Grovershire is the birthplace of Your Character in Desire & Decorum.


Grovershire is quite a small village, described by Briar Daly as "a dozen houses, and hundred chickens, and miles of hayfield." It is located in rural England, several hours from Edgewater by carriage ride. It is surrounded by unoccuipied land, including fields of flowers, apple orchards, and a stream in a mountainous area.

Inside the village proper, there is a small but well-kept town square lined with shops and homes. Town square is laid out around a courtyard, in the center of which is a fountain. There is also a barn with a hayloft, a popular hiding place for courting couples.

People and Customs

Your Character and Briar describe the people of Grovershire as being sometimes cruel or unwelcoming towards you, Briar due to her race, and you due to your illegitimate birth and your race (if you chose a dark skin tone). In spite of this, the townsfolk greet you warmly when you return to Grovershire to stay with Briar's mother in Book 2, perhaps due to your change of fortune.

Farming is apparently an important industry and Grovershire, as the town hosts an annual harvest festival. The Harvest Festival consists of a number of activities including dancing, apple bobbing, lawn games, and riddles, as well as food to eat. The festival culminates in the crowning of a Harvest Queen, who is chosen based on her performance in the festival's activities.


Daly Home

Town Square

Surrounding Area



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