Red Carpet Diaries, Book 2 is the second book of the Red Carpet Diaries series. It succeeds its first book, Red Carpet Diaries, Book 1 and is followed by Red Carpet Diaries, Book 3.


Your first movie was a smash hit, and now all of Hollywood wants a piece of you! Will fame get in the way of finding love?


Chapter 1: Toast of the Town

Your first movie was a huge success -- now all of Hollywood wants a piece of you!

Chapter 2: Leveling Up

You've been cast in the season's biggest blockbuster! What's next on your path to becoming a superstar?

Chapter 3: Grecian Spy-sles

Your blockbuster film has started filming ... in the Greek Isles! But will you get along with your new co-stars?

Chapter 4: I'll Make You a Star

It's the night of your big meeting with legendary Hollywood producer Viktor Montmartre! What could he want to discuss?

Chapter 5: Going Public... Persona

You're under new management, which means a press whirlwind, endless appearances... and some SERIOUS changes to your personal life.

Chapter 6: Are You Ready to RUMBLE?

Your spy movie is shifting into high gear with a huge martial arts battle, but Apricott's bratty behavior threatens to ruin the entire shoot!

Chapter 7: A Shot Across the Bow...

After your terrifying escape, you need advice from friends. Meanwhile, Viktor has more in store for you...

Chapter 8: A Picture Perfect Couple

With a day off from shooting, you head to Seth and Teja's comedy set. It looks like you're not the only one with problems...

Chapter 9: From Russia, With Pain

You're off to shoot in Russia! But when things go wrong on set, you might be left out in the cold...

Chapter 10: Fired-storm

Your career's taken a turn for the worst! But you're not going to give up THAT easily.

Chapter 11: Take Two

Thomas Hunt wants you to star in his period piece! But first, you need to check in with all your friends...and visit Matt in the hospital.

Chapter 12: The Underdogs

You're kicking off your new movie with Thomas Hunt, but can you secure funding?

Chapter 13: What Goes Down Must Come Up

Filming for the The Last Duchess is underway... but are you up to the demands of the role?

Chapter 14: I'll Take the High Road

You're off to Cordonia for a location shoot! Can you and the crew deliver a hit movie?

Chapter 15: That's a Wrap!

You finished filming in LA, now it's time for the wrap party with all your friends...if Seth and Teja's issues don't get in the way!

Chapter 16: Happily Ever After... Right?

Your movie is wrapped, now it's time to party! But will your opening weekend be the success you're all hoping for?


Sneak Peeks

Pre-Book Sneak Peeks & Information

Your Character's New Home as of Book 2



  • On March 22, 2018, a tweet from Choices gave the official confirmation of a second book.[1]
  • At the end of Book 1, it is hinted that Your Character may end up working in a project with Thomas Hunt.
  • On May 16, 2018 in Pixelberry's 'Spring News' blog, Book 2 will be released in June 2018.[2]
  • It was announced that Book 2 will be released on Wednesday, June 13, 2018 and the description for Chapter 1 was subsequently revealed.[3]
  • Unlike Book 1, Book 2 is released on Wednesdays instead of Fridays.
  • On June 12, 2018 many things were revealed and hinted at ahead of the Book 2 premiere.[4] :
    • Readers are going to see the dark side of fame and of course now that she's the "it" girl, there are people ready to tear her down, like her new costar for example.
    • As our heroine will be making some new friends, (with some in very high places), we will have the chance to pick out a glamorous new home as well!
    • Due to popular demand, there'll be appearances from HWU favorites like Thomas Hunt, Addison Sinclair, and more!
    • Book 2 ups the scale as it takes Your Character from indie film darling to starring in a major summer blockbuster.
    • Book 2 is about the thrills and risks of being on top; which the writers hinted at exploring what has been going on in Hollywood recently regarding the "Me Too" and "Times Up" movements respectively in the Choices Universe.
    • The first chapter of the second book opens with a Reader Discretion Advised Disclaimer saying that this book will deal with issues of harassment and discrimination.
  • In Book 2, Chapter 1 it is revealed that all four of Your Character's love interest have been given a new outfit.
  • On Thursday June 14, 2018, Pixelberry confirmed via facebook messenger that the man with Your Character on the Cover is indeed Matt Rodriguez.
  • In Book 2, Chapter 1 Your Character gets the opportunity to compete in Celebrity Dance Off, which seems to be paying homage to Dancing With the Stars.
  • In Book 2, Chapter 2 Your Character has the opportunity to accompany Thomas Hunt to a speakeasy where the two of you get to know each other a bit more and he tells you more about his upcoming project, The Duchess.
  • It is hinted at that the two of you would have kissed if Thomas hadn't stopped it. If Your Character asks him, if she did something wrong, he replies back that he doesn't want to do anything you'd both regret. But this in turn hints at Thomas being set up as potential love interest.
    • If Your Character chooses to not go with Thomas Hunt and mentions to the group that she ran into Hunt, Seth comments on how he thinks that his eyes are dreamy; thus continuing to slowly show the character's confirmed bisexuality.
  • Chapter 4 contains references to Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson and Skyrim.
  • In Book 2, Chapter 6, the first disclaimer for anything related to sexual assault or violence was shown.
    • Also in this chapter, it appears to be confirmed that Viktor Montmartre is based off of real life film producer Harvey Weinstein, who was found guilty of several cases of sexual assault and harassment against actresses he worked with. [5]
  • In Book 2, Chapter 7 Your Character's social media username is revealed to be StraightOuttaIowa, which is a reference to the 2015 film Straight Outta Compton.
  • In Chapter 8, if you choose to text Chazz, he will make several references to the movie Jerry Maguire and you will watch it together.
  • On July 12, 2018, Pixelberry revealed that they are definitely planning to add more Choices Soundtracks in the future... With the Red Carpet Diaries soundtrack certainly being on the list! [6]
  • On August 20, 2018 a sneak peek for chapter 11 was released. [7]
  • On August 27, 2018 a sneak peek for chapter 12 was released. [8]
  • Chapter 13 contains references to Annie, French New Wave, including mentions of directors Jean-Luc Godard, François Truffaut and Eric Rohmer, the movie Birdman, director Ed Wood and actor Humphrey Bogart. Holly Chang and Chris Winters also have a discussion about movies by director Kurosawa, but it's not mentioned if they mean Akira or Kiyoshi Kurosawa.
  • In Chapter 14, Thomas HuntAddison SinclairChris WintersHolly Chang and Your Character got to shoot scenes for The Last Duchess on location in Cordonia.
  • On September 17, 2018 a sneak peek for Chapter 15 was released. [9]
  • In Chapter 15, Addison makes a reference to the 1987 movie Mannequin.
  • At the end of Chapter 15 it was confirmed that Chapter 16 will be the final chapter of the book.
  • In Chapter 16, it is officially revealed that Thomas Hunt is a love interest; this after being teased of a potential romance throughout the second book.
    • He is the second character to be a love interest that didn't originate in the Choices App after Addison Sinclair.
    • A confirmation for a third book is announced at the end of this chapter as well.
  • In Chapter 7 of High School Story: Class Act, Book 1, if Your Character asks Erin Ward during a game of Would You Rather? whether she would rather date Matt Rodriguez or Victoria Fontaine, her answer depends on whether you are male or female. For a female MC, she replies, "Matt. He's not my usual type, but he seems like a cool person. I'd rather be Victoria," and for a male MC, she replies, "Victoria. I could never decide if I wanted to date her or be her."


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