Ah, the ladies have arrived to show their love and respect for Her Divinity by preparing for Savannah Walker's wedding. And judging by the way everyone dresses for the bachelorette party in honor of Savannah Walker, isn't it obvious that Her Divinity is the ultimate winner? Her shining presence alone easily outshines those of the other women despite their vain efforts to fit into the uncouth theme. In the end, the party was ultimately a moment to make merry and enjoy the festivities, and Her Divinity's aura enabled everyone to remain in high spirits.

But what's this? What is the lowly mortal Amalas doing in the middle of an insignificant place, and in front of Her Divinity, no less? What intentions does she have with her? Surely Monterisso seeks an advantage over Cordonia, and Her Divinity must have none of that.

What's this? The wedding has been hampered by lack of funds? Unfortunately, Her Divinity has more pressing matters than exerting her energy on such a trivial matter. After all, no matrimony could be holier than hers and King Leonard's.

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