Max, a character in the High School Story series, was a student at Hearst High. He graduated at the end of Book 3. He makes his first official appearance in Book 1, Chapter 9. Your Character is able to meet him early on in Chapter 4, if they go to the diner with Michael.


Max has blue eyes, blond hair, fair skin, and stubble. He wears a light blue polo shirt.


Max is a bully who uses violence and intimidation to get his way. In Book 3, Chapter 4, he threatens Hearst students to vote for him and Kara as prom King and Queen against your character, otherwise they will be considered traitors. He is shown to be a bit of a blabbermouth, as he unintentionally exposed himself and Kara as the ones who threatened Tucker into sabotaging Jade, Kieran, or Cameron's tryouts and tried to frame you. Despite his negative traits, he is shown to have a strict rule of forbidding people to curse in front of freshmen.


Kara Sinclair

Kara is Max's ex-girlfriend. In Book 3, Chapter 2, she is determined to get both of them to be prom queen and king. In Book 3, Chapter 4, they sabotage your campaign at Caleb and Ezra's party.

Mia Warren

Mia is Max's sister.

Michael Harrison

Max bullied Michael the previous year at Hearst High.

Your Character

Whether you are male or female, he still flirts with you if you are wearing the Hearst letterman jacket Mia lent you. Regardless, he bullies you when he transfers to Berry in Book 3.

Other Looks


  • Max is one of the few characters that originate from Pixelberry's High School Story app.
  • He is modeled to look like Max Doty, one of the Pixelberry writers.
  • In the original High School Story app, he and Mia have a cousin named Brigette. She has yet to be mentioned in any of the books.
  • In Book 3, Chapter 2, it is implied that he is a Senior when Kara said they haven't won the prom king and queen titles for three years. This is confirmed in the following chapter, when Jade said he will graduate at the end of the quarter in a premium scene.
  • He temporarily transferred to Berry High in Book 3.
  • He will be going to the University of Michigan.