Martin Stafford, a character in The Freshman, The Sophomore, and The Senior series, is a Dean at Hartfeld University. He is first seen in The Freshman, Book 3, Chapter 15.


Stafford has gray eyes, graying hair, and a wheatish complexion. He wears a gray suit with a white shirt, gray pocket handkerchief, and a black and white checkered tie. He also wears a lapel pin.


Stafford is implied to believe in second chances, allowing the passage of Chris's proposal to allow people with criminal records like Zig a second chance in life by attending Hartfeld University. He also has a strong sense of justice, as shown when he suspended Manny and banned him from the football team for stalking and harassing Chelsea and disrespecting other members of the football team.


The Freshman

Book 3

  • Chapter 4: Budgetary Concerns (Off-screen)
  • Chapter 11: Rock 'Roll' Hartfeld (Mentioned)
  • Chapter 15: Take a Chance on Me

The Sophomore

Book 1

  • Chapter 15: Bitter Sweet Symphony

Book 2

  • Chapter 9: Bye Bye Bye
  • Chapter 14: Graduation (Friends Forever)

The Junior

Book 1

  • Chapter 13: Look What You Made Me Do

The Senior

The Senior

  • Chapter 15: Changes

Endless Summer

Book 3

  • Chapter 12: You Mean The World to Me (Off-screen; Determinant)


  • He resembles actor Charles Dance who portrays Tywin Lannister in Game of Thrones.
  • He appeared, albeit not in person, in the Vaanu ending in Endless Summer, Book 3, where he presented Grace and Aleister as the valedictorians of their graduating class.
  • He shares the same first name as MartinMartin Schmidt and Martin Silva
  • The name Martin is of Latin origin and means: Warrior, of Mars, warlike.
    • The surname Stafford is of English origin and means "from the ford by the landing place".
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