Northbridge is a location in the Hero series. It is where majority of the events takes place in Hero, Vol. 1. In Vol. 1, Chapter 15, there was a battle between the heroes and villains which causes a destruction in the city leaving Northbridge in ruins.

Northbridge is also one of the locations in The Freshmen, The Sophomore, and The Junior series. Sometimes the MC and her friends go to Northbridge if there is an event. Hartfeld University is somewhat close by to the city.


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  • In The Freshman, Book 2, Chapter 14, it was revealed that Northbridge also has an international airport.
  • Northbridge has a university as mentioned by Becca in Chapter 3 of The Junior, Book 1. She planned to enroll in Northbridge University to study law.
  • A fictionalized version of Northbridge is the main setting for Hero.
  • In James: Masquerade Ball, it was revealed by James that Northbridge has a waterfront district to the east, a glass and metal building called Millennium Tower in the city center, and the Northridge Museum of Modern Art which is a brick building with a sculpture on the roof.