So I've taken a break from playing the new stories and Choices in general to focus on school, work and another wiki, plus some phone difficulties. But now that I've gotten back into it, I see all these new books that I just don't know if they're worth it or not. I've played the first chapter of all of them but haven't enjoyed what I saw. Are any of them worth the keys/diamonds or are they just diamond farms I should click to skip through? Are we boycotting the new stories to show our frustration? I'm so in! lol but the new stories I'm talking about are WT, SK, TRH, RCD3, D&D3, BSC2, BP and Platinum. Haven't read NB or BB2 but I will so no need to fear! But are any of them worth the time and effort? I would just like your opinion on them, I don't care about spoilers tbh. #HeroVol2! Also, you guys! I was promoted to admin on the other wiki a while ago! That was legit one of the best days ever! (I know that sounds sad but it's the little things in life and I love the game it's for)

Side question: If you could only play 1 book/series for the rest of your life, which one would it be? Mine would be the ES series due to all the outcomes. TC&TF & HSS series being my close seconds.

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