Teddy, a character in The Freshman and The Sophomore series, is one of James' friends and a stand-up comedian. He is first seen in The Freshman, Book 4, Chapter 4.


Teddy has brown eyes, brown hair and beard, and a tanned complexion. He wears a maroon shirt.


From what is known, Teddy is of a higher class, since he went to prep school. However, as he appears to be a successful act at a comedy club in New York City's Soho district, Teddy is shown as having a good sense of humour. He is also something of a flirt, as he attracts both Zack and Zig, while seemingly being attracted to Your Character.



Teddy is James's friend. They attended prep school together. This could also mean that Teddy is familiar with Sebastian Delacroix.


Teddy is into Zack and hits on him.


Zig appears to be attracted to Teddy.


Teddy mentions that he has hooked up with Chelsea after a party promoting Kaitlyn's band, TBD.

Your Character

Teddy is possibly attracted to Your Character, but it's difficult to tell. Your Character has the choice to flirt with him if Your Character is single.