In Book 2 Aster is doing some more branching. If you like, you can help me, if you think I missed something.

Chapter 1

Someone's coming...” This is where the whole of Penn's square turns into a chaos because of an unexpected storm.

MC, the trees say he'll arrive in a moment.” This is just before Kane appears on the square.

Chapter 5

Aster chapter 5

This is a really small branching she did. They were looking for Greygarden to see if he had some more information about Gemma.

Chapter 9:

Aster chapter 9

She uses her branching here apparently for making a shield from the wooden tables in the teahouse. I didn't know before she could do that. Maybe she is learning to use her branching in new ways, or maybe this was a possibility all along.

Chapter 12:

Aster branching chapter 12
At the end of chapter 12, Aster is suddenly pulled into a branching.
Her family in the Wood Nymph Grove is under attack by Kane.
Aster Branching chapter 12 show
Aster takes MC's hand to take him/her into the branching to show MC what she sees happening. Kane is destroying all the rooted Nymps and the trees and they are defenseless against him. All because MC does not want to help him obtain the Sun Crystal. He says something about mortals needing to learn a lesson standing up agains a source.
Aster chapter 12 voice
Aster begs Kane to stop as she sees her father wounded, but Kane doesn't hear her, or doesn't want to hear her. MC is furious after seeing all this and wants revenge for this destruction.

Chapter 13 In Chapter 13 Aster uses her branching to heal up the forest again with the help of companionmagick from all the Pend Pals. This also seems like a new way of using her branching, combined with Wood magick. Later you can choose to do a premium scene where Asters grandfather Taxus takes everybody into a branching to show things that happened during the Wand Wars. He also tells you how Aster was like as a sapling.

Finally, Yarrow decides to help you find Gemma. With Asters help, he takes you into a branching to see the location where Gemma is held prisoner.

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