The Vasquez Residence was once the home of Enrique Vasquez and where he and his late wife raised their daughter, Gabriela. After Enrique died in The Freshman, Book 2, the deed for the house was passed on to Gabriela and she became proprietor. The house remained empty until the events of The Sophomore, Book 1, when she rented the house out to Your Character, Chris Powell, Kaitlyn Liao and Zack Zilberg for them to live in as all four of them were displeased with their living situations. Eventually, Becca Davenport moved in, followed by Abbie who eventually moved out as her stay was temporary.

History of the House

The house's history before the death of Enrique Vasquez is rather vague. It was said that the house was previously a hub for parties thrown by Vasquez's novelist friends. At some point, this status was lost when Vasquez settled down and had a family. Mrs Vasquez passed away at an uncertain point, before Gabriela left for university, once more leaving Vasquez alone in the house. He remained alone in the house until his death, at which point ownership of the house fell to Gabriela.

How the Hartfeld Squad Acquired It

At the beginning of the Fall semester in The Sophomore, Book 1, your friends (Zack, Chris and Kaitlyn; Tyler and Abbie moved in together) yourself included, all had terrible roommates. The night of the first day of the semester, everyone visited Tyler and Abbie's apartment and they all explained their respective situations; so, the next day when Your Character went to Gabriela's apartment, the two got to talking and she later hands it over to you and your friends.

Inside the House