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Russell Mayhew, a character in the Hero series, is the CEO of Mayhew Dynamics. He is first seen in Book 1, Chapter 12.


Russel has short brown hair, brown eyes, a light stubble, and dark skin. He wears a beige suit over a white shirt with a red necktie.


He is known to be very selfish and cuts corners when it comes to the safety of his employees. Because of this, several of his workers, including Eva's father, have contracted diseases due to inhaling toxic fumes.

One of his own security guards decided to spook his younger colleague with a ghost story about an employee who died. He then states that he wouldn't be surprised if it turned out someone in the factory did die.



Eva hates Russell with a burning passion due to her father contracting lung cancer under his employment.

Silas Prescott

It is shown that Russell is friends, or at least an ally, of Silas Prescott. Russell's henchmen had managed to get their hands on Liquid Prism and Russell had a hard drive that contained information of Silas' crimes.

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