Professor Atiyah, a character in The Freshman and The Sophomore series, is a professor at Hartfeld. She made her first appearance in The Freshman, Book 1, Chapter 5.

Professor Atiyah has an extremely minor role in Book 1 and Book 2, but she begins appearing more frequently in Book 3. The late Professor Enrique Vasquez assigned your character the task of completing his final novel to keep her scholarship. Professor Atiyah is assigned with mentoring Your Character to the task's completion, although it is Gabriela who has the final word on whether the book is satisfactory.

Professor Atiyah is also the faculty liaison to the Hartfeld Student Government, and thus attends and adjudicates all meetings of that body.

She appeared in Chapter 10 of The Sophomore, Book 2 as one of the guests in the murder mystery party.


Professor Atiyah has short, black hair, brown eyes and light skin. She wears a turquoise blouse, a black undershirt and pearl earrings.


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