.


Gloria is your and Seth's neighbor throughout Book 1. She appears a little eccentric and believes in the mystical, but has a good heart and often has good advice for you during your first movie experience. In Book 3, you run into her and she offers you a pearl bracelet that her friend Lilah Belle wore to her first movie premiere in 1947 and every movie after, a compact mirror that belonged to an unnamed heiress, or Lorna Ray's lace garter as a wedding gift.

Teja Desai

You first meet Teja at Matt Rodriguez's party, helping her place her last bet in roulette. She admits that Your Character is one of the only people she has enjoyed meeting at celebrity parties. She is one of your love interests.

Victoria Fontaine

As an aspiring actress, Your Character adores Hollywood star Victoria Fontaine but is deeply disappointed upon experiencing the actress's diva qualities. Although unimpressed by your lack of Hollywood status, she acts with hostility towards you after recognising you as a potential threat as pointed out by the Bartender at Matt's party. She is one of your love interests.

Markus Von Groot

Your Character is vying for a role in his film Tender Nothings. Their professional relationship is initially rocky but later he becomes very impressed by you. Victoria mentions Markus treats the character with preferential treatment and as if you can do no wrong.

Thomas Hunt

Even though you briefly see him in Book 1, Chapter 1, he only introduces himself to you in Book 1, Chapter 16, at the premiere of your movie Tender Nothings and says he considers working with you in the future. In Book 2, Chapter 2, you have the option of accompanying him to a speakeasy and get to know him a bit better. Your Character has the option of joking with him by potentially asking him if he wanted her number, all he had to do was ask. He takes her as being serious and replies back with saying that she obviously mistook his intentions. Once Your Character reveals she was just joking, he tells you about his upcoming project and it is hinted at that the two of you almost kissed if Thomas hadn't stopped it. If Your Character asks if she did something wrong, he replies back that he doesn't want to do anything you'd both regret. However, the two part ways with a promise of someday, somehow, they'll make something beautiful. This come to fruition after Viktor Montmartre fires you. He is quick to offer you the lead in his film The Last Duchess, and throughout chapters 11 and 12 in Book 2, the two of you continue to get to know each other on a more deeper level. It's revealed in the final chapter of Book 2 that he is one of your love interests.

Addison Sinclair

The two of you become friends when Matt takes you out to Vegas in Book 1. In Book 2, Chapter 12, a premium scene with her allows for things to go to the next level. It's revealed she is one of your love interests. However, you cannot get engaged to her.

Character Customization

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These characters include:
the MC from A Very Scandalous Proposal, the MC from America's Most Eligible, the MC from Baby Bump, the MC from Bachelorette Party, the MC from Big Sky Country, the MC from Desire & Decorum, the MC from Distant Shores, the MC from Foreign Affairs, the MC from High School Story, the MC from High School Story: Class Act, the MC from Hot Couture, the MC from Laws of Attraction, the MC from Ms. Match, the MC from Open Heart, the MC from Platinum, the MC from Red Carpet Diaries, the MC from Ride or Die: A Bad Boy Romance, the MC from Rising Tides, the MC from Save the Date, the MC from Slow Burn, the MC from Sunkissed, the MC from The Elementalists, the MC from The Freshman and its sequels, the MC from The Nanny Affair, the MC from The Royal Masquerade the MC from The Royal Romance and its sequels, the MC from Shipwrecked, the MC from Wishful Thinking, the MC from With Every Heartbeat, the MC from Witness: A Bodyguard Romance as well as the MC from Wolf Bride.
    • The default name Jessica is of Hebrew origin and means "gift to behold". It's the mixture of the Hebrew names Jess (which means "gift") and Iscah (which means "to behold").
    • In Book 1, her last name is not revealed; she is given the last name alias 'Martins' in Las Vegas to avoid attention from the public/paparazzi.
    • In Book 3, Chapter 1, her last name becomes choosable. The default is Clark.
    • The default surname Clark is of English origin and means: Clerk, secretary, scribe.
    • If the player decides to keep the name Jessica, she shares the same forename as Jessica Greene from Most Wanted, Book 1.
  • Her age is confirmed to be 22 in Book 1, Chapter 4.
  • On March 25, 2018, it was revealed that Pixelberry has changed the altercation between Your Character and Victoria in Book 1, and the latter no longer pulls your hair.
  • At the end of Book 1, it's hinted that Your Character may end up working in a project with Thomas Hunt in Book 2.
  • In Book 2, Chapter 1, Your Character gets the opportunity to compete in Celebrity Dance Off, which seems to be paying homage to Dancing With the Stars.
    • Additionally, as of Book 2, Chapter 1, she is no longer neighbors with Gloria and Seth due to Your Character moving into a new home now that she is a rising star.
  • In Book 2, Chapter 7, Your Character's social media username is revealed to be StraightOuttaIowa, which is a reference to the 2015 film Straight Outta Compton.
  • Her first acting appearance was her middle school's production of Annie.
  • She had a pet hamster called Hieronymouse in the past.
  • In Book 3, Chapter 1, the player decides which of two movies to talk to Leland about.
    • The Diagnosis - a chilling psychological thriller about a psychiatrist who may not be able to trust her own mind.
    • (title not given) - a super smart rom com about a CEO of a tech start-up who falls in love with a programmer building a rival app.