Natasha, a character in The Freshman and The Sophomore series, is a student at Hartfeld. She's also a former member of Hartfeld's Art Club and a girl punk band "The Gutter Kittens". She is first seen in The Freshman, Book 3, Chapter 2.


Natasha has tan skin, brown eyes and mid-length, brown hair. She wears a gray tank top, a denim shirt, a suede jacket and a scarf around her neck.


Natasha is an artist and she enjoys punk music. She acts nicely but there seems to be something suspicious about her. She has a cruel sense of humor and thinks making hurtful comments is funny. She is very judgmental.



Kaitlyn meets Natasha during her visit at the Art club, searching for a new hobby. Kaitlyn loves Natasha's painting and also considers her as a good-looking girl. They both like punk music and know the same music groups, so Natasha invites Kaitlyn and her friends to a gig of "The Gutter Kittens". When Kaitlyn finally stands up to Natasha, she is kicked out of The Gutter Kittens.

In The Senior, Natasha crashes a concert by Kaitlyn's band as a publicity stunt to offer them the chance to tour with Loose Pins. When Kaitlyn accepts, Natasha joins in a performance of a mashup of one of Kaitlyn's band's songs and Loose Pins' "Werewolf".

Rachel & Amara

Rachel, Amara and Natasha are band-mates. They're coming along very well but as Amara starts to develop feelings for football-hero Darren, Natasha and Rachel are very unhappy about this because both think that they don't fit together. They're unaware that Darren actually likes punk music. Once Natasha kicks Kaitlyn out of The Gutter Kittens, Rachel and Amara quit the band, stating that they don't like who Natasha's become.


  • She is mentioned as a potential suspect as to who destroyed Kaitlyn's band's instruments and recordings in The Junior, Book 1, Chapter 8. However, it is mentioned that her rivalry with Kaitlyn had ended and she is currently on tour in Germany.