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Hey,y’all! I’m Cookie,and I’ve played Pixelberry games since I owned my first ever device. I played Cause Of Death religiously,played through Surviving High School multiple times,and I then moved on to play Pixelberry’s independent games-High School Story,Hollywood U,and now Choices.

Ranking Of Series

The Best Books

The Crown And The Flame

Kenna and Annelyse. The absolute boss energy that exerts from these two,y’all. Power couple,the best.

Kenna and Diavolos. They have so much confidence,they work so well together.

Dom And Sei. Dom and Kenna were too set up for me,but him and Sei? Perfect in all playthroughs.

Completed Diamond Route. A great series,truly the best. Every diamond option is worth the cost,the allies are all so much fun and the army score and legend points are a really cool system. I have no complaints about this series,I couldn’t think of anything to make it better.

Endless Summer

MC (Vivian) and Jake. Ugh,so perfect. No words.

MC (Vanessa) and Quinn. She’s just so sweet,it was real cute.

I love this series so much. Everything about it,especially how different events can go if you get all the collectibles,and the endings. The only gripe I have is that there was no ‘perfect’ ending,no way to go home happily. I felt like the series was leading to that,but it doesn’t affect it much. I think the Vanuu ending is the most fitting (but I choose staying on the island for my emotions).

It Lives In The Woods

MC (Moon) and Ava. Ava was such a cool and interesting Li,and very involved in the book.

MC (Moon) and Connor. This gives Connor a reason to be in the story,and he’s refreshing from the group.

This book was so much fun. I really like the high stakes and the writing was top notch. The fear system was important and I’m glad you could win without diamonds,but the options still felt very worthwhile. Just a great plot.

It Lives Beneath

MC (Earth) and Tom. Y’all I can’t not have him as my Li,he’s the best! I love the continuity too.

I’m glad that it has what makes It Lives In The Woods so great-the fear system,the danger,and the mystery. Some aspects are improved upon (like the fear),but what makes this just a little less ranked as the first book is because the group isn’t as dynamic or compatible. Other than this,it’s super solid!

A Courtesan Of Rome

MC (Eurydice) and Marc Antony. It was super fun to have him as a Li. (I might replay with Syphax in the future.)

The time period is really interesting for me,and that’s a big factor of why I love this book. I liked the different POV’s from the MC’s parents,and I really enjoyed the wiles and reputation system. What lets this book down is the horrible ‘imagine it yourself’ ending.


Unsure! I love both M! and F! Avery,and I also really like M!Raleigh. Still deciding.

MC (Ally) and F!Avery. I don’t know if this’ll be my primary or secondary when finished,but I’m playing with this main coupling right now. Avery is very sweet.

Such a fantastic book so far! The reason it’s not higher is because it’s not finished yet,and I always wait until the end to rank a book really high. Every aspect is superb-the songs,the outfits with hair,the fan count,and the tough decisions! Can’t fault it yet,I hope it stays strong after the hiatus.


MC (Clarice) and Nik. He has the most screen-time,and I did really like his personality and plot. (I will replay with Vera and possibly Cal).

Upon replays this may rank higher. The whole world this book is set in is just so fascinating,and there are many interesting characters throughout. I loved it so much until we got the rushed ending,and the biggest mystery of all is barely revealed. It would’ve been epic if this had another book.

Great Books

Veil Of Secrets

MC (Camille) and Flynn. He has great scenes and he has the whole ‘bad boy’ thing.

MC (Camille) and Grant. I know y’all think he’s creepy but I like him a-lot. He’s a lawyer!

Veil Of Secrets intrigued me. I like the clues,and I really like the twists. The plot is really good,but what takes this book down is the bad pacing and the fact that Kate had no romantic connotations until the end chapter. However,this doesn’t take away from me loving it!

The Heist:Monaco

MC (Shay) and Rye. I preferred Rye’s suaveness to Eris’ intensity. I didn’t Li Sonia since we don’t really end up with her in the end.

What a great book! I loved this so much,every aspect was enjoyable. Every single member (free or diamonds) is a treat,and the endless options show different interactions. I didn’t rank this as a best book because of the Li’s. I like all the Li’s,but the ending doesn’t reflect if you had a Li,or that they stay with you,which upsets me just a little on a Sonia route. I still adore this book,however!

The Haunting Of Braidwood Manor

MC (Nicole) and Eleanor. Victor didn’t appear enough to warrant being my Li,and Eleanor was very complex.

The first horror book by Choices,the plot was very small but solid. I liked that there was a character arch for the MC,and that everything gets resolved. It can’t be any higher just because it isn’t any better than the books above. This book hooked me.

The Elementalists

MC (Sabrina) and Griffin. He’s so sweet,the best Li of all. Bucket who?

A book about magic! I love it. The collectibles are great-the spells and desk items. The familiars are all super cute. The only problems (which are pretty major) is that Beckett is way too forced,and has too many exclusive diamond scenes. The ending is also bad-it’s so rushed and it makes me very sad that they’d ruin the book with this. But I still really enjoy the book despite this.

Open Heart

MC (Meredith) and Ethan. He has a lot of conflict which is interesting,I really like him as a Li. (I’ll do a second route with Aurora if she’s a Li in book 2).

I am so glad there’s a book that revolves around the MC’s profession! I love all the medical parts of the book,and the pets are so cute! On the downside,Jackie and Bryce really annoy me. I can’t rank it higher as book 2 is yet to come out.

Most Wanted

Sam and Dave. Obviously. They’re perfect y’all.

It’s a great book! The points system is great and it feels so rewarding to get top status. The characters are great,and the plot is fantastic. The only reason it can’t be higher is that it’s been abandoned.

Good Books

Ride Or Die: A Bad Boy Romance

MC (Brooke) and Logan. He’s forced,sure,but I really like him.

This book is fun. I really like the car stuff,and the Dad drama. There are problems,however-Logan’s forced (but I like him ok),Mona deserves better,and not all the writing is good. Also,Reya annoys me. Despite this,I do enjoy it.

High School Story

MC (Daphne) and Maria. Maria is a great Li. Super underrated!

MC (Daphne) and Caleb. I really like Caleb as a Li. He’s nice,and he has some drama. (I will replay with Emma,but she seems much more like a friend).

Autumn and Julian. Although they were perfect in SHS,Wes kinda ruined his chance here. And Julian’s sweet now!

This book is nice. It might get ranked higher when I replay. It actually is in the great category until book 3,since I just dislike all the new supporting characters. Other than that,I really enjoy this series,a-lot! The Dad is great. The fact we get to choose our club and we have a whole new set of characters is such a cool feature!


MC (Barbara) and Kenji. Kenji is the best developed Li in the book to me,and he has an interesting conflict with his Mom. They make a literal power couple y’all!

Such great potential here. The MC is super likeable to me,and there’s so many cool characters and powers. All the sequences with fights and QTE’s are on another level! Sadly,I can’t rank it higher because the ending is just too cliffhangery without a book 2. Other than that,the only thing holding this book back from great is that Sillas wasn’t yet a great villain,and he was defeated too early to become one.

Desire & Decorum

MC (Lizzie) and Sir Harper. I love his whole plot,and personality! He was the character who I always looked forward to seeing.

Briar and Mr Marlcaster. Mr Woods hasn’t got anything on Mr Marlcaster for me-I love that MC’s bestie can experience the same rags to riches thing!

I love historical fiction. Of course I enjoy the manners and relationship system,and the collectibles,and the romance of Mr Harper is really nice. However,Duke Richards is so crammed in to every single negative situation that it makes it a little unbearable-I know he’s the main antagonist,but it wasn’t written well. The grandmother also annoys me,and I’m unsure if we’re supposed to like her or not. Some historical accuracies annoy me,and the forced Mr Sinclaire,but it’s very fun to read at times.

Perfect Match

MC (Carrie) and Diplomat Hayden. I love Hayden as a Li,they are literally perfect. My Hayden was a Diplomat,and honestly that’s my favourite possibility.

Perfect Match had a book 1 that I’d put in the great section. Book 2 lets the series down so much for me,mostly because there’s so much wasted potential just to make the MC seem raunchy and unserious most of the time and also the lacklustre ending-all the great buildup for what? But mostly why this book ranks so low is I can’t stand (I repeat-CANNOT stand) Damien And Kahn. I hate every single thing about Damien,and Kahn is in the book for no reason and has no personality. They made me hate playing the book at times because I had to see them,thankfully Hayden,Sloane and Alana saved it (and of course Dipper).

Across The Void

MC (Orion) and Sol. The Li’s in this book were a little weak for me,as none seemed to have a big personality. I chose Sol because he did somewhat have a charm.

Pax and Holmes. No way was I gonna let Pax Li Zaniah,I strongly resent her. Holmes is too good for Pax but I’ll go with it.

Eos and Deimos/Lyra. Deimos is Primary,as she really suits Eos in my opinion. Secondary is Lyra,as she’s super sweet. Both are great Li’s.

So,I used to have this in my Worst list,but I replayed and realised it ranks here. I do enjoy this book much more in the second/last third part of the book,of course the ending is abrupt but I wouldn’t want a book 2. The problems that this book has are Eos and Pax-Eos not so much,I agree with him,it’s just annoying we play him so much and not the MC,Pax is the literal worst. I sided with the Vanguard,and gave them the charges. I liked the interactions with enemies,and the twist villain. It could’ve been much better,sadly.

Ok Books

The Freshman Series

MC (Celeste) and Becca. The. Best. Becca is literally the best part of every book,she’s a great Li.

MC (Elle) and James. I really wanted to romance a Li that was from the original lineup,just to play through it all. James is nice.

TF series ranks here because it’s a mixed bag. Some books I love-namely TF2-4 and TSe. I also love all the mini spinoffs,especially Hartfeld Horror Story! The worst (TJ) and others make the series drag,unfortunately. There’s some great moments,of course,but overall I needed more of them. I loved the road trip,and I adored Becca’s arc. For the best of the series,it can go in the top of the good section,but the others lie lower than this.

High School Story:Class Act

MC (Honey) and Rory. I thought Rory was going to be a one-dimensional typical Li,but I found them really compelling!

MC (Honey) and Skye. Of course I like Skye. I love the aesthetic and she’s super nice-especially compared to her brother.

HSS:CA is a little boring in places. I do like Skye and Rory,but Ajay isn’t great. I like the twin stuff,and Erin too. I’m a big theatre kid myself,but I don’t like how the MC is forced to like drama whereas we had choice in the original. I still really like most of the book,what drags it down is the constant filler:all the lead-up to the performance in book 1 was so much fun!

The Royal Romance Series

MC (Juliet) and King Liam. There really was no other choice,he’s near to perfect.

A book of ups and downs. I love everything concerning the drama of trying to be win over Liam,I love the whole bachelor-esque feel. However,so many pointless filler is included,before book 3 this would’ve definitely been mid to high good tier. Not to mention TRH-that is a whole mess. I hate everything about the Walker family. Still,I had a smile on my face every time when Liam showed up.

Bad Books

Red Carpet Diaries

MC (Meryl) and Matt. Matt was obviously forced but I did genuinely like him.

MC (Viola) and Victoria. They’re a real power couple,y’all. Great Li but she’s not in the book enough.

This book could’ve been fantastic. Sadly,it is just another copy of the same romance plot but with a glossy finish of Hollywood (with none of the actual interesting stuff of the Movie business). The third book pushes the series down much more,and I hate Seth so much. I will say I’ve had some real fun moments-I get very happy whenever Gloria is seen,and I loved the small aspects of filmmaking shown (VERY small). Overall,just a kinda boring series.

Wishful Thinking

MC (Peggy) and Jaime. I love a supportive friend-turned-lover!

So I know I have some nerve placing this below Red Carpet Diaries-and when I replay both I’ll probably place it in lower good above TRR series. However,right now I’m still salty the full potential of mind reading never got explored! I really liked most of the book (Pets! Mind reading reveals secrets! Drama!),but this ranking is because of what isn’t in the book,instead of what is. No developments really happened,and certainly no satisfying character arcs (Ellen for Li y’all). Also too many reused models for literally all important supporting characters (the only faces not reused were Li’s and Ellen).


MC (Buffy) and Kamilah. What a powerful queen. Best Li no question.

BloodBound is just a really bad book for me. I hate every Lily. So. Much. And Adrien isn’t a whole lot better. The whole of book 1 is ruined for me because the plot is all about MC helping people we have no choice in caring about (like I don’t want Lily to suck my blood??) and in book 2 I think everything’s gotten much weaker. The writing and plot are just bad quality in my opinion.

Rules Of Engagement

MC (Kathryn) and Leo. He’s a Prince,and it ties in to TRR series nicely. He’s the best out of all the suitors.

Jessica and Blake. Carter wasn’t a healthy match and sadly Mira had no time to develop from an enemy to Li.

From the start,Rules Of Engagement was never my thing. I think the Grandmother’s will plot is cliché and also doesn’t even make sense-to earn the inheritance MC has to get married?! That is an archaic request that doesn’t even stand up in today’s law. I liked the party sisters plot,it was quite fun. The nerdy sister did annoy me when she didn’t accept the internship (I really am over PB presenting academic jobs as bad),and her whole plot wasn’t great. The brother was really annoying,and he isn’t a good fit with Elena-and he also has the same ‘get married’ inheritance request! Violet and the lizard were the highlights,I enjoyed their scenes.

Big Sky Country

MC (Lara) and Dallas. I really like Dallas. He is a great Li in a bad book.

The plot sucks. No normal person would willingly give up their dream job they’ve been working towards forever just to go live on a ranch to help people they don’t really know. The book would’ve improved greatly with MC had just grown up there on the ranch,instead of being a complete stranger and helping them for no reason. Sawyer is way too forced,I enjoyed his brother because he always disagreed. Not much to say,except boring.

Worst Books


MC (Cher) and Samson. I really like Samson. He’s a very realistic Li and I’d say he deserves a better book.

I don’t mind Sunkissed as much as everyone does. Sure,it’s Choices lowest point. But I find the book calm in a sense and I actually like the tension between the Mom and Alexis,it’s just not executed all that well. Nate ruins it. He is the second worst Li of all time. Like literally,this book cannot be higher because of him. The book has no importance or plot,and it is meandering.

Bachelorette Party

MC (Selina) and nobody. I have found no Li to have any attractive traits. Literally none of them are any good.

I get this book isn’t supposed to take itself seriously,which is better than being serious and ridiculous. But it still sucks. Like the whole briefcase thing? No. They’re trying to loosely tie in a plot,but it doesn’t work at all. If it’s just meant to be funny,don’t give such a boring task,and focus on the stupid aspects like Diana’s obviously awful fiancé. I just cannot find one good thing about the book other than Diana and Courtney. Also,what was the point of making the MC be cheated on instead of just being single?

America’s Most Eligible

MC (Bonnie) and Derek. He hasn’t really got a personality,but he’s better than the others,and Jen isn’t in the story enough for me.

What. A. Waste. Of. Resources. This series should never have been given a book 2 and 3. Nothing is entertaining here. Bianca/Teagan should’ve been a Li,we should be able to win the first book without diamonds,and Ivy shouldn’t have had diamond scenes if she was evil. I cannot find anything nice to say about the book,the writing is not good and the literal only good thing was Piper.


MC (Margot) and Mark. Ben was a really bad Li and Leah was paywalled in the first book so much I didn’t know anything about her.

It’s awful. I liked every single one of the ‘squads’ plot much more than MC’s. Sereena is cool,Brooke is super sweet,Horatio is interesting and Cole is very fun. But all this is forgotten when having to play as the MC,who has the most boring plot ever. Leah being paywalled is so scummy,and I hate the whole idea of owning a blog (not actually owning one-but having it be the plot of a book),it’s boring. The writing here is awful.

The Worst Of All

Passport To Romance

MC (Lois) and Marissa. She’s ok,all the other Li’s are superbly annoying.

I have absolutely no good things to say about this book. The plot is truly awful,the writing is abysmal,and the MC is the most stupid and latest people in Choices. Elliot is THE worst Li in all of Choices,he truly sucks and I’m convinced on the serial killer theory. I think Yvette was the best character in the book,and I agreed with her all the time. The group is ridiculous,you would never travel together with strangers. I cannot exaggerate how truly terrible this book is.

Guilty Pleasure

Home For The Holidays

MC (Veronica) and Holly. I love Holly,she’s so nice. I don’t understand the hate towards her.

I know I can’t rank this in the good or even ok books. But I can’t put it in the worst or bad-I enjoy playing it so much! I know it’s bad,but I LOVE Christmas so much (it’s the best time of year!) and this book makes me so happy. I love the little activities like the snowman making or Santa contest,and I love all the Christmas spirit! It isn’t a good book obviously,but I think it’s nice in a cheesy way.

Personal Diamond Route Prices

In order of importance. (Note:not all the full books diamond cost,just the options I will be taking)

Book: Cost:
Endless Summer 1708💎
Blades Of Light And Shadows 💎
It Lives Series 1986💎
Platinum 814💎
Veil Of Secrets 672💎
NightBound 824💎
The Elementalists 1784💎
A Courtesan Of Rome 702💎
Open Heart 703💎
Mother Of The Year 370💎
High School Story 1726💎
Across The Void 1128💎
Ride-Or-Die 929💎
The Haunting Of Braidwood Manor 122💎
The Heist:Monaco 800💎
Perfect Match 1184💎
High School Story:Class Act 1368💎
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