Having an entourage is not about vanity... it's about influence. Showing that you have support from the houses around you.
— Madeleine[1]

Madeleine is a character in the Rules of Engagement, The Royal Romance, and The Royal Heir series. She is first seen in Rules of Engagement, Book 2, Chapter 11.


Madeline has fair skin, short, blonde hair and green eyes. She wears a green dress and a pearl necklace.


Raised and bred for courtly life, Madeleine is the epitome of prim and proper; she shows little emotion, having good control of her feelings, and thus behaves accordingly to the situation at hand. Her upbringing has made her feel superior towards the other ladies vying for "Liam's" affections, thinking that such gives her an advantage.

Cold, snarky, and cruel, she tries her best to make court life miserable for all the women around her, but as subtly as possible. She is ambitious and power-hungry, and will trample anyone to become the Queen of Cordonia. She is manipulative and rude to everyone around her, even to her own mother and ladies-in-waiting. She seems not to care for her ex-fiancé Liam, yet seems to mind if Liam and your character share any affection in public or around her. She is narcissistically confident in her own abilities, which could make her likely to use dirty methods in order to bring down her competitors, although she was not involved in your character's scandal.

In Rules of Engagement, she was very possessive of European Guy, claiming that their betrothal was superior to his relationship with the Main Character, even though he has no feelings for Madeleine.


Rules of Engagement

Book 2

  • Chapter 11: Hearts Wild
  • Chapter 12: Fiancees and Finances

The Royal Romance

Book 1

  • Chapter 6: Queen of Hearts
  • Chapter 8: A Waltz to Remember
  • Chapter 9: Race to the Finish
  • Chapter 10: Beach Party (Mentioned)
  • Chapter 11: The Apple of His Eye
  • Chapter 12: As Sweet as Apple Pie
  • Chapter 13: Hunting for Love
  • Chapter 14: Fair Game
  • Chapter 16: The Beaumont Bash
  • Chapter 17: Lady in Waiting
  • Chapter 18: To Be a Princess
  • Chapter 19: Long Live the King

Book 2

  • Chapter 1: Homecoming
  • Chapter 2: Reunion
  • Chapter 3: Return to Applewood
  • Chapter 4: Flirting with Disaster
  • Chapter 5: International Impressions
  • Chapter 7: Girl's Night Out
  • Chapter 8: City of Lights
  • Chapter 10: Tea Time in Paris
  • Chapter 12: Family Ties (Off-Screen)
  • Chapter 13: The Art of Drinking Tea
  • Chapter 14: Back to the Big Apple (Off-Screen)
  • Chapter 15: Lost in Los Angeles
  • Chapter 17: Cordonia Bound (Mentioned)
  • Chapter 18: Noble at Heart
  • Chapter 19: Ascension

Book 3

  • Chapter 2: Crown and Country
  • Chapter 3: Allies Among Enemies
  • Chapter 4: Any Port in a Storm
  • Chapter 5: The Sport of Kings
  • Chapter 6: Ember of Hope
  • Chapter 7: Haute Culture
  • Chapter 8: Artistic License
  • Chapter 9: Pomp and Circumstance
  • Chapter 10: A Matter of Honor
  • Chapter 11: Cold Fire
  • Chapter 12: Secrets In The Snow (Mentioned)
  • Chapter 14: Welcome, One and All
  • Chapter 15: Light the Night
  • Chapter 16: What Happens in Vegas...
  • Chapter 17: Save the Date
  • Chapter 18: Bride to Be
  • Chapter 19: You Are Cordially Invited
  • Chapter 20: A Warm Reception
  • Chapter 21: Taken
  • Chapter 22: Happily Ever After

The Royal Holiday

  • Chapter 4: Holly Jolly

The Royal Heir

Book 1

  • Chapter 3: Your Kingdom Awaits
  • Chapter 4: Courting Crowns
  • Chapter 6: Home, Home on the Range
  • Chapter 7: A Night on the Town
  • Chapter 12: To Love and to Cherish
  • Chapter 13: Spreading the Word
  • Chapter 14: The Announcement
  • Chapter 16: Great Expectations
  • Chapter 17: Hot Off the Press (Mentioned)
  • Chapter 18: The Last Apple Ball
  • Chapter 19: Truth and Lies

Book 2

  • Chapter 3: Welcome to the World
  • Chapter 4: The Royal Tour
  • Chapter 5: Her Royal Highness
  • Chapter 6: To Catch a Traitor
  • Chapter 7: Thanks (But No Thanks)
  • Chapter 8: Exit Strategy
  • Chapter 10: Last Day in Lythikos


European Guy (Leo)

In Rules of Engagement, it is revealed that she is European Guy's fiancee, but the engagement is an arranged political agreement. They have known each other since childhood. When she finds out that he is seeing Main Character, she considers his dalliance with Main Character simply that. She exhibits jealousy and anger, but doesn't appear threatened as it would be his duty to marry her. He says that she doesn't like competition.

Their years-long engagement is broken off when European Guy abdicates his place in the royal line of succession in Rules of Engagement. She doesn't speak of his abdication in The Royal Romance and only comments that at least he is willing to come back to court for his brother's coronation.

Prince "Liam"

Madeleine became one of the suitors, competing for the prince's affections along with the other ladies. She was chosen by Liam to be his bride at the end of the social season in the finale of The Royal Romance, Book 1, but this was to keep up appearances in the outbreak of the scandal directed against Your Character. In The Royal Romance, Book 2, Chapter 15, Liam broke off his engagement to Madeleine.

Queen Regina

Madeleine is a first cousin once removed of Regina through her mother.


Adelaide is Madeleine's mother. They seem to have a strained relationship, as Madeleine seems to be embarrassed by her mother's behavior. In Book 2, Chapter 10, Your Character can overhear a conversation between Adelaide and Regina where it is revealed that Adelaide had tried to arrange for male dancers at Madeleine's bachelorette party because Adelaide thinks Madeleine should have some fun while she is young. In Book 2, Chapter 14, Adelaide is able to tell you that she is worried about what the stress of possibly becoming queen will do to Madeleine. In a premium scene of Book 3, Chapter 3, it is revealed that Madeleine ran every year for class president in boarding school. Every time, Adelaide bought her sign-making materials and helped her working on the slogan. Later in the chapter, Your Character is able to help Adelaide, Godfrey and Madeleine reconcile.


Godfrey is her father. In Book 3, Chapter 3, he makes it clear that he is disappointed when her engagement was broken off twice from Leo and Liam, and he considers this her failure. Every time Madeleine ran for class president in boarding school and lost, he reminded her what that failure meant. Your Character is able to help Adelaide, Godfrey and Madeleine reconcile.

Your Character (TRR)

In The Royal Romance, Book 2, Madeleine admits that she doesn't hate your character, but she looks down on you and feels like you are hopeless against her. She likes to rub off her advantage as when she specifically chose you to pick up her ring. Tensions rise when "Riley" disrupts her wedding shower with Liam, and Madeleine reveals one of her few bursts of genuine anger. In Book 3, you can choose to help her with her family issues. She will be your new press secretary.

In The Royal Heir, Book 1, she constantly asks you whether or not you are pregnant as Cordonia's future rests with you. In Chapter 12, she carries one pregnancy test in her purse for you to take.

In The Royal Heir, Book 2, it is your choice how to behave towards her after the discovery that her father was responsible for Queen Eleanor's death. The game states that your choices towards her will have consequences later in the story.


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  • The name Madeleine is of Latin, Greek, and English origin, and means "from Magdala". Magdala is a village on the sea of Galilee, whose name means "tower" in the Hebrew language. Madeleine is the French version of the name Magdalene.
  • Despite being step-cousins, she was engaged to European Guy and Liam.
  • Her house color is green. Her house sigil is a tree native to Fydelia.
  • Her facial features are similar to Chelsea McIntyre's from The Sophomore, with the only difference being that Madeleine wears red lipstick and Chelsea wears pink.
  • She is poisoned in Book 3, Chapter 11, but survives and returns in Chapter 14.
  • According to PB's blog on September 7, 2018, during the writing process for Book 3, Kara, one of the writers, wanted Madeleine to die when she got poisoned in Book 3.[2]
  • Most of her writing comes from writer Jeffrey, as revealed in a blog post about The Royal Romance, Book 2.[3]
  • Her house name is revealed to be Amaranth in The Royal Heir, Book 2, Chapter 4. Amaranth is a genus of perennial plants.

Memorable Quotes

Madeleine [to MC and other ladies]: Sappy romantic daydreams are for school girls. If I ever marry, it'll be for the benefit of my house and Cordonia.


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