Wes, a character in the "High School Story" series, was a student at Oliver M. Berry High School and is one of Autumn's love interests. He graduated at the end of Book 3. He is first seen in Book 1, Chapter 3 .


Wes has green eyes, brown hair and fair skin. He wears an olive green hoodie.


Fitting with his personality in the High School Story App, he is an information collector and manipulator and is protective of Autumn.


Autumn Brooks

Wes was in a relationship with Autumn. The pair are very happy together. They break up in Book 2, Chapter 5, due to their conflicting views on Principal Isa. In an option in Book 3, Chapter 4, you can get Autumn to dance with him.

Other Looks


  • Wes is one of the few characters that originate from Pixelberry's other games, having originated from Surviving High School and later added to High School Story.
  • He was originally at Hearst High before the series.
  • He will go to Cedar State to study Criminal Justice. There is also a reference to video game character Phoenix Wright where you can call Wes an "Ace Attorney." This is furthered when the Main Character can ask if Wes plans on cross-examining a parrot, referencing one of the game's notable scenes.
    • In High School Story Prime, he has a brother named Matt who got in trouble with the law and has been in prison ever since. Wes says that would be his motivation to pursue criminal justice.
  • His Hogwarts House is Slytherin.