Whether they are furry, scaly, or full of feathers, mechanical, or out of this world, they are the companions that provide support or a laugh for your characters just as well as extended dialogue or extra scenes for the stories. Most are optional purchases, a few are not.

Wishful Thinking

Chapter 3

WTCh03 Jinx the Cat


Jinx is a calico cat, whose mind your character can also read and lets your character know that her telepathy extends to animals. When her previous owner, Tilly, has to lay low for the police investigation, Tilly asks you to take care of Jinx. If you decide to (💎20), you have the option to rename her.

She resembles the kitten from Rules of Engagement, Book 1.

Chapter 4

WTCh04 Puppy


You and Jaime find this hungry puppy on the street. You can adopt it for 💎20 and give it a name. His default name is Opie, although Jaime gives you three options (others are Bandit and Willie). If you choose a name that he suggested, he will still tease you about it.

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