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Poll Results

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September Results

What Recent Standalone Book Deserves a Sequel the Most? Votes
Nightbound 30
The Heist: Monaco 16
A Courtesan of Rome 7
Across the Void 3
Passport to Romance 2
Veil of Secrets 0
Wishful Thinking 0
What Book has the Best MC? Votes
The Crown & the Flame 20
Endless Summer 12
It Lives in the Woods 7
The Freshmen 5
Open Heart 5
Hero 4
What Genre Do You think Choices Writes the Best? Votes
Fantastic Adventures 32
Romantic Comedy 12
Mystery 8
Horror 3
Romantic Drama 1
Science-fiction 0
Do You Agree with the Hype Surrounding Endless Summer? Votes
Yes! I love it. 28
Meh, I am indifferent towards the book. 18
No! I never could get into it. 4
Do You Agree with the Hate Surrounding Ride-or-Die? Votes
Not really, I don't love or hate it 26
Yes! It is not good. 16
No! I hate to love it! 14

October Results

Which Book Would You Bring Back for Another Trilogy/Book? Votes
Perfect Match 65
LoveHacks 30
Endless Summer 20
The Crown & the Flame 17
High School Story 13
The Freshmen Series 3

Which Book Do You Think Could Have a Good Spin-off Series? Votes
Veil of Secrets 59
The Elementalists 30
Hero 8
Across the Void 7
Endless Summer 6
Which Book Has the Worst MC (in your opinion)? Votes
Home for the Holidays 40
Ride-Or-Die 12
Bachelorette Party 11
LoveHacks 7
Who Would You Say is the Best LI? Votes
Drake Walker (The Royal Romance Series) 88
Jake McKenzie (Endless Summer) 21
Quinn Kelly (Endless Summer) 14
Hana Lee (The Royal Romance Series) 13
Kenji Katsaros (Hero) 4
Chris Powell (The Freshman Series) 3
Kaitlyn Liao (The Freshman Series) 3
Bianca Sandoval (America's Most Eligible) 2
The Haunting of Braidwood Manor - Do you think a sequel could be made? Votes
Yes 44
No 39
Unsure 13
The Haunting of Braidwood Manor - Would you play a book two? Votes
Of course 58
If the plot was good 23
No 5
The Haunting of Braidwood Manor - Did you like this book? Votes
Yes 51
I was indifferent. 28
No 8
It Lives - Would you play a book three? Votes
Of course 70
If the plot was good 12
No 8
It Lives - Were you satisfied with book two? Votes
Yes 62
No 9
A Little 8
It Lives - Which book did you prefer? Votes
Book Two 47
Book One 29

November and December Results

What Is Your Favorite Genre PB writes? Votes
Romantic Drama 81
Amazing Adventures 53
Mystery 32
Romantic Comedy 20
What is Your Least Favorite Genre PB writes? Votes
Romantic Comedy 62
Amazing Adventures 34
Romantic Drama 20
Mystery 11
What Genre do You think is ignored? Votes
Sci-fi 52
Horror 51
Mystery 48
What Genre should PB write more of? Votes
Mystery 80
Amazing Adventures 29
Romantic Drama 13
Romantic Comedy 12
Do You think PB Wrote too many Romance Books this year? Votes
Yes 90
No 47
What Genre would You prefer PB begin writing? Votes
Slashers 54
Teen Dramas 27
Soap-Operas 21
Which Book has the worst characters (in your opinion)? Votes
Home for the Holidays 51
Ride or Die 19
Save the Date 18
LoveHacks 10
Which book has the best characters? Votes
The Royal Romance 140
Endless Summer 48
Bloodbound 37
Hero 4
Overall, did you like PB's 2019 slate? Votes
Yes 92
Kind-Of 56
No 16
Did You like PB's Romance Focus in 2019? Votes
No 69
Yes 49
Will You keep playing the app in 2020? Votes
Yes 168
If they have good content 21
No 1
Do you agree with the notion that PB's 2019 slate was worse than previous years? Votes
No 104
Yes 36
What feature would you like the app to work on most? Votes
Less re-use of characters and designs 157
More diverse stories 53
Better writing 15
Detailed and better artwork 4
A more cinematic feel 3
Does the large re-use of characters and sets bother you? Votes
Kind Of 56
Yes 41
No 33
Bloodbound, Book 3 - Are you enjoying the final book? Votes
Yes! 121
Too early to tell 39
No 8
High School Story: Class Act - Do You Like the HSS Series Reboot that occurred here (new main characters)? Votes
Yes! 58
No 35
High School Story: Class Act - Do you prefer the original trilogy or the current one? Votes
OG Gang 71
New is better! 27
Endless Summer - Do you miss this series? Votes
Yes 53
It's worn off 29
No 17
Endless Summer - Did you like the third book? Votes
Yes 51
Only some of it 21
No 16
Endless Summer - Did you like the ending choices? Votes
Only some of them 51
Yes! 29
No 11
Hero - Do you miss this book series? Votes
Yes! 69
No 27
Hero - Would you play a second book, if made? Votes
Yes! 69
I'd need a refresher 18
No 7
Hero - Do you think book two will ever be made? Votes
No 49
Yes 40
Baby Bump - Were you looking forward to this book? Votes
Yes 45
Ugh 28
No 16
Save the Date - Are you liking this new book? Votes
Sort-of 32
No 27
Yes 25
Drake Walker or Jake McKenzie? Votes
Team Drake 155
Team Jake 43
Quinn Kelly or Hanna Lee? Votes
Team Hanna 144
Team Quinn 40
Romantic Drama or Romantic Comedy? Votes
Team Romantic Drama 87
Team Romantic Comedy 39
Mystery Books or Romance Books? Votes
Team Romance 78
Team Mystery 69
2017 PB Slate or 2019 PB Slate? Votes
2017 59
2019 23
The Royal Romance or The Royal Heir? Votes
The OG: TRR! 84
New is better: TRH! 83
Hero or Most Wanted? Votes
Team Hero 43
Team Most Wanted 43
The Freshman Series or the HSS Series? Votes
Team The Freshman 98
Team High School Story 52
Unpopular Opinions: Do you dislike Drake in The Royal Romance Series? Votes
Of course not! 172
Yes, sorry. 17
Unpopular Opinions: Do you dislike the Endless Summer Series? Votes
I could never. 61
Yes! I don't get the hype. 24

Unpopular Opinions: Do you like PB's switch to romance books in 2019? Votes
No. 61
Yes! 22
How Long Have You Been Playing the App? Half Year Results Votes
Fall 2016 36
Early 2017 34
Summer 2017 21
Late 2017 25
Early 2018 21
Summer 2018 18
Late 2018 14
Early 2019 13
Summer 2019 11
Very recently! 14

January and February Results

Did you like the Holiday Specials PB did in late 2019 and early 2020? Votes
Yes 121
No 9
Do you think PB should make Holiday Specials year-round? Votes
Yes 116
No 16
Are you liking the way PB's 2020 release slate is looking? Votes
I have to wait and see 120
Maybe? 10
I'm not interested 2
Do you like the direction PB's content is heading (more romance based)? Votes
Meh 182
Absolutely 26
Nope 24
Do you like the direction PB's content is heading (more romance based)? Votes
In some cases 174
No 66
Yes 1
Would You Rather: Have another book in The Freshman Series or the Rules of Engagement Series? Votes
The Freshmen all the way 91
I wanna see the gang again, Rules of Engagement 23
Would You Rather: Have more romance books or more mystery books? Votes
Mystery 90
Romance 38
Would You Rather: Have another book in The Freshman Series or the Rules of Engagement Series? Votes
The Freshmen all the way 91
I wanna see the gang again, Rules of Engagement 23
Would You Rather: Have less books released each year, but each book be really good? Votes
The books could be better - take your time, PB. 79
The books are good enough right now - no need to cut back. 46
Would You Rather: Have a movie made about Hero or Most Wanted? Votes
Most Wanted 79
Hero 40
Spoiler Alert: In Bloodbound, did you like that the MC died and turned into a vampire? Votes
Yes, I was waiting for it to happen. 77
I didn't really care either way. 8
Not really, I wish we stayed human. 2
Spoiler Alert: In Endless Summer, did you like the revelation that the Main Character wasn't truly a real person (the Endless)? Votes
I had expected it all along. 29
No, I wish we weren't. 24
Yeah, it was a cool twist. 20
I didn't care either way. 6
Spoiler Alert: In It Lives, did you suspect that Noah had been working against you and your friends? Votes
Not at first 44
No, it was a good twist. 32
Yes, I predicted he was fishy all along. 8
Eh... I don't really know. 0
Spoiler Alert: Which death in a Choices book did you find the saddest? Votes
Enrique Vasquez (The Freshman Series) 53
Jane Marshall (It Lives in the Woods) 25
(Determinant) Your Character (It Lives in the Woods) 4
Constantine (The Royal Romance) 3
You are magically transported into the world of one of these Choices stories. Which one would you choose? Votes
Vampires, werewolves, oh my! Bloodbound and Nightbound. 59
I'm going back in time. The Crown & the Flame. 41
Let's go on an adventure! Endless Summer. 18
Back to school. I'm headed to High School Story. 9
I've always loved horror. It Lives. 7
Space seems cool. Across the Void. 2
One of these iconic Choices characters is real and wants to be a part of your life. Who do you choose? Votes
Drake Walker 60
Adrian Raines 30
Hana Lee 24
Eva 7
Zig Ortega 6 (tie)
Naomi Silverhawk 6 (tie)

Which book had the best supporting cast (not the MC)? Votes
The Royal Romance and the Royal Heir 58
Perfect Match 43
Endless Summer 25
The Crown & the Flame 8 (tie)
It Lives in the Woods 8 (tie)
High School Story 2
The Freshman Series 1 (tie)
High School Story: Class Act 1 (tie)
Do you think Across the Void had too many love interests and characters? Votes
It did not really bother me. 90
Definitely. 28
No, the more the merrier! 2
Do you think some books had no likeable characters? Votes
No..each book had someone I liked. 98
Sadly, yes. 35
Who is your ultimate favorite character? Votes
Drake Walker 53
Hana Lee 39
Kenna Rys 15
Jake McKenzie 12
Main Character from Endless Summer 8
Dominic Hunter 3 (tie)
Main Character from The Royal Romance 3 (tie)
Main Character from The Freshman 0
Do you like Choices as much as when it first started? Votes
Definitely 127
Not really 6
Is Choices your favorite story app? Votes
Of course, it always will be. 127
No, I have another favorite. 9
Do you dislike The Elementalists? Votes
Sorry, no. 133
Sorry, yes. 2
Did you like Home for the Holidays? Votes
Of course not! 85
Uh...yes 36
Did you like "The Junior"? Votes
No! 76
Meh... 40
Yes! 9
Do you dislike Maxwell from the Royal Romance? Votes
Absolutely not. 123
I'm sorry...yes 11
The Crown & the Flame: Is this your all-time favorite Choices book? Votes
It’s in my top three 37
It is one of my favorites 36
No, I have another favorite. 26
I didn’t like it too much 15
Yes! 12
The Crown & the Flame: Would you play a sequel series? Votes
Maybe... 55
Yes! I miss the stories and characters. 40 would ruin the legacy. 28
Big Sky Country: Would you have liked a third book? Votes
It was the right time to end it. 85
Yes! I loved the series. 41
Across the Void: Do you think the book had a rocky start? Votes
Yes, it started off rough. 110
Nope, I always loved it. 12
Across the Void: Would you have liked another book in this series? Votes
No, it worked well as a one-off. 97
Yes! There was so much to explore. 28
Nightbound: Did you like Nightbound more than Bloodbound? Votes
Only some things about it. 70
Not at all. 34
One-hundred percent yes. 27
Nightbound: Would you have liked a trilogy for this book? Votes
Yes! I'm so upset it was canceled. 70
Maybe, if it was good. 34
No, I was fine with one book. 27
Rules of Engagement or The Royal Romance? Votes
#Team The Royal Romance 125
#Team Rules of Engagement 8
Baby Bump or Save the Date? Votes
#Team Baby Bump 76
#Team Save the Date 42
It Lives in the Woods or It Lives Beneath? Votes
#Team It Lives Beneath 91
#Team It Lives in the Woods 35
Hayden Young or Damien Nazario? Votes
#Team Damien 112
#Team Hayden 24

Katherine or Nik Ryder? Votes
#Team Nik 96
#Team Katherine 32
Beckett Harrington or Shreya Mistry? Votes
#Team Beckett 98
#Team Shreya 37

February and March Results

What genre do you wish to see more books (or books) of? Votes
Psychological Thrillers 55
Paranormal Thrillers 43
Historical Fiction 37
Musical Dramas 2
Which year's release slate did you like the best? Votes
2018 52
2020 12
2017 8
2019 6
2016 0
Are there any characters that you liked initially but grew to dislike? Votes
Sadly, yes. 57
Not that I can think of. 32
Maybe? 17
No. 6
Who is your favorite LI from Bloodbound? (USP) Votes
Adrian 42
Jax 27
Kamilah 23
Lily 8
Who is your favorite LI from the Freshman? (USP) Votes
Chris 30 (tie)
Zig 30 (tie)
Becca 13
Kaitlyn 8
James 6
Nathan 2
Teddy 2
Which character do you like the least? Votes
Drake Walker (The Royal Romance Series) 34
Ethan Ramsey (Open Heart) 32
Nik Ryder (Nightbound) 22
Damien Nazaro (Perfect Match) 11
Which character do you wish would have been/will become a love interest? Votes
Aurora Emery (Open Heart) 45
Chadley Fortnum (Red Carpet Diaries) 26
Gemma (The Elementalists) 14
Zack Zilberg (The Freshman Series) 8
Which book do you think had the best MC? Votes
The Elementalists 53
Endless Summer 23
The Royal Romance 21
Hero 18
The Freshman 4
Most Wanted 3
Which standalone book do you wish had a sequel? (USP) Votes
Nightbound 40
The Heist: Monaco 29
The Royal Masquerade 21
Veil of Secrets 13
Mother of the Year 7
Platinum 6
A Courtesan of Rome 5
Across the Void 3 (tie)
Passport to Romance 3 (tie)
Bachelorette Party 3 (tie)
Wishful Thinking 2 (tie)
The Haunting of Braidwood Manor 2 (tie)
Save the Date 2 (tie)
Do you wish Choices would start making more books into series, rather than leaving them a standalone? Votes
If the book was good, yes. 104
No question, yes. 15
I'm not totally sure. 5
No, I like the way they are doing things now. 2
What bothers you more, reused character faces or reused set designs? Votes
Character faces. 86
Neither bother me. 27
Set designs. 9
I am indifferent. 7
Ethan Ramsey or Bryce Lahela? Votes
Team Ethan Ramsey 70
Team Bryce Lahela 27
Asha Roanhorse or Juliette Mendoza? Votes
Team Juliette Mendoza 38
Team Asha Roanhorse 27
Romantic Drama or Romantic Comedy Books? Votes
Team Romantic Drama 75
Team Romantic Comedy 22
Desire & Decorum or A Courtesan of Rome? Votes
Team A Courtesan of Rome 52
Team Desire & Decorum 47
Bloodbound Book 2 or Bloodbound Book 3? Votes
Team Book 3 43
Team Book 2 16
Do you dislike The Royal Romance? Votes
No, of course not! 71
I think it's a little overrated 38
Yes, sorry 23
I am a little indifferent 10
Do you dislike The Freshman Series? Votes
Yes, I think it was overdone. 53
No, I loved it! 34
I am indifferent. 33
Do you think PB should make only romance books? Votes
It depends on the quality. 84
No, they are overdone. 61
Yes, I love them! 4
Do you think gender-locked books are better than gender-options? Votes
No, not one bit. 81
Only some are. 42
Not sure. 17
Yes, I have to admit. 3
You're transported into the world of The Heist: Monaco. What role do you play in the heist? Votes
The Leader 40
The Hacker 36
The Grifter 20
The Driver 10
The Pyro 7
The Muscle 3
You find yourself in a real life Veil of Secrets situation. How do you find the killer and the truth? Votes
Use some investigative reporting. 84
Let the police do it. 16
Question everyone and everything. 6
You're given the option to go back and time and live in the world of Desire & Decorum. However, you can never return. Do you go? Votes
I love the book, but I could never do it. 76
Of course!!! 29
Home on the range or in a murderous town? You've gotten your dream job! But you have to live in the world of Big Sky Country or It Lives Beneath. Where are you moving? Votes
Home on the range - Big Sky Country 78
The crazy and creepy town - It Lives Beneath 35
You've been granted a special power from The Elementalists and you become attuned! What do you use your powers for? Votes
Fighting evil and doing good. 57
Not sure...something else! 31
To make money 22
I don't want to have a power! 4
To become famous! 3
Have ten books in the Open Heart series or ten books in the Ride or Die series? Votes
Give me all the Open Heart books! 93
Give me all the Ride or Die books! 28
Have a spinoff of The Royal Romance starring Maxwell or Hana? Votes
I want a Maxwell Series 79
I want a Hana Series 22
Have a TV show made about The Freshman or High School Story? Votes
I want to see a High School Story Series! 65
I want to see a The Freshman Series! 40
Have PB make more Sci-fi or horror books? Votes
Horror 62 (tie)
Sci-fi 62 (tie)
The Heist Monaco: Do you wish this book had become a series? Votes
Of course! 102
Meh, not really. 20
I do not care either way. 12
The Heist Monaco: Where would you have liked to see a book set most? Votes
Canada 31
Hawaii 29
Italy and The U.S. Virgin Islands 20
Paris 18
Rome 11
LoveHacks: Do you wish PB made more singles-in-the-city books like this? Votes
If they were good, then yes. 63
No, not at all. 27
Maybe 20
LoveHacks: Would you like a revival or holiday special for the series? Votes
Yes, please. 56
No thank you. 24
Maybe? 19
Meh. 12
Which 2020 release do you like the best? Votes
Blades of Light and Shadow 123
The Royal Heir, Book 2 25
Which (then) upcoming book are you most excited for? Votes
The untitled mystery book 74
Distant Shores 42
The untitled bodyguard book 14
SPOILER ALERT: America's Most Eligible: Wedding Edition: Were you happy that you had the option to end up with Bianca or Slater? Votes
I didn't really care either way. 21
Yes! I wanted to date them all along. 17
I was happy with the way in which it was done. 9
SPOILER ALERT: Big Sky Country 2: Were you happy that you could become engaged to your LI? Votes
Of course! 46
I was indifferent. 14
Not really. 5
SPOILER ALERT: TRH2: Were you happy that MC had a girl, or did you which to choose the baby's gender? Votes
I would have liked to choose. 27
I was happy either way. 19
I would have preferred a boy AND a girl. 11
I didn't really care. 8
SPOILER ALERT: Which death did you find the most shocking? Votes
Kyle Garza (It Lives Beneath) 26
Hayley Rose (Most Wanted) 15
Tanner Sterling (Veil of Secrets) 9
Adam Vega (Bloodbound I) 6

May and June Results

Do you like the MC in the Nanny Affair? Votes
Too early to tell. 70
Yes, I love her. 12
No. 11
She's not the best. 8
She's the worst MC yet. 1
Do you like the MC in Distant Shores? Votes
Yes, a lot. 64
A little. 23
Nah. 8
Do you like the MC in Witness: A Bodyguard Romance? Votes
I'm afraid not. 62
I do not dislike or like her. 20
I don't care either way. 8
Yeah, she's the best. 1
Are you excited for the upcoming books PB is releasing? These include a murder mystery book and a college drama book. Votes
I am excited for the mystery book! 59
I am excited for both! 32
I'll wait and see how they look. 25
I am excited for the college book! 6
No, neither interest me. 1
We are approaching the mid-way point of 2020. Do you like what PB has released this year? Votes
It could be better. 82
Yes I do. 22
It is only okay. 6
I haven't read any of them 4
No, not really. 3
Distant Shores is a venture back into PB's Exciting Adventure Genre. Do you like it and wish they'd do more books in this genre? Votes
Yes, please! 100
It's only okay. 7
No. 3
Two of the last three releases have been gender-locked. Does this bother you? Votes
No, but they should have the option. 70
Yes! I want to be able to play as a guy. 47
I am indifferent 11
How are you liking PB's new romance releases (The Nanny Affair and Witness: A Bodyguard Romance) of the spring? Votes
I don't like or dislike them. 46
I hate them. 41
Haven't read them. 22
Love them! 14
Do you like the new diamond system used in Witness: A Bodyguard Romance? Votes
Not at all 69
I don't have the money for that many diamonds! 34
Yeah, it is cool. 0
Do you like the direction the content is headed (more romance books)? Votes
It depends on each book. 68
Unfortunately not. 53
I do! 3
What feture do you want PB to implement the most? Votes
More decision-based stories. 80
Moving animations 15
Single chapter replay 13
New character models 10
New soundtracks 2
Do you still read the books as much as you used to? Votes
Depends on the book 68
Not as often 24
Yes 22
I read them slower 2
Would you play Choices customized books of popular franchies? Votes
Only if the franchise was interesting. 58
Yes! I play anything they make. 30
No 20
Yes because it would give them fresh ideas and content 6
Are you liking PB's 2020 slate as much as previous years? Votes
I think previous years were better, but this is fine too 64
Yes, of course 14
I am indifferent 13
No 11
The Nanny Affair: Are you liking this new book? Votes
I don't dislike or like it. 37
100% Yes 23
I'd like it if we had gender options 22
No 16
The Nanny Affair: Do you want PB to continue making "steamy" books like this? Votes
They can as long as they aren't in the romance genre 35
No, I don't like them 34
I do not care either way 27
Yes 9
Witness: Would you have liked this book if not for the diamond system? Votes
I'm afraid not. 42
Unsure 24
Yes 22
I am torn 0
Witness: Do you think PB will make more books in this series? Votes
I think this will be a standalone. 62
Maybe, maybe not 19
I hope so 10
Distant Shores: Were you happy with the quality of this book? Votes
Totally 61
A little 24
No 7
Distant Shores: Do you want this book to receive a sequel? Votes
Totally 61
A little 24
No 7
HSS: Class Act: Were you satisfied with the conclusion of this series? Votes
Of course 29
A little bit 26
I did not play it. 25
No, not one bit. 2
HSS: CA: Would you have liked the conclusion of the HSS universe more if focused on the original gang? Votes
I cannot say for sure 35
Absolutely 31
No, I do not think so 19