It's been at least four hours since the last flute of champagne. Your levels seem dangerously low.
— Ryan Summers[1]

Ryan Summers, a character in the Most Wanted series, is a famous actor. He is first seen in Book 1, Chapter 1.


Ryan has short, brown hair, light skin and blue eyes. He wears a black tuxedo with a white shirt and black bow-tie.


Among Hollywood's elite, Ryan is suave and charming. He doesn't hesitate to pay compliments to women he finds attractive.


David Reyes

Ryan and Dave are good friends. From time to time they meet up to catch up over drinks and a game of cards. Additionally, as a result of Dave's position and connections, he has assisted Ryan with a number of small issues in the past.

Samantha Massey

Ryan finds Sam attractive.

His son

Four years ago at a wrap party, he became too intoxicated and spent the night with one of the catering staff, resulting in her getting pregnant. Knowing from experience that growing up in the spotlight is no pleasant experience for a child, he has kept his family on the down low and away from Los Angeles. Once a month, he goes in secret to Venice Beach to visit his son.

Cassandra Leigh

Cassandra has played co-star with Ryan on a number of occasions. Paired with the fact that she is childhood friends with Dave, they have developed a friendship.




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