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  • I live in Los Angeles
  • I was born on May 31
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A "fan"? I'm on my fourth playthrough, and I'm a major contributor to the forums! I'm more than just a "fan". It's a masterful work of interactive storytelling! Seriously, if you haven't played it, what have you been doing with your life?
— Edgar talking about TC&TF Choices[1]

Jadelady, a member of Choices: Stories You Play Wikia, is your run of the mill player with some time on her hands. She had first used the Wiki for walkthroughs a year or so ago, but was first seen contributing in December 2018.


Jade's appearance is determined by how much time she actually got to sleep last night. It is determinant on weekdays vs weekends, work hours, commute times, chores, and time she spends on Choices and the wiki. She will neither confirm nor deny the presence of cat hair on her clothes.


She tries to be helpful and work on pages that aren't commonly worked on. As humor and sarcasm are hard to tell online especially when you cannot hear tone of voice, she tries to minimize the jokes.

Awards of Proven Awesome

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Favorite Books/Series

  • The Royal Romance
  • Perfect Match
  • The Elementalists
  • It Lives Beneath
  • The Heist: Monaco
  • Hero
  • Open Heart

Favorite Love Interests

JL TRH MC Liam and baby pic
  • King Liam
  • Damien Nazario
  • Jaime Lewis
  • Hayden Young
  • Ernest Sinclaire
  • Parker Shaw
  • Thanks to Franco Masuoka for making the picture!

Current Projects

  • AME placements
  • Individual Pages for:
    • ACoR First Spear, Rufus father and son ?
    • BP Skip
    • RoE Nana and Pop Pop, Parents ?
  • StoryGirl83's blogs:


Attack of plushies


  • She usually plays Choices with the sound off. If the game was narrated or the actual dialogue was in the audio, she might choose to listen to it.
    • She listened to a few chapters of Platinum with the sound on. It was "okay".


  1. Rules of Engagement, Book 1


The below section is a "draft" section.

- Bloodbound Book 2

(Chapter 2) Voice
When the sap of the tree rests in the blessed chalice... the skies shall turn red, the earth shall be torn asunder... and the First shall walk again.

Every step you take brings you closer to me. To reunification. To rebirth. Do not fight the blood. Embrace it.

Bloodkeeper: "the power to experience the memories of all vampires who had ever walked the earth" according to Jameson. If that is true, when you have a vision of the tomb, is it Xenocrates you are seeing as the "someone in a robe" crouched beside the sarcophagus (in Ch2)? if so, why would he have the "vial of sparkling blood flecked with gold"? is there another vampire we don't know about?

--- Species

Epoch: They are an alien species that is able to see every possibility the future holds. However, with all possibilities, they never know which one will come to pass.

--- Event page?

Rescue of Eos and Zekei

Team: Captain Elara, Pax, Titania, Kepler

Others: Meridian tending to Holmes in med bay, Corvus tending to Argo, Sol is not good in a fight and stays on board to take care of Atlas; Corvus also says they'll keep the bar open for the passengers.

--- Leo / Liam age / memories discrepencies

RoE 3, Ch 15: Leo remembers a sniper trying to take a shot at them; he wasn't sure if the sniper was aiming for his father, mother, or him.

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