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This page contains all the allies found in The Crown & The Flame, Book 1, Book 2, and Book 3.

Allies made in The Crown & the Flame, Book 1

# Name Image Description Chapter recruitable Fate if not recruited Requirement
1 Gabriel
(Gabriel Amarne)
Gabriel Amarne.jpg Kenna's bodyguard and loyal friend. 1 N/A None
2 Prince Tevan
(Tevan Drammir)
Prince Tevan.jpg Heir to the throne of Fydoria. Becomes king of Fydoria if you save him. Love interest for Kenna. 1 Dead πŸ’Ž12
Save Prince Tevan's life.
3 Rose
(Rose Blake)
Rose Blake.jpg Stormholt servant and friend of Dom's. Love interest for Dom. 2 N/A None
4 Jackson
(Will Jackson)
Will Jackson.jpg Former Stormholt soldier. Love interest for Dom. 4 Not as loyal. Still recruited. πŸ’Ž25
Buy the mercenaries a drink and gamble with them.
5 Leon
(Leon Stirling)
LeonSterlingTCTFinfoboximage.jpg Former captain of the guard for Stormholt. 6 N/A None
6 Severin

(Severin Cale)

Severin Cale.jpg Leader of the mercenaries. 6 Banished or Dead πŸ’Ž30
Recruit Severin as an ally.
7 Raydan
(Raydan Lykel)
Raydan Lykel.jpg Spy master of Aurelia. Love interest for Kenna. 9 N/A None
8 Annelyse
(Annelyse Adair)
Annelyse Adair.jpg Queen of Aurelia. Love interest for Kenna. 10 N/A None
9 Bear Bear.jpg Bear found outside Aurelia with thorn in her paw. 10 Dead πŸ’Ž25
Save the bear!
10 Mechataur Mechataur.jpg Mechanical minotaur created by Whitlock to guard the city of the Technocrats. 13 Destroyed πŸ’Ž25
Repair the Mechataur and take it with us.
11 Whitlock Whitlock.jpg Leader of the Technocrats 14 N/A None
12 Sei
(Sei Rhuka)
Sei Rhuka.jpg Fire user from the mountain people. Love interest for Dom. 16 Doesn't help at the end of Book 1. Still recruited. πŸ’Ž25
Convince her to stay.

Allies made in The Crown & the Flame, Book 2

# Name Image Description Chapter recruitable Fate if not recruited Requirement
1 Rowan
(Rowan Thorn)
Rowan Thorn.jpg Heir to Thorngate and Bellmere. Queen of Bellmere if you keep your promise to her. 2 N/A
Dies if you can't keep her loyal.
None, but to keep her loyal in the final battle you must answer in her favor at least two specific times out of three.
2 Val
(Val Greaves)
Val Greaves.jpg Mercenary. Leader of the mercenaries if Severin is gone. Love interest for Kenna. 3 Not as loyal. Still recruited. πŸ’Ž25
I'm going after her.
3 Kailani
(Kailani Keawe)
Kailani Keawe.jpg Noa's Twin Sister 4 N/A None
4 Noa
(Noa Keawe)
Noa Keawe.jpg Kailani's Twin brother. 5 Stays behind. πŸ’Ž30
Stay and fight with us!
5 Phoenix Phoenix.png Phoenix that is somehow connected to your murdered hawk from Book 1. 9 Says goodbye and stays dead. πŸ’Ž30
Whistle two short blasts!
6 Helene
(Helene Leventis)
Helene Leventis.jpg Captain for the Royal Guard for Nevrakis. 10 Leaves and doesn't come back. πŸ’Ž25
Fight for us!
7 Adder
(The Adder of Lykos)
Adder.jpg Queen of Lykos' Criminal Underworld and Raydan's sister. 10 N/A None
8 Kraken Kraken.pngBaby Kraken.jpg A baby kraken captured by Hex from the Wolf's mouth and her mother. 11 Mother never shows up. Baby's fate is unknown. πŸ’Ž25
Rescue the baby kraken!
9 Anu
(Anu Rhuka)
Anu Rhuka.jpg Dragon Tamer of the Blackspine Mountains and Sei's grandfather. 12 Stays behind. πŸ’Ž30
Make peace with Anu and recruit him as an ally!

Allies made in The Crown & the Flame, Book 3

# Name Image Description Chapter met Fate if not recruited Requirement
1 Luther
(Luther Nevrakis)
King Luther.jpg King of one of the five kingdoms. Murdered the leaders of the four other kingdoms including Kenna's mom, Tevan's dad, and Rowan's family. 1 N/A None
2 Mechawolf Pup Mechawolf Pup.png Three legged wolf brought back to life by Azura. 1 Remains three legged and never learns to talk. πŸ’Ž17
Take him home!
3 Clover
(Clover Hapley)
Clover Hapley.png Azura's handmaiden 3 Remains one of Azura's most loyal subjects. πŸ’Ž23
Convince Clover to join us!
4 Madeline Madeline.png A technocrat healer 4 Unknown. πŸ’Ž30
Help Madeline!
5 Zenobia
(Zenobia Nevrakis)
Zenobia.jpg King Luther's only daughter. N/A None
6 Florian
(Florian Tartassis)
Florian Tartassis.jpg Nobleman from Abanthus made regent of Ebrimel under Luther. N/A None
7 Aurynn
(Aurynn Amanth)
Aurynn.png Princess of Fydoria. Queen of Fydoria if her twin brother, Tevan, dies with all the other nobles in Book 1. 7 Eventually rescued. πŸ’Ž25
Rescue Aurynn!
8 Hex Hex.jpg Weapons master for the Nevrakis family. Former Technocrat. 9 Imprisoned πŸ’Ž30 (split with Anton)
Recruit Hex and Anton
9 Anton
(Anton Luno)
Anton.png A fire user from the Blackspine Mountains and a friend of Sei's. 9 Goes home. πŸ’Ž30 (split with Hex)
10 Lia Lia.png Daughter of Empress Azura. 11 Helps you at a later point, but not as much as she might here. πŸ’Ž25
Bring Lia with me.
11 Diavolos
(Diavolos Nevrakis)
Diavolos.png King Luther's oldest son. Love Interest for Kenna N/A Dies if you can't keep him loyal. None, but to keep him loyal you must treat him with respect throughout Book 3.


  • Total cost: 438 diamonds
    • Book 1 total cost: 123 diamonds
    • Book 2 total cost: 165 diamonds
    • Book 3 total cost: 150 diamonds