Rye, a character in the The Heist: Monaco book, is your best friend, right-hand man and one of your love interests. He is first seen in Chapter 1.


Rye has short black hair, brown eyes and dark skin. He wears a black sweater with a tie and white shirt underneath.


He is described as very smart by both your character and Ansel, and was the one who came up with the idea to steal the Crown Jewels of Monaco. Rye also cares a lot about those close to him, especially his best friend and his mother. Together the two friends helped her to get a better life with the money they stole.


The Heist: Monaco

The Heist: Monaco

  • Chapter 1: What Could Possibly Go Wrong?
  • Chapter 2: Are We Really Doing This?
  • Chapter 3: Pros and Cons
  • Chapter 4: Go Directly to Jail
  • Chapter 5: Please Point That Somewhere Else
  • Chapter 6: You Think We Need One More?
  • Chapter 7: Who the Hell is Ulrich?
  • Chapter 8: Grift Happens
  • Chapter 9: Of Course It's A Masquerade
  • Chapter 10: Now's Probably A Bad Time
  • Chapter 11: Hit Me As Hard As You Can
  • Chapter 12: Not Furious Per Se


Your Character

He is Your Character's childhood friend and right hand man. He cares a lot about your character and is shown to miss them tremendously after 3 years of separation. In Chapter 10, it is revealed that he unintentionally helped Ansel betray your crew in exchange for getting his mother a new identity after she was threatened by an old enemy.


Other Looks



  • "Rye" is actually an alias as revealed by Samira Yazdi in Chapter 2. He tries everything to keep his real name secret.
    • She also finds that his earlier crimes included vandalism of state property in Carson City, fax fraud and horse theft.
  • Rye mentions to Your Character in Chapter 3 that they have been put in jail more than once, the first time was in Reno.
  • He bears a resemblance to American actor Cornelius Smith Jr.
  • In the final chapter of The Heist: Monaco, he makes a reference to Most Wanted, Book 1 if you unlock the good ending and pick the option of becoming Hollywood's most wanted.
  • In the Average Ending, Eris mentions that the Rooks are looking at him to be the next Broker.
  • In your bad ending, he is forced to work odd jobs such as an artisanal gyro maker, printer salesman and power line inspector before catching up with you and Eris in Oklahoma.
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