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The good, the bad, and the almost irrelevant. They are the miscellaneous characters that are there to answer that one question, explain away that one plot hole, assist in adding development to that actually relevant character, or give that good (or bad) advice. We usually never learn their names. They are there and they are gone as soon as they serve their purpose often never to be seen again. They may not be the most memorable but definitely have a role to play. If the "No Image" picture is used, it means that the particular character has only been mentioned and has never physically appeared.

Book 1

Chapter 1

QB Student Rankings No. 259 to 263.jpg

Top 259 to 263

Introduced via student ranking:

Daisy Tungsten resembles Keiki Lahela from Open Heart: Second Year.

Emi Less resembles female Sora from Open Heart: Second Year.

Star Alverado resembles Serafine Dupont from Bloodbound.

Mona Gulf resembles Riya from Ride or Die: A Bad Boy Romance.

Qb ch01 bartender.jpg


The bartender initially refuses to serve you but then gives in. His character model resembles Tony Flores from Wishful Thinking.

QB Student Rankings No. 193 to 200.jpg

Top 193 to 200

Introduced via student ranking:

Lysander Graham resembles Wes Porter from High School Story.

Howard Deduque resembles Anton Edison from The Heist: Monaco.

Megan Kwan resembles Penny Chen from America's Most Eligible: Wedding Edition.

RJ Chesnut resembles Grant from The Sophomore.

Flint Lawlor resembles Chadley Fortnum from Red Carpet Diaries.

Charlie de la Cruz resembles Tucker Smith from High School Story, Book 3.

Arabella Marconi resembles Amber Hutchinson from High School Story: Class Act.

Chapter 2

Student Rankings No. 103 to 110.jpg

Top 103 to 110

Introduced via student ranking:

Ayre Bender resembles Madison Eckhart from The Freshman series.

Ernesto Pekutchu resembles Santiago from Rules of Engagement.

Barbara Tsung resembles Aiko Nakamura from Bloodbound, Book 3.

Rey Chu resembles Tad Princeton from Red Carpet Diaries, Book 2.

Lariat Lyndon resembles Kiana from America's Most Eligible.

Cherry Kidd resembles Erin Ward from High School Story: Class Act.

QB Student Rankings No. 74 to 79.jpg

Top 74 to 81

Introduced via student ranking:

Karol Denver resembles Ingrid Delaney from Ride or Die: A Bad Boy Romance.

Ashley Hawthorne resembles Alma from Open Heart, Book 1.

Steven Roget resembles Stoli Magnusson from Bachelorette Party.

Natalia Romanoffa resembles Madeleine from The Royal Romance and The Royal Heir series.

Clint Burton resembles Han from America's Most Eligible.

Clarissa Thackery resembles Ines Delarosa from Open Heart.

Burlington Coet-Faqtorite resembles Ryder Kohli from America's Most Eligible.

Chapter 3

Qb rank 34.jpg

Top 29 to 36

If you boosted your ranking to #34, these students are introduced via student ranking:

Britney Yau resembles Suki from the Rules of Engagement series.

Sofia Fernandez resembles Cassiopeia from Nightbound.

Abioye Uduike resembles Peter Graves from The Heist: Monaco.

Samantha Bream resembles Alison from Save the Date.

Christina Albright resembles female Dale from Save the Date.

QueenBCh03 Tech Savy Goth (Abigail Spencer).png

Abigail Spencer

If you decide to confront Poppy and Chloe head-on, Abigail cheers for you. She is titled the "tech savvy goth". She is ranked #31 on the student roster. In Chapter 4, she yells at Poppy to get off the field.

Her character model resembles Luna from Platinum. She shares the same surname as Lily Spencer and Jonathan Spencer.

Chapter 4

QueenBCh04 Jaylen Riaz.png

Jaylen Riaz

For more information on Jaylen, click here.

QB Rank 15.jpg

Top 9 to 15

Zachary Bainques comes in at #13 and resembles Garrett from It Lives Beneath.

Chapter 5

QB Rank 14th.jpg

New Top 9 to 15

Maya deRose resembles Bri from Nightbound.

Qb ch5 waiter froyo.jpg


He is the waiter who keeps telling Taylor they don't make frozen yogurt with almond milk. His character model resembles Tony Flores from Wishful Thinking, and is the same model as the Bartender in Chapter 1.


Persephone Dalton

After The T positively writes that you have been seen talking to Taylor, Poppy freaks out and warns you via text message to stay away from her stuff. She states that you don't want to be another Persephone Dalton. According to Zoey, Persephone was a Belvoire student while she was a freshman. Persephone either dropped out or was expelled for an unknown reason.

In Chapter 13, if you decide to give Chase a tour with Poppy, you can call her out on Veronica's livestream and ask her about Persephone. Poppy claims she convinced Persephone to transfer to Juneau University to study moose in the isolated Alaskan wilderness. Ohio remembers Poppy telling her to slip ipecac into Persephone's beer, and Hayley heard a rumor that Persephone's mom made her drop out and go to rehab because she thought Persephone was a drunk.

Chapter 6

Qb felicity wade.jpg

Felicity Wade

Mentioned earlier in conjunction with Jaylen Riaz, Felicity Wade is Zoey's mother and is a Manhattan Mogul and Prolific Producer. She is seen on the cover of Charttopper magazine that Professor Roberta has in her desk. Her character model resembles Kira Howard from Perfect Match, Book 2.

QueenBCh06 Bradley.png

Bradley Denbrough

Poppy introduces you to her new boyfriend, Bradley Denbrough, an actor from Young Wulfe who is trying to be taken as a more serious actor. In Chapter 7, Poppy uses him to get revenge on Chloe and knock her down the top spot. His character model resembles Chance from It Lives Beneath.

QueenB Ch06 Adoptable Puppy.png


At the Downtown Animal Rescue, you play with Pupper and give him a name while you shoot the commercial with Poppy. You have the opportunity to adopt him later.

QueenBCh06 Julian.png


At the Downtown Animal Rescue, Julian is one of the shelter's staff. His character model resembles Finn Wildfire from Red Carpet Diaries, Book 1.

Qb ch6 commercial producer.jpg


At the Downtown Animal Rescue, the producer directs you and Poppy on the commercial. Her character model resembles Piper from the America's Most Eligible series.

Chapter 7

Qb ch7 caroline.jpg


In Professor Kingsley's class, she answers the question but the professor accidentally calls her by your name. Her character model resembles Shelly Dunham from The Senior.

Qb ch7 club bouncer.jpg


He is the bouncer at Club Malibu. His character resembles the animal-loving guard in Perfect Match, Book 1.

Chapter 8

Qb ch08 cosmetics clerk.png

Cosmetics Clerk

If you decide to recruit Veronica into your posse, you two vandalize a cardboard cut-out of Poppy at Amphora's. The clerk demands to know what you're doing and you two run out the store giggling. Her character model resembles Payton Saunders from the High School Story series.

QueenBCh08 Gala Attendee (male).png

Gala Attendee (male)

If you wear the premium outfit, you turn heads and the attendees wonder who you are. The male resembles Jamie Brooks from Most Wanted, Book 1.

QueenBCh08 Gala Attendee (female 1).png

Gala Attendee (female 1)

If you wear the premium outfit, she thinks you're one of the New York anthropologists because no one in her circle is that chic. Her character model resembles Miranda Moreau from The Heist: Monaco.

QueenBCh08 Gala Attendee (female 2).png


She appears if you wear the premium earrings and asks you how much your earrings set you back. You tell her that you scarcely remember. In Chapter 12, she asks you if you two have met, but you tell her that you hadn't. She hopes you're not involved with any of the scandals that can happen at Ivy League universities. Her character model resembles Lorelai Lee from The Royal Romance series.

Qb ch8 steven skaarstellan.jpg

Steven Skaarstellen

Ian/Ina tells you that Steven was the first one to offer him/her a position out of college. S/he has always looked up to and respected him. He is married to Marigold. He resembles Devon Grusk from The Heist: Monaco.

Qb ch8 marigold skaarstellan.jpg

Marigold Skaarstellen

Introduced first as "Food Waster", she is Steven's wife. She has the same hairstyle as Samantha Massey and wears one of Your Character (Bloodbound)'s default outfits. Marigold resembles Emmeline Ebrim from The Royal Romance series.

Chapter 10

Qb police officer female.jpg

Police Officer (female)

When Professor Kingsley barges into Benji's room, he/she brings two police officers with him/her. She asks you if you can tell her what happened in your own words. Her character model resembles Minako from Perfect Match, Book 2.

Qb police officer male.jpg

Police Officer (male)

He reiterates that Benji had followed you on and off campus and took pictures of you to post to the "Tea". His character model resembles Omar from the America's Most Eligible series.

QueenB Ch10 Tripp.png


The next day, students in the quad ask you what happened. One of them is a boy named Tripp. He resembles Aaron from The Sophomore and The Senior series.


Art Nakamura

If you decide to recruit Thomas into your posse, he gives you information about Poppy's mother having an "affair" with a preschool teacher in Hoboken, New Jersey named Art Nakamura. In Chapter 13, if you decide to break into Poppy's lockbox, you find letters from her to him and vice versa, as well as paternity tests revealing that Art Nakamura is Poppy's biological father.

Chapter 11

QueenBCh11 DJ.png


He plays the remix song of your hog-calling. His character model resembles Psyclop from Passport to Romance.

Chapter 12

QueenBCh12 Ace.png


He resembles Victor from The Haunting of Braidwood Manor.

QueenBCh12 Partygoer.png


You can choose to dance with him and if you do, you will call him Craig even though that's not his name but he goes along with it. His name remains as Partygoer, and he calls your team "Team Young N' Sexy". He resembles Gael from Passport to Romance.

QueenBCh12 Partygoer (female).png


You have the option to dance with her. She resembles Pippa Majors from Red Carpet Diaries.

Chapter 13

Qb chase mcgovern.jpg
Qb chase mcgovern fv.jpg

Chase McGovern

Dean Steinhelm introduces Chase to you and Poppy, but he needs no introduction as he is one of Belvoire's most famous alumni, a legendary football player who went pro. If you decide to give him a tour of the campus with Poppy, you have opportunities to mess with Poppy and call her out, or compliment Chase's skills and career. He attended Belvoire on an athletic scholarship, and didn't become "New Money" until he received his first paycheck as a pro football player. He was a tight end at Belvoire, with 200 receptions and 27 touchdowns. He has a little sister, Ash, who loves Veronica's videos; and because his sister was in Kappa Epsilon while she was in college, she made him promise not to set foot inside a Zeta House because they were sorority rivals.

Later, you tell him about Zoey and your falling out with her, and he gives you advice. You bring him to meet Zoey as well. If you tell her that you told him she's a babe, he flirts with her and she calls him "Mr. Biceps". His character model resembles Zeke from America's Most Eligible series.

Chapter 14

Qb valentina blanco.jpg

Valentina Blanco

She is the interior designer that you and Poppy meet with to discuss the gala decorations. Her character model resembles Rosanna Navarro.

Chapter 15

QueenBCh15 Paparazzi.png


He takes Poppy's picture as she stands on the red carpet. His character model resembles Mikail Greene from Perfect Match, Book 2.

QueenBCh15 Chad Bentley.png

Chad Bentley

Chad is the reporter for Celeb Highlight. If you recruited Professor Roberta to your posse, he tells you that she is one of their superfans and has been vocal about you taking home the Person to Watch Award tonight. His character model resembles Leland St. James. He shares the same first name as Chad and Chad (My Two First Loves).

QueenBCh15 Ana Min-Sinclair.png

Ana Min-Sinclair

If you spend diamonds to improve the gala decorations, she compliments them. Later, if you recruited Chloe to your posse, Chloe introduces you to her and her husband. With the introduction, you can impress Poppy's parents, who you assume are unaware of Poppy's hatred towards you by the way they act towards you. Her character model resembles Aiko Nakamura and Barbara Tsung (106 in the rankings). She shares the same first name as Ana De Luca.

QueenBCh15 Piers Sinclair.png

Piers Sinclair

If you spend diamonds to improve the gala decorations, he compliments them. Later, if you recruited Chloe to your posse, Chloe introduces you to him and his wife. With the introduction, you can impress Poppy's parents, who you assume are unaware of Poppy's hatred towards you by the way they act towards you. His character model resembles Dorian Delacroix.

QueenBCh15 Chester Morton.png

Chester Morton

Carter introduces you to Chester who played quarterback for Belvoire when Carter was a freshman. If you recruited Carter, he advises you not to talk about football because Chester had a rough season and his team ranked in last place. His character model resembles Frank.

QueenBCh15 Sandra Lombardi.png

Sandra Lombardi

Veronica introduces you to her mother. If you recruited Veronica, she tells you that her mother is a fashion designer who made Veronica's dress for the night. If you compliment her, Sandra tells you that she and Octavia will have a collection coming out next spring. Her character model resembles Amalas.