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Choices: Stories You Play Wiki

Welcome to a brand new feature of the Choices Wiki, the Tournament Page! This is a place where we will hold (semi-often) tournament brackets to determine various opinions by the Choices Fandom, and have some fun.

The first tournament that will be held here on the Wiki will be to declare the fandom's favorite book out of every Choices release from their launch up until December 31, 2019.

You Can View the Initial Bracket Here (Updated with Round 1'8' Scores):


Some General Info to Remember:

1) This tournament will last several weeks.

2) This tournament will consist o several rounds, so each week you will have several polls to vote in.

3) The match-ups were fairly computer generated. If you do not like one, remember, this is only the first of many tournaments. It's just a game!

Vote for the book you liked better out of the two, even if it is a hard decision.