Manny, a character in The Sophomore series, is a former student and football player at Hartfeld University. He is first seen in Book 1, Chapter 3.


Manny has green eyes, black hair, french beard and dark skin. He wears a red football trikot with a white four on the forefront and white and black stripes on the side.


While we don't see Manny often, we can tell a lot about his personality. For instance, he is shown to be on the narcissistic side due to his constant complimenting of himself, referring to himself as "Manny the Man". He is also very misogynistic, calling Your Character "babe" and manipulating his girlfriend into thinking she's supposed to please him at all times.



Manny doesn't like Zig. He assumes that because Zig is friendly with the football captain, he is getting special treatment. He refuses to call Zig by his real name and calls him Twig instead. Zig returns the animosity that Manny gives out. It is eventually revealed after the championship game that Manny harbored some feelings for Zig. While Manny is in a drunken rage he forces himself on Zig, kissing him, your character sees this and intervenes.


Chris and Manny are supposed to be roommates in their sophomore year, but they don't get along well. Chris mentions that Manny has kicked him out several times out of their room so that Manny is able to hook up with his girlfriend, which is why Chris moves in with Your Character and your friends. Despite Chris being the football captain, Manny holds a low opinion of Chris, and is flustered when the latter threatens to bench both him and Zig for the first game of the season.


In the beginning of The Sophomore, Book 1, Chelsea is Manny's girlfriend. Although they are dating, he often makes very perverted and sexist comments towards her. In Book 1, Chapter 14 they break up. Manny continues sending Chelsea texts on various social media sites begging her to get back with him, making her uncomfortable and leading her to turn to Zig for help.

Other Looks


  • Manny is probably Hispanic due to his surname being De La Cruz which means "of the cross" in Spanish.
    • There is a character named Bartholomew "Ace" De La Cruz in High School Story Prime.
  • Manny shares a lot of similarities with Brian Crandall. Both were once nice people who became very egocentric after becoming jocks, causing their respective girlfriends to dump them, both hate the main character of their respective stories (even when the main character is trying to be nice to them) both of them are guilty of harassment and both deny being into guys.
    • However, Brian continues to ask other girls out after being dumped and keeps getting rejected, while Manny continues to harass the same girl who dumped him. Manny is finally punished for his actions after being reported but Brian hasn't (though it's speculated that this may happen in the future). Also, Brian is probably telling the truth when he says that he isn't into guys, while Manny continues to deny this even after it becomes obvious he is.
  • In The Junior, Book 1, Chapter 6, it is mentioned that he transferred out of Hartfeld.