Kaitlyn, a main character in The Freshman, The Sophomore ,The Junior, and The Senior series, was a student at Hartfeld and a former vocalist of the female punk band "The Gutter Kittens". She's also one of your love interests. She graduated in The Senior, Chapter 15. She made her first appearance in The Freshman, Book 1, Chapter 1.


Kaitlyn has dark brown eyes, long black hair and light skin. In The Sophomore, her hair is shorter, reaching a few inches down to her chin. She has two piercings on her left ear. Her usual outfit changes every quarter.

She wears a black, floral print top, and black jeans. She has a black choker and silver necklaces.


Kaitlyn is a funny, lively girl. She loves parties, shopping and gossip, but is also very loyal to her friends. She is also rebellious given that she has commited several misdemeanors throughout the series such as underage drinking, trespassing, and vandalism.



In Book 1, Darren has an attraction towards Kaitlyn, but since she's a lesbian who's in love with Your Character, Kaitlyn doesn't reciprocate his feelings for her. She confides in Darren and tells him how she really feels towards Your Character, to which Darren is very understanding. If Your Character rejects Kaitlyn, she and Darren will go to the formal together.

Kaitlyn's Parents

"I love them, but... they're not the most open-minded people in the world." - Kaitlyn about her parents in Book 2, Chapter 4.

Kaitlyn's mother is very accepting of her daughter's sexuality, revealing that she always knew, but said nothing because she wanted Kaitlyn to come to her. Her father is initially more traditional, but he eventually is able to fully accept her for who she is. By Book 4, he even buys a set of LGBTQ themed cups to support her.

Your Character

At first, Kaitlyn is friendly towards Your Character. She acts as a matchmaker for Chris and Your Character. However, she soon develop some romantic feelings for your Character. It is up to Your Character whether or not she sees Kaitlyn as more than a friend. Kaitlyn reveals she is fine with just being friends if Your Character chooses.

In The Sophomore, Book 2, if you help build up Kaitlyn's confidence, she will throw her guitar pick at you before the band starts performing in the final round of Battle of the Bands in Chapter 13.


At first, Kaitlyn wanted to hook Your Character up with Chris, as she thought that you would make a cute couple and Chris's was obviously attracted to you. However, Kaitlyn soon realizes that her feelings for Your Character are continuously growing, and is not fond of the idea to hook you and Chris up anymore.

Abbie & Tyler

Kaitlyn is very excited about Zack's plan to match-make Tyler and Abbie. They are also her roommates. In The Senior, Chapter 4, Abbie tells Kaitlyn in their girls night with Your Character that she has always seen her as a cross between Joan Jett, David Bowie, and either Tegan or Sara(who she can never remember who is who).

Kaitlyn's friendship with Abbie becomes strained in The Freshman, Book 3, after Abbie reacts badly to Kaitlyn siding with her bandmates over her old circle of friends and Kaitlyn becomes angry at Abbie in return. They are able to mend their friendship near the end of Book 3.


Zack is Kaitlyn's roommate during their Freshman year. They move in together in their Sophomore year to live at Vasquez's house.


Kaitlyn meets Natasha in Book 3 during your visit to Hartfeld's Art club to find a new hobby. Kaitlyn admires Natasha's painting and also considers her as a good-looking girl. Natasha is usually rude to Kaitlyn's friends, and because of her desire to fit in, Kaitlyn usually lets it slide, but she eventually stands up to Natasha and defends her friends.

During The Sophomore, Kaitlyn has a lot of animosity toward Natasha because of what happened in The Freshman Book 3. With Your Character's help, however, she learns to move on from it and calls a truce between her and Natasha in The Sophomore, Book 2. On The Senior, Chapter 3, Kaitlyn saw Natasha again.

Your Character (THoBM)

Kaitlyn and Your Character attend the same anthropology class and hang out together outside of class.


Annisa is a member and keyboardist in Kaitlyn's band. She is a potential love interest for Kaitlyn, if she is single. Same system as the confidence, if Kaitlyn is single and if you encourage her interest towards Annisa, Annisa will ask Kaitlyn to be her girlfriend during the Battle of the Bands and the two will become official in Chapter 13, or decide to remain as friends.


Other Looks



  • She is shown on the cover of The Freshman, Book 3, The Freshman, Book 4, Kaitlyn: The Perfect Date, The Freshman: Game of Love, The Freshman: Love Bites, and The Sophomore: Hartfeld Horror Story.
  • Her birthday is in the fall.
  • Kaitlyn is the first LGBTQ love interest available in The Freshman, and in Choices at large.
  • She is from Texas.
  • She is Taiwanese-American.
  • In one option of The Freshman, Book 1, if your character asks what is Kaitlyn's most embarrassing secret, she mentions that she had a MySpace account named "xXSorrowfulRaven95Xx" when she was a goth girl during middle school.
  • Kaitlyn makes a cameo appearance in The Haunting of Braidwood Manor, Chapter 6.
  • Kaitlyn's ultimate fantasy is to be covered in chocolate.
  • She sometimes eats in the showers.
  • In Helen Twombly's story in The Sophomore: Hartfeld Horror Story, she is renamed Caitlin and is portrayed as a stereotypical party girl.
  • If Your Character has been dating Kaitlyn since the beginning of The Freshman Series, in Book 2 Chapter 4 of The Sophomore, the two of you celebrate your one year anniversary.
  • In The Sophomore, Book 2, she declared her major in music In Chapter 13.
    • In addition, if you helped raise Kaitlyn's confidence, she will give you her guitar pick as a token of appreciation in Chapter 13.
  • In Chapter 15 of The Sophomore, Book 2, if you are dating her, she will ask you if you want to move in together.
    • If she is your love interest, she will be the one to get in the car with Tyler and Abbie.
  • In The Senior, Chapter 15 Kaitlyn will propose to you if she is your love interest.
    • She receives a Bachelor degree in Fine Arts and graduated with a major in Music.
  • On December 21, 2018 Pixelberry shared a playlist that is an inspiration to Kaitlyn'character in Spotify.[1][2]