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Perfect Match, Book 2 is the second and final book of the Perfect Match series. It succeeds its first book, Perfect Match, Book 1.


Eros is still plotting against you, and not everyone is who they seem... What will your next move be?


Chapter 1: Set in Motion

Eros is still plotting against you, and not everyone is who they seem... What will your next move be?

Chapter 2: Unlikely Ally

Alana's back, and she has connections that could bring you closer to rescuing Damien.

Chapter 3: Doppelganger

It's time to rescue Damien from Eros's grasp, but will things go as planned?

Chapter 4: Aftermath

You are given a brief moment of respite in the fast-paced city of Tokyo... But no place is safe forever.

Chapter 5: Game of Love

You've managed to get into Khaan Mousavi's exclusive launch party... Getting him to trust you is another matter entirely.

Chapter 6: The Sirens

Khaan welcomes you into his home and has some troubling secrets to share about Eros...

Chapter 7: Who We Are

Your team preps for the next mission, but not everyone's ready for what's coming...

Chapter 8: Orientation

You're inside Eros R&D to plant Khaan's code! But first, you have to survive orientation...

Chapter 9: When in Paradise

You and your friends try to enjoy what paradise has to offer, but a government declaration calls you home...

Chapter 10: Going Public

You rush to the States to take the fight to the public. But at the hottest party of the year, can you impress Hollywood's elite?

Chapter 11: And... Action!

You and your Match are about to appear on live TV, but the showbiz world is full of surprises.

Chapter 12: Mirror, Mirror

Things are heating up on national television! Will you be able to rebuild your reputation... or will you lose to Eros's schemes?

Chapter 13: The Eve of Battle

In the capital, you prepare for the biggest night of your lives... when someone from your past returns!

Chapter 14: Unveiling

Will you expose Eros at last? Find out in this two-part finale of Perfect Match!

Chapter 15: Reckoning

In the finale of Perfect Match, chaos erupts at the gala. Will your enemies get away? And where will you find yourself when it ends?


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  • The second book was hinted at following the conclusion of the first book with a to be continued... and on June 7, 2018, it was confirmed via Pixelberry's Book Club.[1]
  • On June 26, 2018, it was announced that Book 2 is set to return in Fall 2018.[2][3]
  • On August 10, 2018, a sneak peek for Book 2 was released and the series was stated to return in September 2018.[4]
  • On August 23, 2018, the book cover was revealed along with the official release date.[5]
  • On August 29, 2018, a summary for the first chapter was released on the Choices App.
  • On August 31, 2018, it was revealed that Perfect Match is now classified under "Fantastic Adventures/Continue The Adventure" banner in addition to "Start/Continue Your Romance", thereby joining: The Crown & The Flame, Endless Summer, Hero, and Across the Void respectively.
  • On September 4, 2018, a new sneak peek was released [6], as well as a blog post in which the writers in charge of this book gave away a few spoilers.[7]
    • Book 2 takes the story of Perfect Match to the next level as you face down danger, travel the world, and explore what love means to you. The stakes are definitely higher in Book 2!
    • The player will get to peek behind the veil of Eros and learn what they have in store... but they'll always have more secrets!
    • The writers hope to provide another globetrotting adventure in which you'll also get to deepen your friendships and relationships.
    • Coco, one of the writers for Perfect Match, is most excited about the player learning more about our more mysterious characters like Alana and Cecile.
    • As a result, we also will be learning about the origins of Eros via some sequences and flashbacks that are rather dreamlike (akin to the Bloodbound, Book 1 Portrait Fragments).
    • This book will delve deeper into the backstories for Rowan and Cecile.
    • A few familiar faces will come to our rescue and the writers also teased that someone else will be playing a bigger role...
    • There's a bunch of new characters too, with some being friends, and others being foes.
    • Amongst the batch of new characters will be a very, very cute robot pet companion!
    • Perfect Match, Book 1, delved into the theme of identity and what it means to be, well, you. According to Natasha, one of the writers for this book, these same themes will be explored more with characters like: Damien, Sloane, Hayden… even Nadia!
    • The writers will delve more into each character's past and where they come from in this book -- how important it is to connect with your own personal history, and how much that informs who you are in the future.
    • Regarding Hayden, we will get to learn more about the history of the Matches and how they came to be the way they are, and what parts of that history Hayden wants to keep as part of themselves.
    • It was also revealed that the writing team for Perfect Match is spread all over the globe! The places mentioned that the writers live in are Australia, Indonesia, Kansas, and of course... California.
    • Indonesia may be one of the locations that are explored in this book.
    • Regarding direction, the writers wanted to continue to lean into the adventure and mystery of Perfect Match, while still keeping the themes of romance and identity at the heart of the book.
  • On September 5, 2018, an official book cover (in square format) for Perfect Match, Book 2 was released.[8]
  • On September 10, 2018, a sneak peek for Chapter 2 was released. [9]
  • On November 29, 2018, it was confirmed that the Perfect Match series would end with book two and a two-part finale.[10]
    • On this same day, PB posted a WIP of the beginning stages of the book cover.[11]
  • On December 10, 2018, a sneak peek for the second part of the series finale was released.[12]
    • Additionally, PB celebrated the new update, the launch of The Heist: Monaco, and the December birthdays on this same day.[13]
  • On December 12, 2018, PB released a blog post after the series finale where they reveal several new caveats of information.[14]
    • They started brainstorming and working on PB long before they announced the book.
    • The writing team has changed and evolved since the first book.
    • Some of the biggest twists in Perfect Match were planned from day one.
    • The writers knew Hayden’s twist long before they started Book 1.
    • They didn't know until later in the process that the Brooklyn crew would go onto save world leaders like the female president of the United States of America.
    • They also confirmed that they knew the general path of Eros and the Matches, but had to do more complex world-building when it came down to writing those specific chapters.
    • In regards to their favorite scenes, Taylor (one of the PM writers) says writing Damien's family scene.
    • Natasha says her favorite scene (though she admits it was hard to write) was Hayden's scene at Dolores Park. But that overall she enjoyed introducing Alana Kusuma, whom she considers to be the epitome of someone "shattering the glass ceiling".
    • Jaylee says she enjoyed writing the polyamorous aspects of the book, which is a first for Choices because the player is able to stay in a polyamorous relationship.
    • In addition, Jaylee also says that seeing Damien and Alana grow throughout the two books was amazing to see. But that overall, Damien's I Love You moment and Alana's final airport scene were incredibly emotional for her to write.
    • Coco enjoyed seeing Hayden explore all the facets of their identity more, from their style, to their spirituality, to building a new life.
    • In regards to what's next for the PM writers moving forward: Natasha will be writing for a book that fans of The Royal Romance and The Crown & The Flame series will enjoy and she hopes to shares some more news on it soon.
    • Jaylee is moving onto working with the HSS:CA team.
    • Taylor's next project is a secret, but this writer teased that its full of of smooching, sweetness, and hilarity!
    • Coco's next project is also a secret for now, but she provided a hint: it'll be stylish, fun, and every bit as jet-setting!
  • The last chapter of the series was published on Wednesday, December 12, 2018.[15]
  • On December 13, 2018, PB released a BTS playlist for the Perfect Match series on Spotify.[16]
    • Link to the Spotify playlist is found in the References section.[17]


  • At the start of Chapter 3, a warning will pop up advising player discretion due to "violent fight sequences".
  • In Chapter 4, Your Character tells Damien Nazario in a flashback, how the show would be a thousand times better if the contestants from America's Most Eligible fell down trap doors when they were eliminated.
  • In Chapter 3, Damien, in an effort to help Dames snap out of Cecile's control, asks him if he knows where the name Dames comes from.
    • Damien reveals that it was a nickname that his sisters first came up with. They were the only ones who ever call him that.
  • At the end of Chapter 5, you can see Ben Park's mural with the Pixelberry's logo included.
  • In Chapter 7, if you choose Damien for help in making your resume, he will tell you that he grew up with Starfall comics, the series Ben Park from #Lovehacks works for.
    • Later in this chapter, Your Character, Nadia, Steve, and your chosen date visit The Double Tap.
    • In the same chapter, if you ask Khaan for fun facts about Matches, he will reveal that at an early stage, jetpacks were considered on the back of each Match. This leads to Your Character making a reference to the song Take on Me. Nadia will say she feels cheated out of a groundbreaking meme.
  • In Chapter 9, the writers referenced the Endless Summer series when Damien talks about "a group of friends, a mysterious island and how they come for a vacation, but end up with a lot more stuff than they bargained for."
  • With this book series ending in its second book instead of a trilogy, it marks it as the second time a book series has ended with two books instead of three after #LoveHacks.
    • This also means that Perfect Match is the only series with multiple books to be released in its entirety within the same year.
  • In Chapter 15, Your Character and Nadia make another reference to America's Most Eligible: as they were busy moving around, Your Character had to stop watching mid-season. Now s/he wants to catch up and Nadia tells him/her "When you see the finale, you're going to scream."

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