Whether they are furry, scaly, or full of feathers, mechanical, or out of this world, they are the companions that provide support or a laugh for your characters just as well as extended dialogue or extra scenes for the stories. Most are optional purchases, a few are not.

The Freshman, Book 4

Chapter 2

Lobster TF Book 4


In Chapter 2, when you go to Maine to pick up Chris for the road trip, you catch and prevent a lobster from escaping. You have the option to keep him (πŸ’Ž18) to prevent him from being cooked. His default name is Gerald but you can change his name. If you keep him, he appears in The Sophomore,Β The Junior, and The Senior series respectively.

The Senior

Chapter 2

TSCh02 Adoptable Cat


When you and your friends volunteer at the local animal shelter, you run across a snowshoe cat who hops right into your arms and headbutts your chin, wanting you to pet her more. Becca tells you that she is leash-trained and used to going on vacations with her humans. Her previous owners had to give her up because they moved into a no-pets apartment home. You and your love interest (or Zack?) have the option of adopting her (πŸ’Ž17) by herself or with the dog (πŸ’Ž30). Her default name is Tofu but you can change her name. The cat appears on the Playlist cover here.

TSCh02 Adoptable Puppy


You and your love interest (or Zack) have the option of adopting the dog (πŸ’Ž17) by himself or with the cat (πŸ’Ž30). His default name is Tater Tot but you can change his name.

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