Whether they are furry, scaly, or full of feathers, mechanical, or out of this world, they are the companions that provide support or a laugh for your characters just as well as extended dialogue or extra scenes for the stories. Most are optional purchases, a few are not.

High School Story, Book 2

Chapter 2



If Your Character (High School Story) decides to relive (💎16) "Bring Your Pet to School Day", you bring a hamster. His default name is Paquito but it is changeable. If you decide to purchase him, he will appear several times in this book (Chapters 2, 7, and 14) and in Book 3.

High School Story, Book 3

Chapter 9

HSSBk3Ch09 Kitten


If Your Character (High School Story) decides to accompany Maria to the pet store (💎18), she adopts a kitten and you have the chance to help her name it. Its default name is Oreo. If you are dating Maria, this also improves the relationship.

High School Story: Class Act, Book 1

Chapter 6



As Your Character (High School Story: Class Act) leaves school, you run across a dog with matted white fur. He follows Bailey home where Twin Sibling (High School Story: Class Act) takes a liking to him. If you adopt him (💎18), his default name is Biscuit, but is changeable. For more information about the dog, click here.

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