Oh, how fortunate that the people groveling in Her Divinity's presence are her ever-loyal minions companions. The sight of Hana Lee, Maxwell Beaumont, Bertrand Beaumont, and Drake Walker always lightens the divine couple's hearts. The only one that was missing is the venerable Olivia Vanderwall Nevrakis, who was understandably redeeming Lythikos to its former honorable glory. Nevertheless, things must continue.

Speaking of things, it was blessed news that Her Divinity and His Majesty's honeymoon has been prolonged. After all, the more confidantes are present alongside them, the better. And how dare that bright light shone again! Who dare defile the presence of Her Divinity as she was making merry with her close companions? She deserved uninterrupted peace and happiness as she prepare for the trials ahead.

So the puny king and queen of Auvernal have requested an audience in Cordonia, eh? And on the Divine Duchy of Cassandrastan, no less! These lowly guests better marvel at the divinity of the ground they will soon set foot upon. They must prepare to submit to Cordonian sovereignty. For that, the situation in Cassandrastan should remain as stable as before. Fortunately, Her Divinity's resourcefulness in appointing reliable stewards should help her manage the duchy as she prepares for her pregnancy. Any skeptical talk of Her Divinity being too frail to rule is nothing more than seditious lies that must be dissuaded immediately.

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