Logan, a character in The Freshman and The Sophomore series, was an upperclassman at Hartfeld and a member of Hartfeld's football team "Knights". He makes his first appearance in The Freshman, Book 1, Chapter 5. Your Character is able to meet him in Chapter 1, if she wears a bikini and goes on the 'slip 'n slide'. He graduated in the end of The Freshman, Book 3.


Logan has black hair, light skin, and brown eyes. He wears a black-gray sweater.


Like Chris and Darren, Logan is nice and friendly, getting along with other people. He is also more foolhardy than his teammates, such as swallowing raw eggs which got him sick from indigestion, leaving Abbie without a date for the Kappa Phi Sigma pledge.


Darren & Chris

Darren and Chris are Logan's football buddies. They're coming along very well. In Book 2, Chapter 14, it's mentioned that Logan and Darren are also roommates, as Chris tells he'd spend the night at their place.


In Book 2, Logan is crushing on Madison (He even calls her the love of his life) and fights with Tripp over her attention. Logan and Madison go to the boat dance together if the player wishes so.


Becca and Logan are good friends. She once cussed an ex-girlfriend of Logan, who cheated on him, in front of the entire dorm.

Other Looks


  • He has worn a bra before but refused to go into detail about it.
  • He drinks Heineken.