• @DoctorBreadLegs asked this on Tom's page. Could you please add this trivia?

    I copied the post and am pasting it here...

    Is it worth mentioning in trivia that he used to have a dog named Jester that died some time before the events of ILB, and that he met Cora Pritchard after he almost ran her over with his skateboard at the bus stop?

    The dog thing is mentioned when the group is consoling Imogen on the boat after Diavolos dies, and the thing about Cora is mentioned in chapter 16 of ILITW if Ava survives and you pick the option "Cora would've wanted me to have it."

    I still chuckle at the imagery of Tom almost running over Cora on his skateboard. According to him, she called him a "boneheaded guttersnipe".

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