Hi, my name's Safira. I love reading Choices and that's why I created an account here on Fandom. I want to be part of this community and discuss with other people from all around the world.

My favorite Pet / Animal

  • Puppy - Wishful Thinking: This. Is. The. Sweetest. Thing. Ever!!! Oh god, he's sooo sweet, I could cuddle and kiss him all the time. I fell in love with him and his beautiful eyes from the start. I wish this cute, little, fluffy furball was real. 

My favorite Character / Love Interest + Story

  • Logan + Ride or Die: To be honest, at first when PB promoted this book, I wasn't very excited about it and had no hope, that it would be good. I thought: "Okay, another cliché bad boy romance." I already read enough about these in Episode. I had an entirely other story in mind then and Logan didn't appeal to me. Because he looked to me more like a surfer boy than an illegal street racer. I didn't knew at that time, that we would have the option to customize him. Then the day came when the story was released. I opened the first Chapter and was shook by the energizing, adrenaline rushing, beautiful and amazing soundtrack. I loved it, it's perfect for the story. And it's my favorite soundtrack from this story. Then I customized the MC. When I saw, that we could customize Logan, I was so excited. To be honest I already settled for the surfer boy Logan already. Then I swiped right and saw him...! My absolute dream guy, the hottest I've ever saw. Oh. My. God!!! My eyes fell almost out of my head and my jaw literally dropped to the floor. He's really my dream guy! What I like about his hotness the most? His handsome face, his beautiful blue eyes, his gorgeous hairstyle and his black/dark brown hair, of course! Seriously, that's my favorite hairstyle on guys. Every time I see a guy with such a hairstyle, I'm turned on. Of course, it's not only Logan's look I like. I love his personality as well. He's sweet, caring, protective, smart, intelligent, funny, charming, strong, loyal and etc. So yes, he's absolutely perfect for me! I wish he was real, so I could take him as my boyfriend! As for the book: Like I said, I love all the soundtracks, especially Need for Speed. I love the car customization, the backgrounds, the characters, the story plot, just everything. And the decisions we make actually have an impact on the story, unlike others.
Logan Denim Jacket

My favorite Stories

  • Bloodbound: I love the vampires. All characters are great. The story is great too. I really like the fragments and the history behind it. And I love Adrian. And the MC is one of the best looking MC's IMO, especially the hairstyles.
  • The Elementalists: Haven't read it yet, but I think it will be great, lol.
  • Endless Summer: The adventure is great, I like the plot and all unexpecting twists. The artwork is beautiful. I also like all characters, they're really likeable. The soundtracks are also great
  • Desire and Decorum: I really like the plot and the time where the story is set. And Mr. Sinclaire is great.
  • Perfect Match: At the beginning it started out a little slow with the romance stuff, but it quickly became more interesting, especially the twist with the robots. It contained so much themes in just one book; romance, action, drama, mysterie, thriller, sci-fi. And male Hayden and Damien were great LI's. I also liked the betrayal from Alana and then her change of heart, I really liked her as a friend.
  • It Lives: The horror story, the soundtracks, the mistery, the monsters, I just like it all...
  • Hero: I love the soundtracks and the storyline and of course the LI's.
  • Nightbound: I just love all the supernatural creatures. The twists are very exciting and unexpected. All LI's are very hot. And again, I love the soundtracks. Besides, I love that the MC is half Fae. And I might just say, that Lord Elric was the best father, an MC could wish for. It's a real shame, that he died at the hand of the bloodwraith.
  • Platinum: Yeah, I love all about this story, especially the songs. They're beautiful. I also really like the story plot and the characters.
  • Bloodbound: Dark Solstice: Bloodbound's just always good. The sex scene was the best, of course!
  • Blades of Light and Shadow: I love it! It's so adventurous and the LI's are all so beautiful and interesting. I love being able to play as an elf.

Stories I like

  • The Royal Romance: It's good but it didn't blew me away. Honestly after the third book I had enough of this royal rules. I would never want to be a royal. This life's just too controlled, you can't do anything without being judged.
  • The Royal Heir: The first book didn't really blown me away, in truth the plot was rather boring and annoying. I hope the second book will be better.
  • The Crown and the Flame: I really liked the soundtracks. I loved to play as Dom and Kenna. Anyway, you just have to like this story, because it's one of the first stories, PB created.
  • High School Story: I liked it. The MC's just a sweetheart and very nice, but not dumb like the MC in TF series. 
  • High School Story: Class Act: I liked to play with a new cast. But the ever ongoing president contest got a little annoying. Well, we have to see how the trip to europe will be in book 3.
  • Wishful Thinking: I really like the mind reading part, although it seems like the MC lost her power for some reason. The puppy is my favorite animal out of all the books. He's so sweet and cute. I also like Jaime, Aubrey really much and the story is fun to read. What I don't like, are the reused character models. And the story ended too abrupt.
  • Across the Void: I'm not really into this space stuff and alien thing. But I really liked to play as Eos. He's really sweet. And I loved, that there were so many LI's, we could choose. I hated the end of the story, though. It was to rushed. We couln't even see what happened, after we chose our choice.
  • Rules of Engagement: The LI's were not really my style. I don't want to be with a business man, who barely has time for me. The bartender life's just boring and just look at the real royals like Duchess Meghan and Prince Harry... they're completely under observation all the time. I wouldn't want to be with a prince, he'd just been hunted by journalists all the time, even if he don't took the crown. They also didn't look very appealing to me. I liked to play as the siblings tough and the storyline was good. And I liked how we could create/chose our own wedding.
  • Veil of Secrets: Well, it was a good book, but I'm glad it stayed by only one book. The story was told with one book. I also tired a little of this story, I don't know why though. Maybe it was the family Sterling or the old lady who were getting on my nerves. And the ending was a little disappointing, I hoped for another ending...
  • Home for the Holidays: I don't know why people hated this story. I liked it. I played it, when it came out, around christmas. I really liked the christmas vibe and the soundtracks. Sure, sometimes it was a little crazy and anything but realistic. But I still liked it. It was like getting in a fantasy christmas town adventure.
  • Open Heart: I like the scenes with Ethan and Bryce, they're my favorite characters in this story. The scenes with the patients are also interesting. It just annoys me sometimes, that the story is kind of unrealistic sometime. As if doctors actually go out of the hospital, just to search for a stuffed animal, sorry, but they have no time for such stuff in real life!!! For such matters are the patient's family and not the medicine personal. It also seems like, that every patient, who's there doesn't have any family members, they're just being alone there? That's also very unrealistic. I also don't understand, why this story's so hyped. Yeah, it's a good story, but it's definitely not my favorite one.
  • A Courtesan of Rome: I liked the MC. She was intelligent, smart, dangerous, beautiful and she'd go for what she believed in. Not like the most other MC's, who always ask for help or are naive. The LI's were also very different characters, I had a hard time to choose between one of them.
  • The Heist: Monaco: It was really fun to be able to choose your own crew. Some characters were really fun to read, like Samira. She was hilarious.
  • Save the Date: I really like this book, it's so fun and lighthearted to read. I love planning all the weddings for all these crazy couples. The sexual tension between Justin (Best Man) and the MC is almost touchable. There's something about him, that intrigues me. I like Simon too, but I think he's more like a best friend to me.
  • The Royal Holiday: I really like it so far, because it's about fun and not politics for once. And Olivia is one of my favorite characters in this series.

Stories I hate

  • The Freshman Series: The MC should really focus on her damn life for once and not help everybody. She's so dumb for trusting anybody. And I hated that she had to be an author. I wanted to choose some other profession. Ugh... and the series were way to long...
  • Passport to Romance: God, it gets more and more boring with each new chapter. The story is far from realistic and always the same. Every time, they're late for something, it's so annoying. I don't care for the problems of the boring LI's. Elliot's an arrogant, rich jerk. He really gets on my nerves. Ahmed is just boring, even though I chose him as my LI. Marisa and her dumb boyfriend problem... well, I. Don't. Care!!! Sumire's the only normal human being in this story so far. But she's boring too. But it finally ended. I'm so glad there's no 2nd book, I would've hated it.
  • Big Sky Country: Boring as hell!!! Why do they even make a second book??? Even PTR and TF are better than that. The LI's are very boring and the story's kinda unrealistic too. They should have ended the book ond not make a second one. I mean, the ending was perfect, with the MC driving off to the city, to pursue her dream job.
  • Red Carpet Diaries: I'm not really into this Hollywood stuff with all this glitter and glam. The LI's are also not very appealing to me. The story bores me out more and more and now this forced marriage too. Ugh!
  • America's Most Eligible:I hate reality TV in real life and I hate it in Choices too. The LI's are not appealing for me, in fact they're all very boring. And now comes this forced marriage too. I didn't want to marry anyone in this book, but they forced me to.
  • Sunkissed: Boring, boring, boring... and annoying as hell. The ever continuing drama between Mom and Alexis is tiring me. Nate is a self attracted, childish boy. I hate that he calls my MC by her last name all the time. The only decent LI IMO is Samson. And he's boring as well.
  • LoveHacks: Well, I've forgotten that this story existed... cough, cough! The story was not remarkable enough, to stay in my memory. My brain practically shutted it out and ignored it completely. Not worth bringing it up.
  • Baby Bump: Not really my thing. I thought this was about pregnancy, but this book's all about getting and holding a job. That bores me out. The LI's are not really attachable to me. And PB writes all the pregnancy stuff really unrealistic. I mean, the story is more than halfway through, and she still has no baby bump? Ugh, that makes me so angry! And she always touches her stomach and talks to the baby, like literally all the time!!! That's annoying as hell!

My Love Interests

  • Ride or Die: Logan - He's my favorite LI out of all my LI's. He's insanely hot, sweet, caring, gentle, sensitive, emphatically and protective. A bad boy with a golden heart, who's just a bad boy in order to survive. He even wanted to die for the MC!!! I can't believe it, that's so sweet. I love him so much and that will never change, cause he's just perfect for me!
  • Bloodbound: Adrian Raines - An insanely hot vampire, caring, sweet and protective. I like his personality a lot and his backstory's really interesting. Although he has a dark past, I think he's a good guy and just acted like this to please Gaius. And I also love his beautiful and kind brown eyes.
  • Endless Summer: Jake McKenzie - I love his sarcastic character. And I loved it, when he called my MC princess. He's a bad boy with a sensitive heart. And he's totally hot, of course.
  • Desire and Decorum: Ernest Sinclaire - Under the rough exterior is a caring, sweet and sensitive man. I love how the MC challenges him and he gets shy and blushes. He remembers me of Mr. Darcy from Pride and Prejudice.
  • Perfect Match: 1st Hayden Young (male), 2nd Damien Nazario - I just can't be with a roboter, I need a real human and Damien's an interesting character.
  • It Lives Beneath: Parker Shaw - I liked him from the start. I like, that he's a cop. And he has a sensitive side on him.
  • The Freshman Series: Chris Powell - He looks good, but at the end of the series he was just boring. I wouldn't pick him again, I'd choose Zig instead.
  • Home for the Holidays: Nick Peralta - I wanted to break his shell and show, that he's actually a human, who can feel something and care for others, if he just wanted to. It was also really fun to see, how he changed over the course of the story.
  • The Crown and the Flame: Kenna Rys and Dominic Hunter - Dom's a hot, caring and gentle man who can shift into a Dragon and he just looks good as King beside Kenna.
  • The Heist: Monaco: Fabien Ahmad and Sonia Alves - Fabien reminds me of RoD and I love this Story, Sonia's hot, although I usually don't date female LI's.
  • A Courtesan of Rome: Syphax - He's very kind and caring. He had his entire attention on the MC, unlike Cassius and Marc Antony.
  • America's Most Eligible: Handsome Stranger (Ashton) - I play to win AME, I don't really care about the LI's, but oh well, we had to choose one, so I took him. But honsetly, he's so boring!
  • Veil of Secrets: Flynn O'Malley - He's hot, he looks like Ian Somerhalder and maybe I like him because he's Kate's brother. And he doesn't take crap from others.
  • The Royal Romance / Heir / Holiday: King Liam (Ashton) - He's kinda forced on us, so I choose him. Besides, I wanted to become queen and I like him.
  • High School Story: Michael Harrison - Bad Boy with a funny attitude and a good heart. I was attracted to him from the start.
  • Across the Void: MC and Sol, Eos and Lyra, Pax and Holmes
  • High School Story: Class Act: Book 1 Rory Silva / Book 2 Ajay Bhandari - Because Ajay already had my attention in the 1st Book and Rory is kind of boring.
  • It Lives in the Woods: Connor Green - Because he's not part of the group? I don't know why I like him. I just liked him from the start. He's nice and good looking.
  • Rules of Engagement: Bartender - He is down to earth, he had a "normal" job. The other LI's were either too busy, too boring or too famous.
  • Red Carpet Diaries: Matt Rodriguez - He's the best one out of every LI. He's sweet and caring.
  • LoveHacks: Mark Collins - He looks good, other than that, I don't know why I dated him anymore.
  • Big Sky Country: Sawyer Oakley - He was just the best looking LI. I think they're all pretty boring.
  • Open Heart: Bryce Lahela and Ethan Ramsey - I just can't decide between those two. They're both such sweethearts and they both make me happy in their own way.
  • Hero: Kenji Katsaros - I really like him, he's always smiling and he's funny. He's so handsome and my MC and him share a connection, because they're both heroes.
  • The Elementalists: ? - I didn't read it yet!
  • The Haunting of Braidwood Manor: No LI (Viktor?) - The story was to short and you couldn't really romance or date someone. But Viktor was really caring and sweet towards my MC, so I really like him.
  • Most Wanted: No LI - You just have the option to play with both characters, but there aren't an LI's.
  • Passport to Romance: Ahmed Khabbaz - I don't date female LI's and he's certainly better than Elliot, but he's a little boring too...
  • Wishful Thinking: Jaime Lewis - I liked Aubrey too, but Jaime definitely wins. He's such a sweetheart and a good friend at the same time too.
  • Nightbound: Nik Ryder - Nik is so hurt and wounded. That makes him vulnerable. And I like it, when men are showing their vulnerable side. It makes them even more loveable, like Nik. I also like his sarcasm.
  • Platinum: Raleigh Carrera (male) - I like his sweet and funny side and his lightheartedness. He's always able to put a smile on my face.
  • Sunkissed: Samson - He is down to earth, unlike Nate. He's friendly, he can repair things and he's mysterious. Honestly, all LI's were either boring or annoying as hell, but Samson was the most likeable one.
  • Bachlorette Party: Reed - He's a doctor, which means he's smart and I like smart men. He's normal and down to earth. Since no LI really attracted me, I didn't choose any diamond scene to spend time with them. So I don't really know Reed that well.
  • Mother of the Year: Thomas? My MC and him share a deep connection, because they're both single parents. He's also handsome and he's a lawyer. Levi? I don't really know him that well yet, but I already like him. He's handsome and my daughter and him share a friendly bond.
  • Save the Date: Justin Mercado - Firstly, he's absolutely handsome. Secondly, he's a really interesting guy. He doesn't just fall for the MC like every other LI in other stories. I actually have to impress him, to get him to like me. And I love his sweetness inside his rough exterior.
  • The Royal Masquerade:  Male Hunter? Male Kayden?
  • Distant Shores: ???
  • Blades of Light and Shadows: Mal or Tyril?
  • Baby Bump: Clint (Casey) Covington - The main reason why I chose him is, because he's the father of my baby. He's also handsome and I like him better than Mayor Dixon.
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