Morgan, a character in the High School Story series, is a student at Oliver M. Berry High School. She is first seen in Book 1, Chapter 1.


Morgan has gray eyes, long blue hair and fair skin. She wears a black jacket over a white T-shirt and a black choker.


Despite being part of the punk, slacker, rebel group, Morgan can be helpful when needed, such as raising school spirit during in preparation for the game against Hearst High and Homecoming.

She's a little bit selfish, as shown in Book 2 in which she uses her status as a hall monitor to avoid getting into trouble for skipping school. In Book 2, Chapter 4, she reports Aiden to Isa for causing Luis' accident at the school fair because she wanted Isa to stop her in school suspension. In Book 2, Chapter 6, she catches Ms. Maddox badmouthing Isa and goes off to report her, regardless of whether or not your character persuaded her not to. Both these incidents are the height of Morgan's selfishness. In Class Act Book 2, Chapter 1, your character describes her as "weird and mean".


Main Character

At first, Morgan and the main character didn't get along. Morgan was beginning to like the main character and even asked him/her to wear a tiger mascot for the pep rally.


It is implied that Michael has a thing for Morgan. In Book 1, Chapter 2, when your character asks Michael if there was anyone he was hoping to see, Michael looks longingly at Morgan. If you choose not to romance him, he will go alone to Homecoming and reveal that he unsuccessfully tried to ask Morgan to come with him. In Book 1, Chapter 6, Morgan warns you about entering a relationship with Michael and that he 'has a lot of walls up', suggests that she knows a lot about him and also cares about him.



  • It was revealed in Book 1, Chapter 8 that she works at a costume rental shop.
  • She has a pet snake named "Python".
  • She was in a beauty pageant when she was younger, and she won.
  • She has a cousin in a punk band, he is a bass player.
  • In High School Story: Class Act, Book 2, she decides to run for student body president. Her platform is to dissolve all student government and give rise to anarchy. She drops out in Chapter 3 after Rory points out that she used to be part of Principal Isa's hall monitors, which contradicts her anarchist beliefs.