Given that there are choices that you have to pay for more than once if you pick a different gender or a different love interest, this blog post is to chronicle those that I find or am told about.

Pay It Once

Endless Summer

  • Book 1, Chapter 11 - Buying the adventurers outfit only has to be done once regardless of gender.

The Royal Romance / The Royal Heir

  • The Royal Romance Book 3, Chapter 2 - Bath with fiancé/fiancée so far. Still in the replay of this book with different LI. (Thanks, Jadelady)
  • The Royal Heir, Chapter 2 - Sexy lingerie/underwear. (Thanks, Jadelady)
  • The Royal Heir, Chapter 4 - Sneaking off with spouse during ball scene. (Thanks, Jadelady)

High School Story

  • High School Story, Book 3 - prom photobooth (Thanks, Thebedazzleddementor)

The Heist: Monaco

  • All muscle, hacker, thief, and I assume grifter (but I haven’t gotten Miranda yet), and driver scenes/items except last chapter driver scene. (Thanks, Jadelady)

Pay It Twice

The Freshman, et al

  • The Sophomore Book 1, Chapter 1 - Spending time with your loved one or Zack to raise their confidence must be purchased again if play with a different loved one or Zack. (Thanks, Andisimon)
  • The Senior - Buying scenes for one love interest (e.g Chris) doesn’t unlock for another (e.g Zig) (Thanks, Jadelady)

The Crown & The Flame

  • Book 3, Chapter 16 - Celebrating your victory with your future spouse must be bought again if played with a different future spouse. (Thanks, Andisimon)

Endless Summer

  • Book 1, Chapters ? & ? - If you bought the file in a previous playthrough and go with Jake in the current playthrough you have to rebuy the file, because you didn't go to the right place. (Thanks, Mymoonandstars)


  • Book 1, Chapter 4 - Superhero outfits must be bought again when play as a different gender.

High School Story

  • High School Story, Book 3? - Bonfire if new activity (Thanks, Thebedazzleddementor)

Home For the Holidays

  • All love interests scenes must be repurchased if playing with a new love interest.

The Elementalists

  • Familiars upgrades (Thanks, Jadelady)

The Heist: Monaco

  • Last chapter driver scene (Thanks, Jadelady)


  • Chapter ? - Nik's tear with different faces (Thanks, Circy)
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