A "fan"? I'm on my fourth playthrough, and I'm a major contributor to the forums! I'm more than just a "fan". It's a masterful work of interactive storytelling! Seriously, if you haven't played it, what have you been doing with your life?
— Edgar talking about TC&TF Choices[1]

Jadelady, a member of Choices: Stories You Play Wikia, is your run of the mill player with some time on her hands. She had first used the Wiki for walkthroughs a year or so ago, but was first seen contributing in December 2018.


Jade's appearance is determined by how much time she actually got to sleep last night. It is determinant on weekdays vs weekends, work hours, commute times, chores, and time she spends on Choices and the wiki. She will neither confirm nor deny the presence of cat hair on her clothes.


She tries to be helpful and work on pages that aren't commonly worked on. As humor and sarcasm are hard to tell online especially when you cannot hear tone of voice, she tries to minimize the jokes.

Favorite Books/Series

  • The Royal Romance
  • Perfect Match
  • The Elementalists
  • It Lives Beneath
  • The Heist: Monaco
  • Hero
  • Open Heart

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List of Things to Do

  • Adoptable Animal page for:
    • RCD (possibly? rename Ocelot) - wait for Book 3
  • Mental note:
    • ask to remove cameos from Trivia once Chapter Appearances are done


Attack of plushies


  • She usually plays Choices with the sound off. If the game was narrated or the actual dialogue was in the audio, she might choose to listen to it.
    • She listened to a few chapters of Platinum with the sound on. It was "okay".


  1. Rules of Engagement, Book 1


The below section is a "draft" section.

- Bloodbound Book 2

(Chapter 2) Voice
When the sap of the tree rests in the blessed chalice... the skies shall turn red, the earth shall be torn asunder... and the First shall walk again.

Every step you take brings you closer to me. To reunification. To rebirth. Do not fight the blood. Embrace it.


AME Ch2 Signature Cocktail Challenge


Across the Void possible page

Thousand of years ago, in a far-off galaxy within a parallel dimension, a planet was destroyed. As it exploded, pieces of the prisms near its core traveled through a wormhole connecting our galaxies. Along the way, those pieces mingled with other unknown particles, becoming the most radioactive substance they have encountered: astradust. Its initial appearance destroyed entire planets and forever altered the genetic composition of every surviving creature. After the exposure, the galaxy descended into chaos and from years of darkness, the Void were born.

The Void It is their belief that they come from the blackness of space, the void, and are destined to return to it... making all actions meaningless. The Void ships took to space, taking what they wanted and sending the rest back to darkness. Those who didn't join them were returned to space or died of starvation as resources grew more scarce. They were defeated by the Vanguard centuries ago, only to return under the leadership of a Celd called Quandry. He was the only thing keeping them from dissolving into chaos. He presents whatever ideals will appeal to each of his recruits or uses fear as a motivator for his victims. Then, his soldiers are brainwashed and tortured for years until driven to insanity. They believe that the galaxy is their playground as he does. Above all else, they value power and exerting it over others. They take whatever they want and either destroy it for fun or remake it as something far more dangerous. They have no regard for life.

The Void ship, the Sanctum, is a ship so massive that it is rumored to have destroyed entire star systems. They have a section of space called the Graveyard where they keep the destroyed ships that belonged to murdered Marshalls and Vanguard soldiers.

"Together we eradicate the darkness, for it is up to us to keep the stars bright."
—The Vanguard mantra

The Vanguard The Vanguard was formed to stop the Void from terrorizing the galaxy. They enlisted the help of the Cyber to create astral charges, deadly weaponized versions of astradust, to fight the Void. Once the Void were eradicated, the Vanguard promised to destroy all the remaining astral charges as well as defend the galaxy from any other threats with their Marshalls. The Marshalls made space travel safe and were tasked to supply everyone with enough rations to ensure they never starved again. For centuries, the Vanguard united the worlds under one government and there was peace. However, the Void reappeared less than a decade ago. By the time the Vanguard learned of Quandry, he had amassed a larger and deadlier army than the Marshalls. Tens of thousands of soldiers and Marshalls were sent after the Void but none have returned. As the Vanguard numbers depleted, their ability to offer resources suffered, creating a growing gap between self-sufficient planets and planets in need.

The Vanguard became more spread out than ever trying to fight and contain the Void, unbeknownst to the rest of the galaxy. They feared galaxy-wide panic if anyone knew of the Void's reappearance and did not want to risk more falling under the Void's influence. For those who feel their lives are out of their control, the Void can be very appealing.

Because of this, most people consider the Void to be a spooky story that parents use to make their kids go to bed on time.

The Vanguard asked the Cyber to help create new astral charges, and the Elaras did. However, a few days before the "talks on Cyber" were to take place, the Void attacked and destabilized the charges, causing a leak of astradust that spread for miles. They had to evacuate the planet.

The Jura

The Jura believe the Vanguard have been lying to them.

The leader is powerful enough to rally even the most fractured Jura forces.

--- Species

Epoch: They are an alien species that is able to see every possibility the future holds. However, with all possibilities, they never know which one will come to pass.

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