Look at all these puny mortals groveling in the presence of Her Divinity! Some are forgettable, but others are delightful. The most bearable of them all are Marguerite of Monaco and Amalas of Monterisso, though it was a delight to see Lerato speaking ill of that infidel Murderking Constantine. As for Bradshaw and Isabella of Auvernal, these two hoodlums shall someday realize that Cordonia, especially Cassandrastan, bows to nobody, not even upstart nations plotting to annex it in the guise of an "alliance".

Despite the rabble of mortal rulers congregating in front of Her Divinity's sacred presence, she was nevertheless pleased in the end. The main reason wasn't because of all those people, though their adulation of her was much appreciated and deserved, but because of a new partner for Ducal Minister Max. Let a new permanent fixture to Cordonia in general and the Divine Duchy of Cassandrastan in particular be introduced. Another ducal minister for Cassandrastan: Maxine!

With the festivities over and the foreign dignitaries, for lack of a better term, received a foretaste of enlightenment by the presence of Her Divinity, she and King Leonard shall prepare for yet another festivity... the wedding of her devout adherents Bertrand and Savannah in the latter's family ranch.

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