Texts From HSS is one of the eleven Chat stories that are available to only a certain portion of players. As a part of the High School Story series, this chat book acts as an intermediary between High School Story, Book 1 and High School Story, Book 2.


See what goes on between Book 1 and Book 2!!!


Chapter 1:

It's not winter break yet, but love is in the air! Can you help your friends stay warm for the winter when she shares her secret crush?

Chapter 2:

It's the last day before winter break in history class. Can Frank work up the nerve to ask Payton out before the bell rings?

Chapter 3:

It's time for Frank and Payton's first date! Can Payton get Frank to come out of his shell? Or will his nerves get the best of him?

Chapter 4:

Autumn's heirloom bracelet has gone missing, but a special friend is on the case! Can you help him find her prized possession?

Chapter 5:

Autumn's missing bracelet is back, but there's a bigger surprise in store for her. What does her boyfriend have planned for the big day?

Chapter 6:

After a long couple of days, Autumn vents to you about the guys in her life. Can you give her advice to help her move forward?

Chapter 7:

While Ezra's busy at work, Caleb runs into an unexpected guest! Can his older brother help him escape the unwanted visitor before it's too late?

Chapter 8:

Emma struggles while at her dad's house for break. Can you help her cope through her last day away from Cedar Cove? Or will she crack before then?

Chapter 9:

The day of Emma's surprise party has arrived! Can you and your friends set up the last-minute touches before the guest of honor arrives?

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