Rachel, a character in The Freshman. The Sophomore, The Junior and The Senior series, was a student at Hartfeld University. She's also the former bassist of a girl punk band "The Gutter Kittens". She graduated in The Senior, Chapter 15. She is first seen in The Freshman, Book 2, Chapter 10.


Rachel has light skin, blue eyes and black hair with some red streaks. She's got a piercing on her nose. She wears a black shirt, a green jacket and a black choker.


Rachel is a member of a band "The Gutter Kittens" and doesn't really care about the school politics. She has a cruel sense of humor and thinks making hurtful comments is funny. She is very judgmental.

Rachel is also a total slob. She claims she's trying to build up her immune system in case a disaster wipes out antibiotics.


Natasha & Amara

Natasha, Amara and Rachel are band-mates. They're coming along very well but as Amara starts to develop feelings for football-hero Darren, Natasha and Rachel are very displeased about this because both think that they don't fit together. They're unaware that Darren actually likes punk music. Eventually, Rachel and Amara confess that they don't like the person that Natasha has become, and they leave the band, before forming a new band with Kaitlyn.

Abbie & Tyler

Rachel immediately offends Abbie and Tyler by calling Abbie protective and questioning Tyler's masculinity.

Your Character

Rachel immediately rubs Your Character the wrong way, and they don't get along. However, when Rachel leaves The Gutter Kittens along with Amara, relations between Rachel and Your Character normalize. In The Sophomore, Book 1, Chapter 1, you become roommates with Rachel, and immediately abhors their living situation due to Rachel's slobbing ways.


In The Sophomore, Book 2, Chapter 14, Rachel's parents have come to Hartfeld to see her graduation because Rachel hasn't told them yet that she probably isn't graduating since she skipped too many classes. Depending on your choices, she reveals that her parents have always tried to encourage her and told her she could do anything, but Rachel doesn't care about anything else than "hanging out, eating hard-boiled eggs, and making music". She says that it would have been easier if she had bothered to tell them what makes her happy.


  • Rachel's last name was revealed to be Winthrop in a premium choice in The Junior, Book 1, Chapter 8.
    • It was also revealed that her parents runs a well known hotdog business called Winthrop Weenies.
  • In The Senior, Chapter 10 it is revealed that she has a raccoon called Roxie as a pet.