The Freshman: Love Bites is a Halloween Special Book based on the characters of The Freshman.


After a fateful encounter with a vampire bat, Kaitlyn seems a little... different. Join your suitemates as you find out more about her mysterious transformation in this spooky special story!


Chapter 1: The Bite

This Halloween, not everyone at Hartfeld is as they seem...

Late one night, as Your Character and her friends walk back to the dorm after an off-campus part, Kaitlyn takes all her room-mates to the dorm through a short-cut through a graveyard, where she gets attacked and bitten by a vampire bat. She appears to look gorgeous and is very energetic the next morning despite the previous night's exhaustion. She also has trouble being in the sun. The next morning Your Character and Zack find Tripp passed out outside with bite marks on his neck, leaving them to deduce that Kaitlyn has turned into a vampire. Abbie, Tyler and Chris don’t seem to believe you and Zack, but seeing Kaitlyn transforming back from a bat convinces them.

Chapter 2: Blood Wanted

Kaitlyn is going to need blood. Lots of it. Can you and your friends help her satisfy her thirst?

All friends decide to help Kaitlyn by offering their blood to her. However, this leaves them all drained and exhausted. The roommates decide to get more people to volunteer, starting at the Kappa party. Your Character manage to get the jocks and nerds to volunteer too. Later that week, on a full moon night, Kaitlyn offers to turn her best friend into a vampire as well.


Sneak Peeks



  • With the unusual horror themes in this special book, this is not canon in the series.
  • Unlike the other books, this one doesn't have you pick which love interest you're with.
  • This is the first and only special book to not give options for love interests.
  • The cover features vampire Kaitlyn.
  • Between September 11-September 12, 2018, all of The Freshman books, including the specials received a redesign in the thumbnails of their book covers.
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