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Get to know the people behind the game, plotting the twists and turns of the stories we love so much. This page lists in alphabetical order by first name the past and current writers, both permanent employees and freelancers confirmed to have contributed to a story. If any staff and/or writers have been missed, feel free to add them into the database.


Thanks to Tumblr user cloudywithachanceofdiscourse for compiling parts of the information used on this page. Also thanks to ajcraycray from Reddit for helping Fearless Diva. Other sources are Pixelberry's Blogs, the writers' Twitter accounts, and


  • The Staff section includes employees who are noted to have different positions other than purely Artists or Writers. This section also includes known members of the QA (Quality Assurance) team, who were introduced here.
  • The Artists section includes employees who are noted to be only artists and art leads. If it is determined that these individuals hold other positions, please move them into the Staff section.
  • The Writers section includes employees who are noted to be just writers. If it is determined that these individuals hold other positions, please move them into the Staff section.


Alice Lin

Positions: QA DLC Story Team Lead

In the Get to know the QA Team blogpost, Alice says the the funniest thing she caught in Choices was one in HSS Book 1 where your character ended up bald.

LinkedIn: profile

Andrew Shvarts

Positions: Lead Designer, Senior Writer

According to his homepage, Andrew Shvarts was born in the Soviet Union, and is color-blind as well as tone-deaf. He worked on the apps High School Story and Hollywood U. Andrew also published a book series.

Twitter: @Shvartacus
Instagram: shvartacus
LinkedIn: profile


Atul is from the engineering team at Pixelberry and was featured in an employee spotlight.

Bernice Wong

Positions: Junior UX/UI Designer

Bernice tweeted[1] her reaction to users commenting on the new user interface.

Twitter: @bernicekahay
Instagram: bernicekahay
LinkedIn: profile


Positions: Head of Marketing

Cari is interviewed in the Employee Spotlight: Celebrating Hispanic and Latinx Heritage[2].

Cosette "Coco" Lachenal Gonzales

Positions: Creative Lead, Story Lead, External Story Lead, Game Writer, Manager, Mentor, Hiring; formerly Junior Game Writer

Coco joined the team of Rules of Engagement in the middle of Book 1. For the writing, Coco drew inspiration from an uncle who had briefly worked as a pianist on a cruise ship. In July 2017, in the blog post about Book 3, Coco mentioned being a millennial and having graduated recently.

LinkedIn: profile

Danica Pok

Positions: Technical Producer II, formerly Project Manager

LinkedIn: profile

Daniel Chamberlin

Positions: Technical Producer I, previously Junior Producer According to his Twitter profile, Daniel no longer works at Pixelberry.

Twitter: @danjchamberlin
LinkedIn: profile

Daniel Shvarts

Positions: Producer I, previously Junior Producer, previously Intern

As revealed in a blog post on January 28, 2020, Daniel is a huge Dungeons & Dragons fan. He even DMs a campaign at the office.

Twitter: @skull__kid_
LinkedIn: profile

Eric Dean

Positions: Senior Writer, Content Lead

As revealed by himself in a blog post on April 12, 2017, Eric was originally a writer, story lead and producer on Pixelberry's second app Hollywood U. In a blog post about Baby Bump, he states that he drew inspiration from his wife's pregnancy: "I wanted to tell a story that captured that feeling of someone doing EVERYTHING while undergoing some serious physical transformations."



Georgio states Laws of Attraction is the first book he has produced.

Henry Shao

Positions: Quality Assurance / Player Specialist Manager

On September 23, 2015, Henry wrote about his experience as QA Manager at Pixelberry Studios.[3]

LinkedIn: profile


Janey is mentioned in a blog post about The Nanny Affair, Book 2. She also mentions in a different blog post that Slow Burn is the first book she has produced.


Jennifer Young

Positions: Studio Manager; Studio Director, Senior Writer

A blog post about the release of The Royal Romance revealed that Kara and Jennifer have been best friends since high school. In another blog post about Rules of Engagement, Book 3, Jennifer mentions that she grew up with a sister and several cousins. She also talks about her family being Chinese and having grown up in the Philippines. Jennifer started writing at age 6, but originally planned to become a doctor. She used some of her own dating experience for writing Rules of Engagement. Jennifer is also the writer who came up with the name of Hartfeld University, as revealed in a blog post about the finale of The Senior. She originally wrote for the High School Story app. Jennifer Young and her colleague Megan Schwarz were interviewed about it in an article by, a few years before Choices was released.

Twitter: @SimplyMissYoung
LinkedIn: profile

Jessica Yang

Positions: Community Manager, Game Writer

Jessica is Asian American and attended a Chinese school as a child, as revealed in a blog post. She is an Earth-att. In 2015, she was interviewed for an article on her position as Intern Manager.

Twitter: @jamteayang
Instagram: jamteayang
LinkedIn: profile

Jessie Phillips

Positions: Junior Tech Producer, formerly QA DLC Tester

As revealed in a blog post on January 28, 2020, Jessie's favorite fantasy book is Uprooted by Naomi Novik and favorite game is The Dragon Age series.

LinkedIn: profile

Jilly Gagnon

Positions: Senior Game Writer, Book Lead

Twitter: @jillygagnon
LinkedIn: profile

Jonathan A.

Positions: QA DLC Function Tester

As revealed in a blog post on January 28, 2020, Jon's favorite fantasy game is Divinity: Original Sin 2.

LinkedIn: profile

Josephine Sun

Positions: QA Story Tester

LinkedIn: profile

Kara Loo

Positions: Senior Writer, Chief Operating Officer

A blog post about the release of The Royal Romance revealed that Kara and Jennifer have been best friends since high school. Kara's favorite fairy tale is Sleeping Beauty. In another blog post, she revealed that she is half Chinese and grew up in a big family (she is the youngest of four, with an older brother and two older sisters). She mentioned that she drew inspiration for the Rules of Engagement series from her own family experience.

Twitter: @ninjaribbon
Instagram: karawrites
LinkedIn: profile

Kristina Lum

Positions: Story QA Tester

In the Meet the QA team blogpost, Kristina mentions her favorite memory was baking several dozen shortbread cookies (my great grandma’s recipe) and by the end of the day all the cookies were eaten or boxed up to take home and several people were asking for the recipe.

LinkedIn: profile

Luke Georgette

Positions: Creative Product Manager, Choices China for 1001 by Tencent, Lead Writer, Editor

In 2015, Pixelberry and partnered to publish a series of articles. Luke, in the position as Story Lead, wrote about how he got into the job and gave insight into working at Pixelberry, as can be read here. According to his twitter account info, Luke had also previously worked on the apps High School Story Prime, Hollywood U, and Cause of Death.

Twitter: @lukegtt (deleted)
LinkedIn: profile

Meagan Malone

Positions: Remote Game Writer

Oliver Miao

Positions: CEO and Co-founder

Oliver shares his insights and inspirations behind the older Pixelberry game, High School Story, on

LinkedIn: profile

Rachel Zilberg

Positions: Junior Game Writer (Formerly[4])

Rachel Zilberg, alias Rachel Z., describes theatre as her home in high school. She went to a small all-girls' Dominican school. The nuns had to approve of all productions and okayed their production of The Rocky Horror Picture Show, as revealed in a blog post about High School Story: Class Act.

Twitter: @razilberg
LinkedIn: profile

Rose Behar

Positions: QA Tester

LinkedIn: profile

Royal McGraw

Positions: Executive Producer

In a blog post dating back to August 31, 2017, Royal mentioned that he received "The Smithsonian Guide to Comic Book Comics" as a birthday present from his grandfather when he was little. Royal has been a comic fan ever since and reads them voraciously. Royal mentions having a wife as well as a superpower - Royal demagnetizes credit cards and constantly shocks himself as well as other people. He also worked on Pixelberry's other apps, Hollywood U and High School Story, as revealed on his website.

Twitter: @royalmcgraw
LinkedIn: profile


Positions: Unknown

Tom is one of three staff members interviewed in the Wake the Dead blog post, but it is unclear if he is a writer, artist, producer, or if he staffs another position.


Amanda Yau

Positions: Junior Art Producer

Instagram: artofamandayiyau
LinkedIn: profile

Danielle Oyales

Positions: Art Lead, Senior Artist

As revealed in a blog post on January 28, 2020, Danielle's favorite fantasy book and game are Final Fantasy IX and Tactics!

Twitter: @lemonyzero
Instagram: zerolemons
LinkedIn: profile

Elyssa Evans

Positions: Art Lead

LinkedIn: profile

Heather Capelli

Positions: Art Lead

LinkedIn: profile


Jessica goes by "Icy" (possibly to not be confused with another employee by the same name).

Julie Kim

Positions: Senior 2D Artist

Instagram: superchoupy
LinkedIn: profile


Positions: Senior Artist


Kelly is mentioned in a blog post about The Royal Finale. She also mentions working on other series in a different blog post.

Stella Lee

Positions: Art Producer

LinkedIn: profile



Ariel Giacobbe

Ariel's favorite genre is Science Fiction. She is a massive fan of Star Wars. In a blog post about Across the Void, she lists some of her favorite Science Fiction works.

Twitter: @ArielGiacobbe

Brandon Carbaugh

Brandon is a former writer for Pixelberry.

Twitter: @BMCarbaugh
LinkedIn: profile


Brianna Lei

In a blog post, Brianna revealed that her favorite acting experience was playing Othello.

Twitter: @Brii_U
LinkedIn: profile


Bre is a Junior Writer at Pixelberry.


Bree is a freelance writer[1] for Pixelberry [2].

Twitter: @mostlybree


Cat mentioned in a blog post that she grew up in a small town and moved to the big city to attend college. For her, holidays are about family and holiday movie marathons. She is also interviewed in the Employee Spotlight for Celebrating Hispanic and Latinx Heritage[5].

Twitter: @catherinevalman

Ceinwen Langley

Ceinwen is an external writer. She states on her LinkedIn page that she was working from outlines to create full first and second drafts of each game chapter for the in-house team to work from for several books.

Twitter: @FeedTheWriter
Instagram: feedthewriter
LinkedIn: profile


Chelsa Lauderdale

Chelsa started working at Pixelberry in 2016, as revealed in a blog post about The Elementalists. She is an Air-Att and a Libra. She loves writing characters that are difficult to get along with and gives Beckett as an example. In a blog post about the finale of The Senior, she mentioned that she worked on Hollywood U before moving on to Choices. Her Twitter account states she is a Senior Manager of Writing.

Twitter: @_CKLauderdale
LinkedIn: profile

Coral Nardandrea

A blog post revealed that Coral is a Mass Effect fan and grew up watching plenty of science fiction.

Twitter: @thresholdxgirl
LinkedIn: profile


Emi Moore

Twitter: @MooreScribes
LinkedIn: profile

Emily Kelley Kunin

When asked about theater experience in a blog post about High School Story: Class Act, Emily revealed that she suffered from Generalized Anxiety Disorder. She met her husband in one of her classes.

Twitter: @thatemilykelley
Instagram: thatemilykelley
LinkedIn: profile

Eshani Surya

Twitter: @__eshani


Jake Dardzinski

Jake is a former[6] writer.

LinkedIn: profile


Jeffrey Herdman

According to his co-writers, Jeffrey has a wacky sense of humor and is responsible for jokes about horses, hats, and poodles in The Royal Romance. He has been writing for Madeleine ever since her introduction in Rules of Engagement, Book 2, as revealed in a blog post about the release of The Royal Romance, Book 2.

Twitter: @Jeffers_saannnn
LinkedIn: profile

Jen Allaway

Jen is a former[7] writer.

Twitter: @AllawayJ

Jennifer Hepler

Jennifer B. Hepler, alias JBH, attended Latin club in high school and has been interested in Rome ever since, as revealed in a blog post about A Courtesan of Rome. On June 4, 2019, she tweeted that she had accepted a position at Storyscape and left Pixelberry after finishing A Courtesan of Rome. [8] After Storyscape's closure, she returned to Pixelberry.[9]

Twitter: @JBHepler
LinkedIn: profile


Kathleen Conahan

Kathleen mentioned in a blog post that she loves the fantasy genre. Her favorite book is Sabriel by Garth Nix. She says she was "raised on a diet of Grimm fairy tales and Greek legends". She loves writing "super long, flowery dialogues", but Eric was always there to "keep her in check".

LinkedIn: profile

Kelsie Mhoon

Twitter: @kdlunas
LinkedIn: profile

Keyan Mohsenin

According to his LinkedIn page, Keyan is a former writer for Pixelberry. He started working with Pixelberry in 2013 and left the company in June 2018.

Twitter: @keyanmohsenin

Lana Popovic Harper

Lana is an external scriptwriter.

Twitter: @LanaPopovicLit
Instagram: lanalyte
LinkedIn: profile

Lisa Brunette

According to her website, Lisa Brunette wrote the script for Veil of Secrets in 2017 with Andrew being her editor. She is not directly employed by Pixelberry.

Max Doty

Max is one of Pixelberry's Head Writers, currently Head of Content. The day after the book release of High School Story, Book 1, Pixelberry released a blog post, confirming that Max was originally a writer for Surviving High School. He also worked as a writer for HSS Prime, which is Pixelberry's name for the original High School Story app. Max started working on the team back when he was at college. He is the namesake of High School Story character Max, but they are opposite in temperament. Aspiring writers should contact him through LinkedIn.

Twitter: @max_doty
LinkedIn: profile

Maya Poulson

Megan Schwarz

In a blog post about Home for the Holidays, Megan mentioned that she grew up in Southern California and that she has an extended family, including several siblings, cousins, and nieces. Together with Jennifer Young, she was working on the High School Story app and was interviewed in an article by She also worked on the Hollywood U app.

LinkedIn: profile


Natasha described herself as a Disney geek in a blog post about the release of Perfect Match, and as an Indonesian rebel in a blog post about the Perfect Match finale.

Nicky Silber

Twitter: @vesilber1389

Olivia Pourzia

Twitter: @opourzia
LinkedIn: profile

Owen Javellana

Owen is one of Pixelberry's Senior Writers. He states on his Twitter account that he is Filipino American and that his mother constantly switched between speaking Tagalog and Cebuano.

Twitter: @aceofsquares
LinkedIn: profile

Peyton Thomas

Peyton is a freelance writer for Pixelberry. As explained on his Tumblr, he is a freelance contractor who sold his scripts to Pixelberry for them to alter and modify. This means that his scripts and what was released may differ from each other.


Rachel Hirst

Formerly known as Rachel Steinkamp.

Twitter: @RachelTheTall
Instagram: rachelthetall
LinkedIn: profile

Sara Tripp

In college, Sara angsted about what she wanted, as revealed in a blog post about The Senior finale. She spent some years with moving from one city to another and had several barista gigs before she joined Pixelberry. On some occasions, she dressed similarly to The Freshman Main Character and dyed her hair in the same rainbow colors.

Twitter: @_sara_tripp

Sarah "Saran" Walker

Saran is a "wildlife enthusiast" and loves Australia and therefore found it inevitable to include many animals, including emus, in Wishful Thinking, as revealed in a blog post about the book release.

LinkedIn: profile

Shayn Nicely

Shayn is a freelance writer. In her profile, she calls herself a "junior writer" for Pixelberry and states how much she contributed in each story or series. Her contributions are noted below in parenthesis.

LinkedIn: profile

Taage Storey

Taage is a former writer for Pixelberry. Taage is a fan of the works of Philip K. Dick and grew up regularly watching Bladerunner (which is based on one of his stories), as revealed in a blog post about Across the Void.

Twitter: @storeytell

Taylor Cyr

LinkedIn: profile

Wendy Briggs

In their blog post dating back to December 8, 2016, Pixelberry introduced Wendy as a new writer. She was originally a fan of Pixelberry's app High School Story and moved from Washington, D.C. to the San Francisco Bay Area. She started working as a writer on The Freshman. In another blog post, Wendy mentioned that she has always been a theatre kid and that this influences her writing. As of January 2020, she is currently a freelance writer.

Twitter: @WendybirdTweets
LinkedIn: profile

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