Shannon, a character in The Senior series, is Becca's mother. She is first seen in Chapter 5.


Shannon has blonde hair, fair skin and gray eyes. She wears a red blouse, a silver necklace and earrings


Becca describes her mother as intense, working hard to be a more involved mom. It appears that because she was married to a wealthy man and accustomed to the lifestyle that money brings, Shannon doesn't understand why Becca would want a job that doesn't pay well (but would be more emotionally fulfilling) versus a high-paying corporate job that would give her the wealth and prestige she had as a Davenport. She would also love to see her daughter make more money than her ex-husband, because to her, money equals success and the best "revenge" on her ex-husband would be to flourish without him.


Becca Davenport

Becca is Shannon's older daughter. Their source of contention is Becca's future. Shannon sees becoming a lawyer as a means to an end, but Becca would like it to be meaningful and to make a difference in the world. Despite this, Shannon loves her daughters as best as she can, threatening to destroy you if you hurt Becca in the future, and Becca sees their bickering as how her mom shows her love. She prefers the bickering to being mostly ignored.

Alexis Davenport

Alexis is Shannon's younger daughter. She works at McDermots while in high school.

Mr. Davenport

Shannon calls her ex-husband a man-child.