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The good, the bad, and the almost irrelevant. They are the miscellaneous characters that are there to answer that one question, explain away that one plot hole, assist in adding development to that actually relevant character, or give that good (or bad) advice. We usually never learn their names. They are there and they are gone as soon as they serve their purpose often never to be seen again. They may not be the most memorable but definitely have a role to play. If the "No Image" picture is used, it means that the particular character has only been mentioned and has never physically appeared.

Witness: A Bodyguard Romance

Chapter 1

Witness Harika.png


Harika is your coworker, who thinks you need a serious romantic relationship. Her character model resembles Lina from the America's Most Eligible series.

WaBRCh01 Bartender.png


After leaving Harika, you go back to the bar to get a whiskey on rocks. The bartender flirts with you and tries to kiss you. His character model resembles Krom's human form from Nightbound.

Witness Sean Kelly.png

Sean Kelly

He is a mob boss murdered by the O'Connells. He was the leader of one of the largest branches of the mob in Boston. His character model resembles First Spear from A Courtesan of Rome. He shares the same forename as Sean Gayle and has the same surname as Quinn Kelly, both from the Endless Summer series.

Chapter 2

Witness Officer Rivas.png

Officer Rivas

When you call 911, Officer Rivas answers your call at dispatch. Her character model resembles Leila from The Freshman series.

Witness Detective Nwosu.png

Detective Nwosu

Detective Nwosu arrives at the crime scene. He is not sympathetic to you, but ushers you to the patrol car to bring you to the police station. He resembles Detective Foley from Ride or Die: A Bad Boy Romance, Book 1.

Chapter 4

Witness Renata.png


She is your boss at the crab/lobster shack. Her character model resembles Brenda Sanchez from Rules of Engagement

Chapter 6



When you switch jobs, you meet Isabella who wants to rent one of your paddle boats. For more information on Isabella, click here.



He says they must explore the ocean and its depths because only it can match their true passion. For more information on Santiago, click here.

Chapter 12

WABRCh12 Male Mobster.png
Wabr ch12 male mobster fv.jpg

Male Mobster

He is one of the mobsters that the O'Connells have sent to kill you. His character model resembles Nikolai Petrov from Veil of Secrets.

WABRCh12 Female Mobster.png

Female Mobster

She is one of the mobsters that the O'Connells have sent to kill you. Her character model resembles Ximena from Ride or Die: A Bad Boy Romance, Book 1.

Chapter 13

Wabr ch13 emt.jpg


When Cassian is shot, the EMT comes to take him/her to the hospital. Her character model resembles Rafael's supervisor from Open Heart: Second Year.

Wabr ch13 judge.jpg
Wabr judge fv.jpg

Judge Mason

She is the judge presiding over the case against the O'Connells. Her character model resembles Samantha Winters from Veil of Secrets.

Wabr ch13 da singh.jpg

Dinesh Singh

He is the district attorney in the case against the O'Connells. Although he is not referred to by his full name from Rules of Engagement, based on the personality, job of this miscellaneous character, and his last name (Singh), we have surmised that he's Dinesh Singh. For more information on him, click here.

Chapter 16

Wabr ellen thompson.jpg

Ellen Thompson

You and Marshal Keane watch Ellen ask Aisling a question at the courthouse. For more information on Ellen, click here.

Chapter 17

Wabr garda obrion.jpg

Garda O'Brion

After being shot at, you and Marshal Keane are approached by two gardai (police officers). Marshal Keane finds it suspicious and calls Tomas about them. Later, Tomas confirms that they didn't send anyone to help you (as everyone's clearance has been confirmed) and in Chapter 27, Aisling confirms that she has threatened to kill their families if they do not kill you. You are able to shoot the male garda in the neck before he can grab Keane.

The male garda resembles Steve Tennyson from the Perfect Match series.

Wabr garda sullivan.jpg

Garda Sullivan

The two gardai try to persuade you two to come with them. In Chapter 27, the female garda stuns you with her taser if you do not take the premium option to duck. When you shoot her fellow officer, she jumps on the hood of your car and tries to make it fall into the ocean. Luckily for you, Keane is able to grab you and pull you to safety. Unfortunately for her, she falls off the cliff with the car.

Her character model resembles Minako from Perfect Match, Book 2.

Chapter 18

WaBRCh18 Calf.png


When you wake up in the barn, you feel the calf. It reuses the common calf character model.

WaBRCh18 Piglet.png


Marshal Keane cuddles with the piglet and you can choose to cuddle with it too. It resembles the adoptable piglet from Big Sky Country, Book 2.

Wabr betha.jpg


She is the farmer who owns the barn. You can choose to tell her everything in a premium scene or keep it vague. She resembles Edith from Save the Date who is based on Queen Charlotte from the Desire & Decorum series.

Chapter 19

Wabr ch19 buttercup.jpg


Buttercup is Betha's horse who pulls the cart taking you to town.

Chapter 25

Security Guard

He is the security guard who comes to check the premises, forcing you and Marshal Keane to leave the boxing gym. His character model resembles Mervin Kalani from The Heist: Monaco.