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The good, the bad, and the almost irrelevant. They are the miscellaneous characters that are there to answer that one question, explain away that one plot hole, assist in adding development to that actually relevant character, or give that good (or bad) advice. We usually never learn their names. They are there and they are gone as soon as they serve their purpose often never to be seen again. They may not be the most memorable but definitely have a role to play. If the "No Image" picture is used, it means that the particular character has only been mentioned and has never physically appeared.

Book 1

Chapter 1


Amanth Drammir

The king of Fydoria, he attends Queen Adriana's banquet for working together with his son Tevan, leaving his daughter Aurynn at home in Fydoria. He and Tevan are introduced to Kenna, although only Tevan appears to actually speak with her. A little later while there he is beheaded by an unknown Nevrakis soldier during the attack on the royals from the five kingdoms gathered there.

Queen Adriana teasingly compains to her daughter that she's the one who will have to listen to stories of his hunting conquests.

Luther Nevrakis calls him, the Thorns, and Queen Kalalei, snakes, scheming behind Queen Adriana's back.



Eloise is Adriana Rys's sister. Not much is said about their relationship, but it can be implied that they were close given the fact that Adriana trusted her with the knowledge about Stormholt's defenses. Eloise had a string of lovers, which Adriana attributed to "the joys of not being Queen", one of which was revealed by Luther Nevrakis to be a Nevrakis spy. When Eloise was interrogated for details about Stormholt, her eyes were gouged out and under duress, she gave them information about the secret passages. It is unknown if she was killed afterwards, but her act ultimately lead to the Massacre at Stormholt.


Marcellus Rys

Adriana's husband and Kenna's father. He was the King of Stormholt until his death. He is said to have been well respected, and he and his wife were known to be very in love.

Adriana Rys was his wife. They were very in love when he died, and she was so heartbroken that she believed she would never love again. Since their daughter was only a little girl when he died, Queen Adriana became the ruler of Stormholt.

Kenna was his daughter and only child, as well as heiress to the Kingdom of Stormholt. Not much is known about their relationship. Since Kenna was a little girl when he died, it is likely she doesn't remember much about him. What she did remember was that she was holding the hilt of her father's sword while the latter was playing with her.

Not much is known about their relationship, but Gabriel respected King Marcellus very much.

A premium scene of Book 1, Chapter 6, reveals that he was the one who passed on his titles as Adriana wasn't royal by blood but married into the royal family.

He is unnamed until Book 3, Chapter 2, where in a flashback, Queen Adriana says that her late husband's name was Marcellus.

The name Marcellus is Latin for 'hammer'. It also refers to the Roman god of war, Mars.

TC&TFBk01Ch12 - Duncan.png


Duncan is the former weapons master whom Hex replaced when Marco failed to take over Aurelia. Marco and Hex used him as a test subject to show off Hex's cannon that channeled Sei's fire power, effectively executing him for the failure at Aurelia. He insisted that the weapons were his best work, but it didn't matter to Marco.

Chapter 4

TCTFBk1Ch04 Guard aka Gorin.png


Gorin is the guard that needs to be distracted. His name is revealed if Rose flirts with him. Some other guards call him "Gorin the Watcher".

Chapter 5


Princess Lillian

If you choose to play as young Kenna, she will mention Princess Lillian when talking to Gabriel. Kenna heard her saying that everyone will think she is a fool as her hair is always a mess and her clothes are muddy unlike Lillian. Lillian said that Kenna doesn't deserve to be queen. Gabriel replies that Princess Lillian is likely only jealous as her kingdom is only half the size of Kenna's but doesn't mention its name.

Chapter 7

Page Boy.jpg

Page Boy

Page Boy is a messenger boy for Prince Marco. Being a servant, he is unquestionably loyal, albeit blindly, to Luther's cronies, as he threatened to tattle on Dom for snooping on Bartel. However, he still retains an air of youthful innocence: he is fascinated by "heroes from legends" and desires to work with one, wanting to be "with the good guys". This is the sole reason why Dom managed to persuade him to let him and Rose eavesdrop on Bartel. He is amazed when Dom shows him his fire abilities, and instantly trusts him after such.

His character model is later used for Jiro from the Rules of Engagement and The Royal Romance series, as well as Jack from Home for the Holidays and Kano Yoshimasa from Bloodbound.

Chapter 11

TCTF bk1 ch11 Harman.jpg


Harman was Whitlock's former superior when he and the other people from his hometown of Briarstone were conscripted by the Nevrakis army. Deeming Whitlock too sickly for the infantry, he assigned Whitlock to be a squire instead. To ensure the people of Briarstone will fall in line, he had the town burned to the ground.

TCTF bk1 ch11 Falco.jpg


One of the soldiers in Harman's company, he was attacked by some villagers who resisted conscription.

TCTF bk1 ch11 Elisa.jpg


One of the soldiers in Harman's company, she was the one who cut off Whitlock's hand when he rebelled against Harman.

Book 2

Chapter 1


Ewan and Daphne Thorn and Children

Other than Rowan, their children's names are not known. Rowan, the youngest daughter, was the only one of the family to stay home from the peace talks. The rest of the family was killed along with the other royals who went to the peace talks.

Chapter 2


Beltair Nevrakis

Beltair is one of Luther Nevrakis's five children, brother to Diavolos, Marco, Zenobia, and Seoras. He died in the battle against Azura that took place years before the start of the series that was mentioned during Book 2.

His uncle Vassilios describes him as a brute who loved raspberry custard.


Seoras Nevrakis

Seoras is one of Luther Nevrakis's five children, brother to Diavolos, Marco, Zenobia, and Beltair. He died in the battle against Azura that took place years before the start of the series that was mentioned during Book 2.

His uncle Vassilios describes him as a master strategist with a sweet smile.

Chapter 9


Duchess Leandra

Princess Zenobia comments to Helene Leventis that Duchess Leandra is so much more fun since her husband died in a "hunting accident." The implications of the comment include the likelihood that Zenobia was involved in the very deliberate death of the unnamed Duke.

Chapter 16


Queen Kalalei

When asked why he killed the rulers of the five kingdoms, Luther Nevrakis calls her along with King Amanth and the Thornes snakes, scheming behind Queen Adriana's back. Very little is known about her, but by process of elimination it appears that she was likely the ruler of Ebrimel, where Kailani and Noa Keawe come from.

Book 3

Chapter 1

TC&TFBk03Ch01 - Azura's Attendant.png

Azura's Attendant

After Azura restores Mechawolf Pup to life, she shows a distinct weakening of her strength and asks for assistance. A man cheerfully pops up and offers his assistance. At the time, Val assumes she knows "how he's serving her right now." She later feels bad when they realize what Azura does after she kills Leon and realizes that the man was cheerfully volunteering to give his life for Azura, because Azura had trained her people to not only accept that one of them must die for her every single day, but also to be happy and honored to be the one chosen.

His appearance is modeled after Logan Mills, a character in Most Wanted. The hairstyle and clothing style have been altered some to better fit the genre and the time frame.

Chapter 6

Claudius Umad III.jpg

Claudius Umad III

When Val trains the Fydorian soldiers during her and Raydan's trip there to prepare them for an invasion from Azura, one sticks out above the rest: a spoiled son of a baron named Claudius Umad III. Val challenges him to a duel and can humiliate him to take him down a peg. If Val rallies the Fydorian soldiers during Azura's attack, Claudius will appear later during the battle and, after it is over will arrange to have the Fydorian troops muster arms for Kenna. When they mess it up, he complains about the difficulty of training new recruits.

TCTFBk3Ch06 Fydorian Soldier aka the dancing soldier.png

Fydorian Dancing Soldier

One of the soldiers Val is trying to train is distressed that she isn't getting it right, believing that her mother was right and all she was good for is "dancing at balls and looking pretty." If Val tells her that fighting is basically the same as dancing, she will practice with Val and soon get a hit off her.

Chapter 7

TC&TF - Toady.jpg


Raydan nicknamed the Ducitora soldier watching over him, annoying him with the nickname. He sees him later in the battle. His real name is never revealed as he dies.

Chapter 9



Caleb was a guard's son who tormented Dom in their youth. One day he just stopped and Dom didn't find out why until Kenna told him while trying to break Dom free of Hex's influence. Kenna had threatened to have Caleb executed if he didn't leave Dom alone.

Chapter 11

TC&TFBk03Ch11 - King of Marossi.png

King of Marossi

He is the King of Marossi from whom Azura took the throne 1000 plus years prior to the series. According to Lia he was unable to answer a riddle Azura told him and gave over his crown. Raydan found a different answer far more likely.

His appearance is shared with Victor from The Haunting of Braidwood Manor, and Charming from Rules of Engagement. The hairstyle and clothing style have been altered some to better fit the genre and the time frame.

TC&TFBk03Ch11 - Fire User.png

Fire User

A fire user who resisted Azura's take over during her first invasion.

Her appearance is modeled after Dana Beckham, a character in Most Wanted. The clothing style and markings on her face have been altered some to better fit the genre and the time frame. This exact appearance was later used for a "Foreign Woman" in A Courtesan of Rome who has a monkey that the main character of that story can adopt.

Hector Nevrakis.png

Hector Nevrakis

If Kenna decides to learn the whole story from Lia, Lia talks about Azura's first visit to the Five Kingdoms and to Abanthus. Approximately 50 years prior to the start of the story, Azura approached Hector, asking him to surrender his kingdom and pledge allegiance to her. He strongly declined, and mentioned that he had already sent a fleet to destroy Marossi, marking the start of the decades-long war between Ducitora and the Five Kingdoms.

"So it's 'kneel or die', then. Such appealing options! But you know, I think I've got a better idea... Why don't you saunter back down to the docks, get on your ship, and take that boney white arse back where it came from?"
—Hector to Azura

His look is composed of Bill Holton's previous appearance and parts of Luther's design. His great grandson Diavolos named his horse, Hector's Shadow, after him. His future descendant Hector Nevrakis is named after him.

Chapter 12


Lightning & Thunder

Lightning & Thunder are assassins Azura sent to kill Kenna. They are described as terrifying, befitting their nickname "The Shadows". Sometime before the start of the story, Lightning assassinated Luther Nevrakis's first wife and Diavolos Nevrakis's biological mother, who according to Azura never lived to face Thunder. They behave just like their namesakes: Lightning is agile while Thunder speaks in a booming voice conveyed as speech in full uppercase. Their weapon of choice is the Iron Claw, and they are killed by Kenna with her Short Sword or with their own Iron Claw.

Chapter 15



Eda is a captain in the Nevrakis army. During the retreat back to Stormholt in the beginning of the final war with Azura, Eda stays behind to make sure her troops make it into the castle safely. She is then locked out of the castle in order to keep Azura's soldiers from getting in.

Everyone agrees that there is no way to save her, even a reluctant Diavolos, but Kenna can choose to go after her and save her. If she does the Nevrakis soldiers gain a lot of respect for Kenna and Eda is impressed with her. Diavolos takes note of this action and it will help influence his actions after the battle is over and his father tries to kill Kenna.

When Zenobia and Adder are trying get Kenna to decide who should rule Abanthus, if Eda survived, Zenobia will pick her at random and ask her who she thinks should rule. Eda looks at the two of them and says, "Nope," followed by her declaration that she's moving to Panrion.

Chapter 17

Kenna's Baby.png

Kenna's Baby

Kenna's child with or without her spouse if she chooses to have a family.