Seraxa, a character in the Endless Summer series, is the War Chief of the Vaanti. She is first seen in Book 2, Chapter 4.


Seraxa has long green hair, braided with brown, and golden eyes. She has pale green skin and lips. She wears what appears to be a kind of armor made of bones.


"Seraxa is most unusual! She lives alone. Has many cats." - Uqzhaal about Seraxa.

Seraxa is shown to be aggressive and impatient, preferring to deal with matters through force when things don't seem to have the expected effect. This is shown when her disagreement with Uqzhaal about the role the Catalysts play in Raan'losti results in her threatening Uqzhaal.

Nevertheless, she is faithful to her people and protective when it comes to their safety. She is hostile to Your Character and your group, believing you'll do more harm than good. However, if you choose to save Taari from Cetus, who she treats like her child, she will become much more friendly with you and invites you to a feast at her home, and give you a set of Vaanti warrior clothes. She discloses that she has cats because they're more trustworthy than any Vaanti or human.


Your Character

She originally acts hostile towards Your Character but starts to trust and respect you after you risk your life to defeat Cetus and save Taari.

She is implied to have a crush on you when Taari asked if you would kiss. Seraxa's reaction was flustered, though she is not a love interest and has not been seen since you ventured into the mountains to get back home except for the Book 2 Act VI Bonus Scene.