So I got a lot of help lately for learning to edit and while I still have a lot (I mean A LOT) to learn, I still want to make a blog for the things I allready did learn from others. So that I can look it up for future reference in one spot instead of trying to remember who said what and where to me. (this sentence on it's own is allready confusing, so you get what I mean) I am really grateful for all your help and patience :) And if anyone have things to add, then please: I want to learn it all. And if anyone like me wants to learn how to do things, then I hope this will be useful for you as well

Editing Banner:

If you want to start editing on a large scale, then it is best if you put down:

{{UnderCon}} at the very top of the page in source mode.

THIS ARTICLE IS UNDER CONSTRUCTION! Please refrain from editing until this notice is removed.

Or else there is a chance someone else goes editing there as well and accidently removes all your work.

Of course, if you see this banner, you dont start editing yourself on that article untill it is removed

These are links that can be used in visual edit:

Making links for characters on the Wiki:

Misc page: [[Open_Heart_Miscellaneous_Characters#Dr._Lozoya|Dr. Lozoya]] shows as Dr. Lozoya

Link to character: [[Adrian Raines|he]] shows as he

Character: [[Adrian Raines]] shows as Adrian Raines

To make links to something outside of the Wiki:

For example YouTube, or internet pages. I'm not sure if I will use them, but I think it could be useful to know how to do it.

[ PB on Wikipedia] shows as PB on Wikipedia

[ Wikipedia] shows as Wikipedia

To upload pictures in a different way (for example charcter template):

Follow the steps on this: [1] then copy the name and paste it on the place for the image.

To make links to blogs:

Turns out to be as simple as copying the link from the browser and paste it onto the place you want to show it to people, haha.

These are links that I used in source edit:

Making links for books on the Wiki:

Catagory: [[:Category:Open Heart|Open Heart]] shows as Open Heart

Specific book: [[Open Heart, Book 1|Open Heart]] shows as Open Heart

Making a clean text next to a picture without other text interfering:

<br clear=all>

Making editeble headers:


To make a link not show as a link in text:

start with: <nowiki>

end with: </nowiki>

To make a gallery:

start with: <gallery>

Put your picture in the middle and remove all highlighted parts:

[[File:MC_Platinum.jpg|thumb|left|Christy - Platinum]](Leave one |)

end with: </gallery>

To edit achievements in a walkthrough:

{{Hover|the sentence describing the achievement|the title of the achievement}}

the title of the achievement

Things I like to learn:

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