Yearbook photos are collections of customized images you can collect throughout in High School Story, Book 1. You'll have the opportunity to collect the images of you and your friends. There are a few photos you can obtain for free while some yearbook photos will only appear if you make certain choices. There are 13 photos in total. In the end of Chapter 15, you can look over the yearbook photos you've collected.

# Name Description Chapter Found Requirement
1 First Day! It's your character's first day at Berry High. Autumn wants to take a picture of you by the tiger statue for the yearbook. 1 None
2 Pool Party!!! You crash/are invited to Brian's party. Payton needs a photo of someone by the pool. You and Maria/Emma/Aiden/Caleb/Michael decided to take a picture together. 2 None
3 A Spot by the Ocean You and your new friends are looking for Caleb and found him by the beach. You decided to talk to him instead of Julian. You take a moment to admire the view and decide to capture this moment before talking to Caleb. 3 Go to Caleb and talk to him (💎20)
4 Homecoming Committee You and Maria/Caleb/Michael go to The Diner and order food for the Homecoming Committee. With everyone finishing their food and completing today's work, Autumn wants to take a photo of everyone with one of the banners. 4 Go with Michael/Maria/Caleb to the diner (💎16)
5 Best Friends You invited to let Emma stay at your house before her mom picks her up. You got to know more about her and create a FaceSpace account for her. You and Emma take a selfie for her profile picture.


Invite Emma to stay (💎17)
6 Band/Cheerleading/Football Practice It is your first day of practice of your chosen after-school activity. Autumn arrives during practice and takes a picture for the yearbook. 6 None
7 Roar! Everyone at Berry High is feeling down. You decided to borrow the tiger costume from Morgan for the pep rally. The whole school is filled with excitement and joy. Autumn wants to take a photo of you. 8 Borrow the tiger costume from Morgan (💎20)
8 Ollie, Defaced! Someone at Berry High sabotaged Ollie, the tiger statue. Michael is upset and you wonder why. He tells you how he ended up in Berry High and why the statue is important to him. You decided to grab a quick photo for evidence and Michael, who hardly notices you, reached out to the tiger statue, as you take the shot. 9 Listen to Michael's story (💎20)
9 Justice Hearst was behind the sabotage. You and your friends decided to break into Hearst to steal their spirit stick. You grabbed the stick and successfully flee with your friends before Max, Brian and Zoe catch you. You can't help it and capture this moment on camera. 11 Successfully steal the spirit stick at Hearst High
10 Homecoming Parade It is time for the Homecoming Parade. You wear the Team Berry outfit to show your school spirit. You and your date ride in the back of Ms. Maddox's car. Payton takes a quick photo of you two for the yearbook. 12 Purchase the Team Berry outfit (💎25)
11 Victory! Berry High won the football game against Hearts High 13 None
12 A Date to Remember It is the night of Homecoming and you are getting ready. You and your date are dressed up and ready to go. Before you go, your dad wants to take a picture of you with your date. 14 None
13 Homecoming It is time for Homecoming. You have a chance to win as Homecoming King or Queen. Autumn takes a group photo of you and your friends for the yearbook. 15 None



  • The total cost for all yearbook photos are 118 Diamonds.
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