Endless Summer, Book 2
If you haven't read the most recent chapter and are looking for a walkthrough, be aware that the page is full of spoilers.

This page contains the choices in Endless Summer, Book 2 and their outcomes.

This game revolves heavily on choices you make. They can improve or decrease relationships with the characters. This walkthrough is made to assist others in helping them make their right choice for the game. Good luck and happy playing!

Choices that have no outcome on the side have not been explored yet, please help this page by contributing those answers!


Welcome back to Endless Summer! If you have not played the first book, please do so because the choices you made in the first book are very important in the second. If you want to continue through the story without importing your Book One choices, there is a default button that sets your relationships as they were in the beginning of Book One. If you import your Book One choices, your relationships with the characters in the previous book will carry over.

You also have the choice to change your appearance! There are two new faces and two new hairstyles for both the male and female main character to choose from. The faces are: tan skin with brown eyes and pale skin with green eyes. The hairstyles for girls are: brown hair in a bun and curly shoulder-length black hair. The hairstyles for boys are: shaggy red/brown hair and slicked back, clean-cut black hair. You can keep your original appearance from Book 1 if you desire. However, if you want to change your appearance, you must do it now because you won't be able to change it in the future.

New Features

The Closet

The Closet feature has also been added to Endless Summer! The Closet feature was first introduced in the book LoveHacks and has branched out to other series over time such as Rules of Engagement and The Royal Romance. You can change outfits and even buy new ones with Diamonds! Some outfits will boost relationships with others, so make sure you try to get at least a few new clothes.

Tough Choices

Also a new feature has been added to Endless Summer. This new feature is called Tough Choices, which will either raise or decrease relationship points depending on how high your relationship is with someone. It is based around a percentage system, meaning the higher the percentage you have with someone the more likely you will get a positive response from them and a relationship point boost. The latter will occur however if your percentage is lower, you will lose relationship points with someone. Your tough choices with LIs are 100% (even if the game doesn’t say so) if you are dating them, or you have been asked if you want to date them.

You can observe your relationship percentage with someone when making a tough choice, there will be a face and a percentage. The face can be either of the following: dark blue-purple very angry face, purple-blue angry face, neutral white-blue face, yellow smiley face, orange open-mouthed smiley face, and a pink-orange very happy face. If you are dating the character, there will be a certain number of hearts depending on your relationship status with that character. The percentage can range depending on the face or number of hearts you have with a character.

For example: You have a yellow smiley face with Lila and a tough choice appears. The percentage next to the smiley face is 80%, but there is another choice below it that will have no drastic relationship consequences. (In some cases, other characters' relationship will be affected and/or there will be consequences later in the story) If you want to choose that choice instead of risking many relationship points, choose it. If you choose the tough choice with Lila, she will most likely give you a positive response because of how high her percentage is. However, if her percentage is lower like 60%, she has the possibility to respond negatively.

You can restart the chapter to try again for a positive response, but it is less likely to get a positive response if the percentage is under 60%. If you want to try to get positive responses, try to appeal to the character! The recommended method to maintain good relationships is to agree with characters that start off with bad relationships and relay responses with characters that start off with better relationships. An example of a character that is easy to befriend is Grace and an example of a character that is harder to befriend is Craig. If you had to choose a response between either of them, go with Craig. Grace is easy to maintain a good relationship with and you will have plenty of opportunities to regain relationship points with her.


There is also a new feature for the Love Interest characters: Sean, Jake, Estela, and Quinn. If you pursued one of them in the previous book, you will have the opportunity to start dating them! You will come to a choice later that will allow you to begin dating them. If you agree to date one of them, the face before their name will change to three hearts. The hearts have six stages and the more relationship points you gain with them, the more the hearts will fill in. When you choose to date them, you will start with half of one heart. You will also have the opportunity to date all of them at once, but you will have to choose one of them in the end.

  • .5 heart = You are now dating LI!
  • 1 full heart = LI is now official with you!
  • 1.5 heart(s) = LI is crazy about you!
  • 2 full heart(s) = LI is serious about you!
  • 2.5 heart(s) = LI is in love with you!
  • 3 full hearts = Soulmates

Act IV, Chapter 1: The Unknown Has Always Been a Comfort to Me Choices

Choice 0.1 (If Rourke is with you)

  • Step aside. (Estela +2) (Aleister -1)
  • Stay put. (Estela -1) (Aleister +2)

Choice 1 This choice is repeated until you've chosen all choices.

  • Raj (if you saved him in Book 1), Zahra and Craig. (Path A)
  • Grace (if you saved her in Book 1) and Aleister. (Path B)
  • Michelle, Quinn and IRIS. (Path C)
  • Lila, Sean and Jake. (Path D)

Choice 2 to 5 (Path A)

+1 Raj for choosing this path if you saved him in Book 1.

  • Join in and make a bad joke. (Craig +1) (Raj +1 if you saved him in Book 1) (Zahra +1)
  • Tell them to focus. (Zahra -1)

Choice 2 to 5 (Path B)

(Grace +2) if you saved her in Book 1.

Choice 2 to 5 (Path C)

You will be introduced to your first Tough Choice: these choices will either raise or decrease relationships points depending on how high your relationship is with someone. If you want to try for a positive response, you can start the chapter over and try for a better reaction as many times as you want.

  • Listen to her, Quinn. (if successful: Quinn +3 / if fail: Quinn -3)
  • Let her do what she wants, Michelle. (Quinn +1) (Michelle -1)

Choice 6

You will unlock the Closet, allowing you to change your character's outfit. Some outfits will unlock special scenes or boost relationships with the Endless Summer crew, be sure to buy at least a few outfits if you want to get some relationship points or exclusive scenes!

  • Casual
    • School Spirit (💎15)
    • TC&TF (💎20)
    • Basic
  • Tropical
    • Fire Festival (💎25)
  • Stylish
    • Trendsetter (💎20)
  • Unique
    • Thrillseeker (💎15 if you did not buy it in Book 1)

Choice 7

You will be introduced to having the choice dating the love interests in all of these paths. You must be at least friends with one of them to start dating them. If you are not friends with the Love Interest you desire, you can pay diamonds to boost their relationship to friends so you can date them. If you do not want to pay diamonds to immediately bring your relationship with them up, you can gain more relationship points, and ask to date them if you pay for a diamond scene later. This is the only chance to start dating them for free. If you are replaying the book, be sure the outfit you select is one of the above and not one that is added later in the book: those will not trigger the relationship bonus.

  • Sean at the rooftop. (Path A)
  • Estela at the security office. (Path B)
  • Quinn at the beach. (Path C)
  • Jake at the bar. (Path D)

Choice 8 - Path A (Sean)

(Sean +2) if you are wearing any new outfit.

  • You can't change the past. (Sean +1)
  • It's good that you think this way. (Sean +2)

Choice 9 - Path A (Sean)

  • Not kissing me right now? (Start dating Sean if you are at least friends with him)
  • Moping around in the roof instead of helping us find Diego? (No effect)

Choice 8 - Path B (Estela)

(Estela +2) if you are wearing any new outfit.

  • What can I do to help? (Estela +2)
  • Take it easy on yourself. (No effect)

Choice 9 - Path B (Estela)

  • Then be helpless with me. (Start dating Estela if you are at least friends with her)
  • I don't think that's a great idea right now. (No effect)

Choice 8 - Path C (Quinn)

(Quinn +2) if you are wearing any new outfit.

  • Stay optimistic, Quinn. (Quinn +1)
  • I'm more of a pessimist. Keeps me from getting hurt. (No effect)
  • Honestly, I don't know. I don't want to know. (Quinn +2)

Choice 9 - Path C (Quinn)

  • You can ask me now. (Start dating Quinn if you are at least friends with her)
  • Sometimes it's better to never ask. (No effect)

Choice 8 - Path D (Jake)

(Jake +2) if you are wearing any new outfit.

  • You need to get your act together if we want to save him (Jake +2)
  • I'm here for you, no matter what (Jake +1)

Choice 9 - Path D (Jake)

  • Kiss him. (Start dating Jake if you are at least friends with him)
  • Turn away. (No effect)

Choice 10

  • Recently built. (No effect)
  • Hidden. (Jake +1)

Choice 11

  • La Huerta. (No effect)
  • Hell. (No effect)
  • Pompeii. (Aleister +2) (Grace +1 if she is with you)
  • Mount Doom. (Craig +1)

(Grace +1) and (Raj +1) if you saved them in Book 1.

(Grace +1) if you saved her in Book 1.

Choice 12

  • Cudeceas. (No effect)
  • Cedecues. (No effect)
  • Caduceus. (IRIS +2) (Jake +1)

Choice 13

  • The sea! (No effect)
  • The atrium! (Michelle +2) (Sean +1)
  • The pool! (No effect)
  • The toilet! (Craig +1)

Choice 14

  • Sunrise! (Craig -1) (Lila -1)
  • Noon! (Lila +2)
  • Sunset! (Craig -1) (Lila -1)
  • Midnight! (Craig -1) (Lila -1)

You will discover your first clue! Clues unlock special bonus scenes at the end of an Act. They also unlock other choices at times and can even aid you later in the game. Make sure to collect them all! You will receive the Hydra Caduceus clue. "Clue Found - Library: Hydra Caduceus -Act IV 1 of 10 clues found"

You will discover your first Catalyst Idol! Idols unlock special scenes about certain characters connected to the Idols. Finding all twelve may be key to your friends' fate. You will receive Michelle's Idol. You will receive a vision of the past revealing that Michelle cheating on Sean that caused them to break-up was a lie told by Michelle's sorority sisters. You will then receive another vision, revealing Michelle leaving the island against Jake, Quinn and Zahra's protests due to the deaths of Aleister and Craig, leading to her possible death from the Sea Monster.

Diamond Choice 14.1

  • Grab the glove. (💎12)
  • Leave it alone. (No effect)

You will be given the Crimson Glove clue if you grab the glove.

Act IV, Chapter 2: Time Is Of The Essence Choices

Choice 0.1 (If Rourke is with you)

  • Put him down, Craig. (if successful: Craig +3 / if fail: Craig -3)
  • If I were you, Rourke, I'd listen to my friend here.

Choice 0.2 (If Rourke is with you)

  • Jake's right. (Jake +1) (Sean -1)
  • Sean's right. (Sean +1) (Jake -1)

Choice 1

  • I'm gonna miss this place. (Quinn +1)
  • I can't wait to get outta here. (No effect)

Diamond Choice 1.1 (Fire Festival Outfit)

  • Choose this look! (💎25) (Quinn +1)
  • No thanks (No effect) (No effect)

You will receive (Grace +2) and/or (Raj +2) if you saved either of them in Book 1. If you wore the Fire Festival outfit you will also receive (Craig +1).

You will be introduced to a new element of the story, time loops. This element will cause you to indefinitely repeat a set number of choices until you locate the source of the time loop and destroy it, allowing you to escape. Words that are highlighted give clues on how the solve the time loop, write them down if you are having trouble keeping track!

Choice 2

  • Aleister. (Path A)
  • Michelle. (Path B)
  • Zahra. (Path C)

Choice 2.A - Path A

You will notice that Aleister's bag is empty, this will come in handy when you figure out how to escape the time loop.

Choice 2.B - Path B

  • Can I help you look? (If successful: Clue Found - River Bank: Shotgun Shell / if fail: No effect)
  • Good luck finding it... (No effect)

Choice 2.C - Path C

  • Grab her! (No effect)
  • Let her fall! ⬅ Correct

If you let Zahra fall in the water, she will tell you she saw something at the bottom of the river. You will need someone to swim down and get it.

Choice 2.1 if Rourke is with you.

  • Talk to Rourke. (Path A)
  • Keep walking.

Choice 2.1.A if Rourke is with you - Path A

  • Where is everyone? (No effect)
  • What was that tube we found you in? (No effect)
  • What was that radio call we heard? (No effect) *
  • Why did you bring us here? (No effect) **
  • What's with all the secret doors in The Celestial? (No effect)
  • Tell me about the sea monster (No effect)
  • What was the time portal gun? (No effect)
  • What happened to the boats at the marina? (No effect)
  • What is this island? (No effect)

It is recommended to re-enter the time loop to ask Rourke all of the questions, but if you don't want to it's okay as it will not affect the story. *The answer to this question is referred to in Chapter 14 if you'd at least like to ask it for continuity's sake. **The answer to this question is referred to in Book 3 Chapter 10 if you'd also like to ask it for continuity's sake.

Choice 3.0 This choice comes before Choice 3.1 after the time loop works.

  • Go to the lake. (Go to Choice 3.1)
  • Stay here. (Go to Choice 4.)

Choice 3.1

Time loop diamond choices can be revisited when you start over in the loop, the relationship points you will get and clues you will get will stay with you, so you don't have to go back and redo choices to get clues. It is recommended to choose either of these choices, or both, to gain a ton of relationship points with Jake and Estela.

  • Go with Jake (💎20) (Path A)
  • Go with Estela (💎20) (Path B)
  • Stay with the group (Path C)

Diamond Choice 3.A - Path A

You will receive the Snowfall clue.

  • Swim in the lake (Jake +2)
  • Relax and drink the chilled water (Jake +2)
  • Have a snowball fight (Jake +2)

Diamond Choice 3.B - Path B

You will receive the Snowfall clue.

  • Swim in the lake (Estela +2)
  • Relax and drink the chilled water (Estela +2)
  • Have a snowball fight (Estela +2)

After you pay the 20 diamonds, you can go to the Lake with Jake/Estela three times, meaning you can get up to 6 points with Jake/Estela.

Choice 4

  • Craig (Path A)
  • Sean (Path B)

Choice 4.A - Path A

  • Let's all take a quick break. ⬅ Correct
  • Keep up the pace. (No effect)

If you took a break, you will notice the pillar falls over and crushes Aleister's backpack. This could be useful for breaking the time loop object.

Choice 4.B - Path B

If you knocked Zahra over in the beginning of the time loop, Sean will swim down and recover a stone. This is the item that is causing the time loop, now you have to find a way to destroy it.

If you still haven't figured out how to destroy the time loop item, the answer below is provided:

You will be sent back in time by the time loop to repeat the choices starting after you discover the time loop. In order to locate and destroy the source of the time loop you must walk with Zahra, allow her to fall in the river where she will see something glowing, talk to Sean where he will comment about being a strong swimmer allowing you to ask him to retrieve the glowing object, revealed to be a crystal. You will be sent back again but with the crystal in hand. Walk with Aleister to ask him to hold the crystal in his bag, talk to Craig and choose to take a rest, causing the pillar to fall on Aleister's bag and destroy the crystal, breaking the time loop and allowing you to continue the story. Any changes to your relationships with Jake and Estela will be saved and carried over no matter how many times you go through the time loop.

If you chose the diamond scene with Jake/Estela, and you are at least friends with them, you will now have the option to start dating them.

Choice 5

  • Get me that idol! (💎12)
  • Leave it. (No effect)

You will receive Sean's Catalyst Idol. You will have a vision of the past revealing Sean willing to hide a laptop Craig stole from a sports agent. Sean is willing to face the consequences instead of Craig. You will then receive a vision of a possible future revealing Sean sacrificing himself with the sabertooth to save Michelle and Craig.

You will receive another (Grace +2) and/or (Raj +2) if you saved either of them in Book 1.

Act IV, Chapter 3: Those Left Behind Choices

Choice 1

  • I'll go alone. Can't risk anyone else getting caught. (Craig -1) (Zahra -1) (Estela +1) (Jake +1)
  • We can save him if we all work together. (Aleister -1) (Michelle -1) (Craig +1) (Sean +1)

You will receive (Raj +1) and/or (Grace +1) if you saved either of them in Book 1.

Choice 2

  • Ask Rourke to weigh in. (only optional if you figured out the password in the epilogue of Book 1) (Michelle +1) (Aleister +1).
  • Persuade Craig to Sneak by. (If successful: Craig +2, Zahra +1/ if fail: Craig -2)
  • Persuade Zahra to ambush. (If successful: Zahra +2, Craig +1/ if fail: Zahra -2)
  • Stay out of it. (only optional if you didn't figure out the password in the epilogue of Book 1 and Rourke isn't with you)

Choice 3

This is a timed choice!

  • My hiding spot! (Quinn -1, Jake -1)
  • Diego! (Michelle +1) (Raj +1 if he is with you) (Quinn +1)
  • Fried chicken! (Quinn -1, Jake -1)

If the timer runs out, you will receive (Quinn -1, Jake -1)

Choice 4

This is a timed choice!

  • Grab her hand! (Michelle -1)
  • Run to catch her! (Quinn +1)
  • Push Craig in her way! (Craig -1)

If the timer runs out, you will receive (Quinn -1).

Choice 5

  • Are you okay? What happened? (No effect)
  • We need to get you to safety. (No effect)
  • I'm not about to leave you behind! (Quinn +1)

You will receive (Quinn +1) if you are dating her.

Choice 6

  • A monkey call. (No effect)
  • A whistled melody. (No effect)
  • A pterodactyl shriek. (No effect)

If you didn't try to persuade Craig or Zahra in choice 2, you'll get (Sean -1) and (Estela -1) for not choosing a plan. If you chose to tried to persuade Craig, you will get (Zahra +1), while if you tried to persuade Zahra, you'll get (Craig +1). If you didn't persuade anyone but tried to, you will still get these points. You will receive (IRIS +1) and (Lila +1) if you chose to talk to Rourke.

Diamond Choice 6.A (Camouflage Outfit)

  • Buy Camouflage. (💎25)
  • Don't buy it.

Choice 6.1 (if Rourke is with you and you chose his or Zahra's plan)

  • Agree with Craig about Rourke. (Craig +1)
  • Tell Craig to shut up. (Craig -1)
  • Distract Craig with a tough question. (Zahra +1)

Choice 6.A.1 (if you chose Rourke's plan and you got the Camouflage Outfit)

  • Examine the carvings on the pyramid. (Path A)
  • Take a closer look at the ring. (Path B)
  • Inspect the statue itself. (Path C)

Choice 6.A.2 Path A (Carvings) if Rourke is with you

Choice 6.A.2 Path B (Ring) if Rourke is with you

Choice 6.A.2 Path C (Statue) if Rourke is with you

Choice 6.A.3 (if you chose Rourke's plan and you got the Camouflage Outfit)

  • Tap three times on the statue's hand.
  • Cover the statue's face. (Jake +2)
  • Kiss the statue's lips.

You will receive the Wedding Ring Clue.

Choice 6.1.A (if you chose Rourke’s or Zahra’s plan and are dating Jake).

  • Playfully push him away.
  • Allow him to get closer. (Jake +1)

Choice 7

  • Stop and search the forest. (Sean -1) (Estela +1)
  • Keep going to avoid losing Diego. (Sean +1) (Estela -1)

This choice only appears if Rourke isn't with you. If you chose to wear the Camoflauge outfit, then you will not lose any relationship points.

Choice 8

  • Go spy on them. (Zahra +1 and Estela +1 if you are wearing the camoflauge outfit. Zahra -1 and Estela -1 if you aren't wearing the camoflauge outfit)
  • Stay here. (No effect)

Choice 9

  • Sean distracts them. Jake stays with me. (Sean +1)
  • Jake distracts them. Sean stays with me. (Jake +1)

You will receive (Diego +2) when he sees you.

Choice 10

  • What were they making you do? (No effect)
  • Are you and that Watcher... a thing now? (No effect)

Choice 11

  • Whatever happens, we're in this together. (No effect)
  • I need you. You're the only best friend I have. (Diego +1)

Choice 12

  • Iris, you've got to fight back! (IRIS +1)
  • You... TRAITOR! (No effect)

Choice 13

  • Grab the idol first! (💎12)
  • Keep your distance. (No effect)

You will receive Diego's Catalyst Idol. You will receive a vision of a possible future where Diego is in the Observatory trying to help release Varyyn from metal shackles before IRIS appears and threatens Diego to leave or he will die. Diego reminds IRIS that she shot and killed Aleister but IRIS states that Aleister will be brought back to life after 'the procedure' is complete. After Varyyn pleads and fails to convince Diego to leave, IRIS shoots them both dead.

Act IV, Chapter 4: Island Justice Choices

Choice 1

  • Correct! Now kneel and offer us tribute! (Jake +1)
  • I think there's been a mistake... (Lila +1)
  • Twelve Catalysts? Is that a metal band? (Craig +1) (Zahra -1)

Choice 2

  • Help save the world. (Lila +1)
  • Find a way home (Aleister +1)
  • Rescue our friend(s). (Diego +2)

Choice 3

  • Telepathically ask Varyyn for help. (💎19)
  • Return to the matter at hand. (No effect)

If you telepathically ask Varyyn for help, you will automatically win the trial. If you don’t, you need to choose two correct answers out of three following choices to win the trial.

Choice 4

  • We seek harmony among all. (Wrong choice)
  • We are agents of change. ⬅ Correct

Choice 5

  • Have Aleister accuse the Vaanti. ⬅ Correct
  • Ask Lila to defend your actions. (Wrong choice)
  • Plead ignorance of local customs. (Wrong choice)

Choice 6

  • Appeal to Ximaedra. (Wrong Choice)
  • Offer to help Uqzhaal. ⬅ Correct
  • Challenge Seraxa. (Wrong Choice)

Choice 7

  • Wave back. (No effect)
  • Stick out your tongue. (No effect)

Choice 8

  • Oh, I've seen some stuff... Try me. (Wrong Choice)
  • Does it have to do with 'The Endless'? (Clue Found - Uqzhaal: Tattoo)

If you choose the second option you will receive the Tattoo Clue.

Choice 9

  • You're braver than all of us. (No effect)
  • We'll find a way to cure you. (Quinn +1)
  • You're not going through this alone. (Quinn +1)

Tough Choice 1

  • This is what Rourke wants! (if successful: Aleister +3 / if fail: Aleister -3)
  • We'll leave you alone. (No effect)

Choice 11

  • Go to the Singing Cliffs with Quinn (💎20) (Path A)
  • Go to the Singing Cliffs with Sean (💎20) (Path B)
  • Stay (No effect)

Diamond Choice 1 - Path A (Go with Quinn)

  • Do you feel more inspired to paint? (Quinn +1)
  • It's all the more beautiful with you in the picture. (Quinn +1)

Diamond Choice 2 - Path A (Go with Quinn)

  • This beautiful seaside view! (Choice 2.1)
  • Me! (Choice 2.2) (Quinn +1)

Diamond Choice 2.1 - Path A (Go with Quinn)

  • It looks different than I’d imagined.
  • It seems kind of...sad and forlorn. (Quinn +1)

Diamond Choice 2.2 - Path A (Go with Quinn)

  • I've never seen myself look quite like that... (No effect)
  • Does this express how you feel about me? (Quinn +1)

Diamond Choice 3 - Path A (Go with Quinn)

  • Hold her in your arms. (Quinn +1)
  • Lean in to kiss her. (Quinn +1)
  • Make a joke.

Diamond Choice 4 - Path A (Go with Quinn)

You have the option to start dating Quinn again if you did not start dating her in Chapter One.

Diamond Choice 1 - Path B (Go with Sean)

You have the option to start dating Sean again if you did not start dating him in Chapter One.

Diamond Choice 2 - Path B (Go with Sean)

  • Have you had a lot on your mind? (Sean +1)
  • I wouldn't have thought you were a night owl. (No effect.)

Diamond Choice 3 - Path B (Go with Sean)

  • Give Sean a massage. (Sean +2)
  • Have him massage you. (Sean +1)

Diamond Choice 4 - Path B (Go with Sean)

  • I take it that it didn't end well? (Sean +1)
  • Better to focus on the present than dwell in the past. (No effect.)

Diamond Choice 5 - Path B (Go with Sean)

  • Place your hand in his. (Sean +1)
  • Lean in to kiss him. (Sean +2)
  • High-five him.

If you go to the singing cliffs, you will receive the Whispering Winds clue.

Choice 12

  • Help Raj grab his idol. (💎12) (Raj +2)
  • Tell Raj to get down. (No effect)

If you chose to retrieve Raj's idol, you will receive a vision of the past. Raj shows up at a fraternity party saying he has returned from academic probation. Sean, Michelle, and Craig cheer him on and congratulate him. Michelle comments that she cannot believe Raj got away with cheating on the exams. Raj defends himself and says he never cheated on the exam, but nobody believes him. You will also receive a vision of a possible future of Raj cooking in The Celestial's kitchen. Rourke appears to comment on Raj's cooking, and Raj tells Rourke he needs to stop time jumping and that he will never find the Crimson Spacesuit Person. Rourke taunts Raj and IRIS wheels in a box, which the content reveals to be the fox. Rourke tells Raj to cook him, but Raj refuses to cook his friend. Raj distracts Rourke by letting the pot rack above him crash down. Raj and the fox run out of the hotel, but Rourke is right on their tail. Rourke shoots Raj with a harpoon gun while he tells the fox to keep running.

Act IV, Chapter 5: There Are Many Things I Keep Hidden Choices

Choice 1

  • You can't take on all of us! (No effect)
  • We'll do what you want! (No effect)
  • Your captain is dead! (No effect)

Choice 2

  • Sounds like a deal. (Grace +1) (Sean +1) (Craig -1)
  • Okay, but I want that ball, and a share of loot. (Craig +1) (Raj +1) (Sean -1) (Clue found: Musket Ball)
  • Only if you help us get our idols from the Vaanti. (Michelle +1) (Jake -1)

If you choose the second option, you will receive the Musket Ball clue.

This choice only appears if you bring the Pirate Cutlass from Chapter 15 in Book 1.

Diamond Choice 1 (Cutless)

  • Give her the cutlass. (Lila +2)
  • Keep it hidden. (Raj -1) (Zahra +1)

Choice 3

  • Chuckle appreciatively. (No effect)
  • Scowl at Yvonne. (No effect)

Choice 4

This is a timed choice.

  • Jump!
  • Roll! ⬅ Correct
  • Duck!

Choice 5

  • Break the coffer open (💎12)
  • Leave it

If you break the coffer open, you will receive the Delphinus Idol, which is about Quinn. You will have a flashback about her. She's sitting in a park. She was talking to her mom through her phone. Her mom wanted to find cure for her. However, her dad wants to find a doctor for her. Her mom and her dad always fight through her. Then, Grace walks towards Quinn. Grace sits beside her and talks about her mother too. Quinn is happier now. Grace leaves her. Quinn walks towards the fountain and drops her phone into the fountain.

In her future, you are sitting with her on a bridge with Quinn. Quinn is slowly dying from her Rotterdam's Syndrome. You didn't realize she was dying. Later, she rests on you and she closed her eyes.

Choice 6

This is a timed choice!

  • Stay put and hold your breath!
  • Wave smoke away with the curtain!
  • Try to shove furniture over the vents!

Choice 7

This is a timed choice!

  • Add your strength to Estela's!
  • Climb up after Craig!
  • Help Grace with the cannon! (Grace +1) (Sean +1)

If you mess up on the choices, at some point a time loop kicks in that lets you redo your actions and make better choices.

Choice 8

  • Dance with Aleister! (💎18) (Grace +2) (Aleister +2)
  • Make him rest. (No effect)

Choice 9

  • Estela
  • Jake

Choice 10 (Scuba Gear)

  • Explore with Estela/Jake. (💎25)
  • Let Yvonne and Jake go instead.

Diamond Choice 2 (Swim with Estela)

  • Swim in first! (Estela +1)
  • Let Estela go first. (No effect)

Diamond Choice 3 (Swim with Estela)

  • Splash her. (Estela +1)
  • Kiss her. (Estela +1)

You have the option to start dating Estela again if you did not start dating her in Chapter One.

Diamond Choice 4 (Swim with Estela)

  • Take her in your arms. (No effect)
  • Make her chase after you. (No effect)

You will receive +2 Estela for exploring the cave with her.

Diamond Choice 2 (Swim with Jake)

  • Hold on to Jake’s hand! (Jake +1)
  • Race ahead! (Jake +1)

Diamond Choice 3 (Swim with Jake)

  • Splash him. (Jake +1)
  • Kiss him. (Jake +1)

You have the option to start dating Jake again if you did not start dating him in Chapter One.

Diamond Choice 4 (Swim with Jake)

  • Fall into his arms. (No effect)
  • Make him chase after you. (No effect)

You will receive +2 Jake for exploring the cave with him.

Choice 11

  • Pick up a jeweled tiara! (Michelle +1)
  • Swoop in on a giant gold chain! (Raj +1)
  • Keep your eye on Yvonne. (Clue found: Antique Compass)

If you choose the third option, you will receive the Antique Compass clue.

Act IV, Chapter 6: You Can't Save Everyone Choices

Choice 1

  • Not all of them hated us. (Diego +1) (Grace +1) (Aleister +1)
  • This could be our fault. (Raj +1) (Craig +1)
  • We still need those idols back. (Zahra +1) (Michelle +1) (Lila +1)

Tough Choice 1

  • This isn't you! (if successful: Estela +3 / if fail: Estela -3)
  • So this is goodbye then. (No effect)

Tough Choice 2

  • Stand down, Lila! (if successful: Lila +3 / if fail: Lila -3)
  • Stand down, Seraxa! (No effect)

Choice 2

  • Kill this thing once and for all. (Craig +1) (Quinn -1)
  • Find out why he's here. (Aleister -1) (Grace +1)

Choice 3

This is a timed choice!

Follow this order:

  • Crank the wheel!: 1st
  • Load the shot!: 2nd
  • Use the torch!: 3rd
  • Pull the lever!: 4th

If done in the correct order, you receive (Grace +2) and (Aleister +2). If not, you receive (Grace -1) and (Aleister -1).

Choice 4

  • Get Taari out of the way! (💎17)
  • Let Seraxa try! (No effect)

If you chose the diamond choice, choice 13 and the Oath Blade clue will be available later in the chapter.

Choice 5

Follow the sign appearing on the right side of the screen but remember that this is a timed choice.

(The pattern changes. There are ten total.)

  • Left!
  • Right!
  • Up!
  • Down!

Following it correctly gives (Jake +2). Following it incorrectly gives (Jake -2).

Choice 6

  • Give them to Cetus (Jake -1) (Sean +1)
  • Get them out of the city (Jake +1) (Sean -1)

Choice 7

  • Ximaedra, come back! (Lila +1)
  • Varyyn, don't go! (Estela +1)

Choice 8

  • Diego needs you right now! (Lila +1)
  • Do you want her death to be in vain? (Estela +1)

Choice 9

  • Answer: Anchor / Chains / Iron Chains (Estela +1) (Lila +1)

Choice 10

This is a timed choice!

  • Drop! (Jake -1)
  • Catch! (Diego +1)
  • Slip! (Jake -1)

Choice 11

  • Tell Seraxa to get the idol: (💎12)

You'll receive the Andromeda Idol. You will have a flashback. Your character is in a sorority room with Diego. Then, somebody knocks, Diego goes out. You follow Diego and you find yourself in the forest. Covered with blood and using Jake's dog tag. You see a cave. You walk into the cave. You see 11 mounds of dirt; 11 graves of your friends.

  • Tell her to stay back (No effect)

Choice 12 (Vaanti Outfit)

  • Buy this item! (💎25), (Michelle +2) (Raj +2)
  • No thanks (No effect)

Diamond Choice 1

  • Seafood (No effect)
  • Salad (No effect)
  • Drink (No effect)

You now recieve the Oath Blade Clue if you saved Taari. If you are wearing the Vaanti outift, then you will get (Love Interest +2).

Act Four Bonus Scene

It was six months ago, after the Catalysts have transported themselves forward in time. Seraxa and the other Watchers had been hunting the Catalysts for two weeks and she decided to give up. Uqzhaal insisted they continue the hunt. Seraxa was enraged, said what Uqzhaal and Ximaedra believed in was just fairy tales and that she wished they both would die off. She then called off the hunt. Uqzhaal said he must find The Endless, then spent days walking and hiking to the peak of Mount Atropo. He called out to the Endless in despair, and broke down when no one answered. He said it's been two years since The Endless last came to his village, and kept on pleading. Then The Endless, who wore a suit similar to an astronaut's and has a mechanical arm, appeared before him. The Endless told Uqzhaal that the Catalysts will come to the village, and then disappeared.

Then we see Rourke and Iris in a lab. Iris confirmed that the guests of the hotel had all been evacuated. They talked briefly about Aleister, and Iris' memory loss. Then Iris showed Rourke a profile of some sort, and Rourke was shocked and asked if the person was indeed "him" as he feared. Rourke asked Iris how they didn't know he was here. Iris replied that he was checked into The Celestial under an alias, but DNA confirmed it. Rourke asked what he was doing here, and Iris suggested he ask him himself. Rourke said Iris was right, and they should wake him up (it's not clear if this is another him). Then Commander Lundgren (Jake's old commander) came into the room, not knowing why he was here. Rourke said he's now Lundgren's new employer, and offered Lundgren Jake. Lundgren agreed to work for Rourke, and said that he also brought "friends".

Act V, Chapter 7: Everything at Once Choices

Choice 1

  • Please, I can't lose her. (Grace +1)
  • You owe us! (Craig +1)

Choice 2

You will receive the Silver Sap clue.

  • Take a big gulp! (Raj +2) (Jake -1) (Michelle -1)
  • Take a small sip. (Raj -1) (Lila +1)

Choice 3

  • Trippy. (Raj +1) (Craig +1) (Sean -1)
  • Beautiful. (Estela +1) (Zahra +1) (Michelle -1)

Choice 4

  • Run through Diego. (Diego +1)
  • Hug Michelle. (Michelle +1)
  • Prank Raj. (Raj +1)

Choice 5

  • Keep going forward. (Raj +1) (Michelle +1)
  • Search for another way. (Michelle -1)

Choice 6

  • Yell them to stop! (No effect)
  • Close your eyes. (No effect)

Choice 7

  • Good. They need balance. (Grace +1) (Diego +1) (Estela -1)
  • Pointless. They'll just fight again. (Craig +1) (Estela +1) (Grace -1)

Choice 8

This is a timed choice!

  • Accelerate time! (Zahra -1) (Estela -1)
  • Freeze time! (Zahra -1) (Estela -1)
  • Reverse time! (Zahra +1) (Estela +1)

Choice 9

This is a timed choice!

  • Accelerate time! (Zahra -1) (Raj -1)
  • Freeze time! (Zahra +1) (Estela +1)
  • Reverse time! (Zahra -1) (Estela -1)

Choice 10

This is a timed choice!

  • Accelerate time! (Aleister +1) (Jake +1)
  • Freeze time! (Craig -1) (Lila -1)
  • Reverse time! (Lila -1) (Estela -1)

Choice 11

  • Get the idol! (💎12)
  • Let it go.

If you chose to retrieve Grace's idol, you will receive a vision of the past. As Grace is leaving her biology class, she bumps straight into Aleister who gives her a pen engraved with the name ‘Grace Tamara Hall.’ Grace mentions that she lost the pen weeks ago, and Aleister acts as if he just found it and was not holding onto it for the right moment. Grace grabs her graded paper, looking at the red marking circled on the front page—‘B plus. I know you can do better than this!’ Grace hurries out while her professor’s words echo in her head, thinking about what she should tell her mom when she sees her professor’s car in the parking lot. She becomes angry, picks up a signpost, damages his car, and runs away. The next day Grace is in the library when Michelle comes over to tell Grace that the police are there and asking for Grace. One of them is holding her engraved pen.

You will also receive a vision of a possible future of Grace inside Mount Atropo with Lila, Michelle, Craig, Sean, and Aleister. She is trying to disarm a bomb that is counting down from one minute but is feeling too much pressure from the group. Sean tells her, ‘I know you can do this’ and Graces loses her temper. She picks up a rock and smashes the bomb, the time turns to 0:00, effectively setting off the bomb.

Choice 12

  • Stop
  • Keep rewinding

You will receive (Grace +1) and (Michelle +1) if you stop when Diego tells you to.


If you keep rewinding 13× until after you see Cetus you will receive the Deep Fissure clue.

Choice 13

You will need to enter a phrase to find out where the Heart is.

The answer is Throne (Room)

You will receive (Lila +1) and (Aleister +1) if you put in the correct phrase.

Choice 14

  • She needs you right now. (💎18)
  • Never mind.

If you choose to let Craig comfort Zahra, you will get (Craig +4) and (Zahra +4).

Act V, Chapter 8: Let's Promise We'll Do This Again Choices

Choice 1

  • Run for help.
  • Reach out to her.
  • Grab a weapon.

Tough Choice 1

  • Let her rest. (if successful: Quinn +3 / if fail: Quinn -3)
  • Tell her now. (Quinn +1 and Quinn +2 in Chapter 12)

Clue Found! Elyys'tel: The Island's Heart

Choice 2

  • Safe? (No effect)
  • Dangerous? (No effect)

Choice 3

  • Ready Sweat Go outfit (💎25) (Sean +2) (Quinn +2)
  • No thanks. (No effect)

Choice 4

  • You should be happy. (Quinn -1)
  • It's okay to be sad. (Quinn +1)

Zahra (Path A)

Diego (Path B)

Raj (Path C)

Choice 5 (Path A)

  • The correct answer: Turtle or Tortoise (Grace +1), (Aleister +1) (Zahra +1)
  • Incorrect answer: (Zahra -1)

Choice 6 (Path A)

  • Grab the idol (💎12)
  • Leave it be (No effect)

If you grab the idol, you will see Zahra sitting at her laptop, working with a group to hack and steal information on Mammon Financial regarding its corruption. As she is doing so, Craig barges in and scares her. After Zahra yells at Craig for doing so and Craig stumbles over expressing his disapproval for Zahra's haircut, they end up arguing about Craig's behavior at after-game parties.

In the future, Zahra is seen working for Rourke as the security chief. She pulls up several camera feeds for him, one of which shows Jake in a cell taunting Rourke, his will unbroken after what is revealed to be five years. As Rourke turns to leave, she draws a revolver on him and activates a program she had been preparing, which releases all of the prisoners on the island and destroys all of his work. She reveals that she had only been pretending to work for him all of this time, and that it took her the five the years to assemble the program, before Rourke pulls a dagger and embeds in her chest. She reacts by shooting him three times, and they both die on opposite sides of the room, in what she declares to have been vengeance for Craig.

Choice 7 (Path B)

  • Cheer for Varyyn & Diego. (Diego +2) (Michelle -1)
  • Cheer for Craig and Michelle. (Craig +1) (Michelle +1) (Diego -1)

Whichever team you cheer for will win.

Choice 8 (Path C)

  • Pretend it's delicious. (Raj -1)
  • Make a big show of it. (Raj +1)

Choice 9

  • Play with Jake and Sean: (💎20) (Sean +1) (Jake +1)
  • Back out: (No effect)

Diamond Choice 1:

First Round:

  • Balance!

Second Round:

  • Collapse!
  • Balance!

Third Round:

  • Collapse!
  • Fall over!
  • Balance!

Fourth Round:

  • Slip!
  • Lose Balance!
  • Fall over!
  • Balance!
  • Collapse!

Keep your balance and you get (Sean +1) and (Jake +1)

Diamond Choice 2

  • Trash Talk!: (Jake +1) (Sean -1)
  • Congratulate them: (Sean+1) and (Jake -1)

Diamond Choice 3

  • Block for me, Jake!: (Jake +1)
  • Throw it deep, Sean!: (Sean +1)

Diamond Choice 4

  • Go with Sean: (Sean +1)
  • Go with Jake: (Jake +1)

Diamond Choice 5

  • Hold onto the mast! (No effect)
  • Hold onto Sean or Jake! (Sean +1) or (Jake +1)

Diamond Choice 6

First Round:

  • Balance!

Second Round:

  • Collapse!
  • Balance!

Third Round:

  • Collapse!
  • Fall over!
  • Balance!

Fourth Round:

  • Slip!
  • Lose balance!
  • Fall over!
  • Balance!
  • Collapse!

Keep your balance and get (Sean +1) or (Jake +1) depending on who you rode with.

Diamond Choice 7

  • Kiss Jake or Sean: (Sean +1) or (Jake +1)
  • High five Jake or Sean: (No effect)

If you're already dating kiss will automatically be chosen and this choice will not appear.

Diamond Choice 8

  • owl mask
  • wolf mask
  • ram mask
  • gold mask
  • skull mask

Clue Found! Beach: The Mask Maker.

Choice 10 or 17 depending on diamond choice(s)

  • Find a way to bring you home!: (Grace +2) (Diego +1) (Jake -1)
  • Visit you in Costa Rica!: (Raj +1) (Craig +1) (Jake +1)

Choice 11 or 18 depending on diamond choice(s)

  • Shut her down! (No effect)
  • Hear her out! (No effect)

Act V, Chapter 9: Toward a New Horizon Choices

Choice 1

  • But aren't you on Rourke's side now? (Zahra +1) (Aleister -1)
  • You'll come through the portal too, right? (Iris +1) (Aleister +1) (Zahra -1)

Choice 2

  • Poke the shard. (Clue Found!: Burning Shard)
  • Watch it cautiously. (No effect)

Choice 3

  • Let Varyyn and Diego have their moment (💎18);(Diego +2)
  • Interrupt (No effect)

Choice 4

  • Were you hoping to stay? (Lila +2)
  • Are you worried about your job? (Lila +2)
  • Do you think it's a trap? (Lila +2)

Choice 5 Chill Out Outfit unlocks the second clue of the chapter (after Choice 9).

  • Choose this look! (💎25) (Quinn +1) (Grace +1)
  • No thanks (No effect)

Tough Choice 1

  • I'm not leaving you! (if successful: Jake +3 and Jake will come with you/ if fail: Jake -3 and Jake won't come with you)
  • You're right. We've gotta split up! (Aleister +1 and Jake won't come with you)

Choice 6

The following choices are timed!

Round 1:

  • Grab him! (Diego +1)
  • Brace him! (Estela -1)
  • Move back! (Estela -1)

Round 2:

  • Throw your blanket! (Zahra -1)
  • Climb out of the way! (Zahra -1)
  • Douse her! (Raj +1), (Zahra +1)

Choice 7

The following choices are timed!

  • Toss the cans outside!
  • Find a sealed area!
  • Check the cockpit controls! (Grace +1) (Jake +1 if Jake came with you)

Choice 8

  • Pull the latch on the cabinet and get Craig's Catalyst idol (💎12)
  • Leave it: (No effect)

If you chose to retrieve Craig's idol, you will receive a vision of the past. Craig and Sean are in an airport waiting area talking about the vacation to La Huerta, as well as the upcoming NFL draft. Diego sees Sean, gets excited, and several students flock to him. Craig watches from the side and receives an email from the draft scouts that he did not make the cut. You will also receive a vision of a possible future of Craig in an unfamiliar laboratory. Jake, Estela, and Michelle down a trap door through the floor. Craig closes it behind them and decides to stay behind. Three Arachnid Soldiers come through a steel door only to be tackled by Craig. The nameless warrior with mechanical fists from earlier enters the room and punches Craig in the chest, sending him flying across the room to his death.

Choice 9 (Not wearing the Chill Out Outfit)

  • Choose walk x4 or run 4x to cross the plane safely
    • Wearing Chill out outfit: (Diego +1), (Raj +1), (Aleister +1) and (Lila +1)

If you are wearing the Chill Out Outfit, you will receive a clue.

Act V, Chapter 10: Every End Is a Beginning... Except the Last One Choices

Tough Choice 1

  • Got any coffee for me? (if successful: Zahra +3 / if fail: Zahra -3)
  • That sure smells good. (No effect)

Choice 1

  • Where are we? (Zahra -1)
  • Did you get some rest? (Zahra +1)

Choice 2

  • How did they find you? (Zahra +1)
  • Why are they still after you? (No effect)

Choice 3

  • Think back on everything that's happened. (Zahra +1, Jake -1)
  • Enjoy the peace while we can. (Zahra -1, Jake +1)
  • Prepare for the journey ahead. (Zahra +1, Jake +1)

Choice 4

  • Talk to Michelle (Michelle +1)
  • Talk to Diego (Diego +1)

Choice 5

  • Proof. (Estela -1)
  • Something to remember her by. (Estela +1)

Choice 6

Choosing to help Craig and Zahra will allow you to collect one of the two clues for this chapter

  • Let's get you connected. (💎18) (Craig +2, Zahra +2)
  • Sorry, guys. (No effect)

Diamond Choice 1

  • Jump Bros 2 (Craig +2) (Zahra +2)
  • Aeternum Chronicles: Legend of the 7 Crystals (Craig +2) (Zahra +2)

Choice 7

  • Call. (Sean +1)
  • Fold. (Jake +1)

Choice 8

  • Michelle. (Michelle +1)
  • Me! (Michelle -1)

Choice 9 The A-List Outfit

  • Buy this item! (💎25) (LI +1, Aleister +1, Michelle +1)
  • No thanks (No effect)

Choice 10

  • Aged Whiskey (Jake +1, Estela -1 and +2 afterwards)
  • Fruity Cocktail (Michelle +1, Jake -1 and +2 afterwards)
  • Ice-Cold Beer (Estela +1, Michelle -1, Jake +1)

Choice 11

  • Celebrating how much you've changed. (Lila +1)
  • An excuse to party! (Raj +1)
  • All about kissing. (Grace +1)

Choice 12

  • Appreciate how lucky you've been. (Quinn +1)
  • Hold onto what matters. (Craig +1)
  • Stop looking back. (Sean +1)

Choice 13

  • Sean (Aleister -1)
  • Aleister (Aleister +1)

Choice 14

  • Jake (Craig -1)
  • Craig (Craig +1)

Choice 15

  • Quinn (Quinn +1)
  • Lila (Quinn-1)

Choice 16

  • Iris (Michelle -1)
  • Michelle (Michelle +1)

Choice 17

  • Estela (Estela +1)
  • Grace (Estela -1)

Choice 18

  • Raj (Raj +1)
  • Varyyn (Raj -1)

Choice 19

  • Diego (Zahra -1)
  • Zahra (Zahra +1)

Choice 20

  • Furball (No effect)
  • and me! (No effect)

The People who have birthdays are: Aleister, Craig, Quinn, Michelle, Estela, Raj, Zahra, and Your Character. (+1 for each correct character, -1 for an incorrect character)

Choice 21

  • Love Interest.
  • The whole group. (No effect)

Choice 22

If you spend some alone time with your love interest, you will get the second clue of the chapter and thus have all the clues needed to unlock the full bonus scene at the end of this act.

  • Take Your LI to bed. (💎20) (LI +1)
  • No one.

Diamond Choice 1 (Quinn)

  • Not alone you won't. (Quinn +1)
  • Stay alive "LI" for me. (Quinn +1)

Diamond Choice 2 (Quinn)

  • Go Faster (Quinn +2)
  • Slow right down (Quinn +2)

Diamond Choice 1 (Jake)

  • Not alone you won't. (Jake +1)
  • Stay alive, Jake, for me. (Jake +1)

Diamond Choice 2 (Jake)

  • Go Faster (Jake +2)
  • Slow right down (Jake +2)

Diamond Choice 1 (Estela)

  • I'm here for you, to the end. (Estela +1)
  • You've got all the time in the world. (Estela +1)

Diamond Choice 2 (Estela)

  • Grab her hair! (Estela +2)
  • Grind your hips with her! (Estela +2)

Diamond Choice 1 (Sean)

  • Don't forget about the little people. (Sean +1)
  • You're going to inspire the world. (Sean +1)

Diamond Choice 2 (Sean)

  • I can handle it. Don't stop. (Sean +2)
  • Just slow and gentle. (Sean +2)

Choice 23 or 25, depending on diamond choice

  • You don't have to do this. (Estela -1)
  • Let's do this. (Estela +1)

Going into the bedroom, you find a video and discover that Lila was the one who killed Estela’s mom.

Act Five Bonus Scene

The first half features Yvonne wandering through a forest and thinking that everyone died to Cetus. When she emerges, she stands before a cavern decorated with an elaborate dragon-head statue, commenting that at last she is very close to finding "The Fountain". A moment later she notices the red figure, the Endless, appear and enter the cave. She follows them. When inside there is a large corridor with lava and a narrow stone walkway in the center and twelve pedestals to the left and right of it. The Endless walks towards the end, through the lava but stops before the archway, greeting Yvonne with a digital voice despite not paying attention to her up until now. They encourage Yvonne to reveal herself, she answers by insisting that The Endless bring her to the Fountain that she seeks. She is told that she and the Catalysts need each other's help and tells her the way to them and disappears, leaving Yvonne with unanswered questions. She then leaves the cave in a hurry.

The second half takes place six months ago on the rooftop of the Celestial, right before everyone goes through the portal. The same scene occurs, but this time from Lila's perspective. When you decide to use the portal gun, Lila thinks to herself, "The temporal perforator! I cant let [your name] use it! We'd lose six months!...But I can't possibly protect them all. It's their only shot at surviving this." As you pull the trigger, Lila slips away into a nearby garden, and does not actually go through the portal. She sets a timer on her watch for six months in the future. We see Diego being taken by the Vaanti. Lila is upset by this and wants to rescue him, but decides to stay hidden. The Vaanti lead Diego away. Lila checks her watch and asks herself "Where are you Mr. Rourke?" She leaves the Celestial and makes her way through the mountains. There is a jumpcut to the Vaanti village where Lila is looking down at Diego, Grace, and Raj (or whoever you did not save). They are searching for the idols. Jumpcut to a Celestial, where she begins searching for something in the hotel halls. She finds the doors to the library, revealing that she was the one who opened it. We then see her writing down the clues for the password in the hotel lobby. She remarks to herself that she doesn't even know what the runes or the zodiac clues mean, and that she'll never find Rourke. IRIS appears, concerned about Lila's wellbeing. Lila says that she's lonely and that she misses someone and that she's jealous. IRIS does not comprehend. Lila goes to the grand atrium and asks Rourke's statue why he does not love her.

(The next paragraph only happens if you didn't find Rourke in the epilogue of Book 1)

Lila then appears in Rourke's office, and uses Aleister's hair to boot the system. She types in "C C U P." Rourke appears in a tank of green fluid. Lila retrieves him and leads him into the grand atrium, dripping the green liquid you saw in the first chapter of the book. Rourke leads her to his lair and begins stuffing things into a duffle bag. Lila asks Rourke if he's leaving. Rourke turns to the crimson glove and tells her there's work to be done and that their mission is just beginning. He takes a knife with a hilt of entwined snakes and starts to leave. Lila asks him what she should do. Rourke tells her she is to wait here; "Selected to return, of course. I'm counting on you."

Time passes and we see Lila preparing. She sits in the ballroom, counting down time. A Vaanti appears. Lila kills him. She then goes to the rooftop and counts down the time until your arrival. The group appears through the portal. When the group asks you about Diego, Lila stays silent.

Act VI, Chapter 11: Trust is a Fragile Thing Choices

Choice 1

  • Get between them. (Estela -1)
  • Call for a truce. (Lila +1)
  • Stay out of it. (Estela +1, Sean -1, Quinn -1)

Choice 2

  • What if Rourke orders you to kill us? (No effect)
  • What could possibly be worth all of this? (Craig +1)

The second option reveals a clue.

Choice 3

This is a timed choice!

  • Talk to it! (Grace +1, Aleister +1)
  • Roar at it! (Craig -1, Zahra -1)
  • Break a window! (No effect)

Tough Choice 1

  • I'm sorry about your mother. (if successful: Estela +3 / if fail: Estela -3)
  • I'll give you some space. (No effect)

Choice 4

  • Climb up to rescue Furball. (Sean +1, Quinn +1, Aleister -1)
  • Call Furball to come down to you. (Aleister +1, Craig -1, Zahra -1)

Choice 5

  • Let Quinn tame the yeti (💎18) (Quinn +1, Diego +1, Zahra +1, Craig +1)
  • Pull Quinn away. (No effect)

You will discover the second clue of the chapter if you let Quinn tame the yeti.

Choice 6

  • Melt the idol out. (💎12)
  • Leave it. (No effect)

If you chose to retrieve Estela's idol, you will receive a vision of the past. Estela is in the Hartfeld library, sitting alone and reading. Aleister enters and asks if he can sit with her. She ignores him but he sits down anyway. Some sorority girls start talking about her behind her back, teasing her about being a transfer student and that her family is dead. They joke about how she might kill someone if she goes to an event. The sorority girls leave. Aleister tries to comfort Estela based on what just happened. Estela tells Aleister she doesn't care about them. The two nod at each other in agreement. In the scene from the future, Lila lies dead in the Celestial's grand atrium. Estela stabbed her to death. She sadly says "It's over, Mom. I did it." Rourke appears and thanks Estela for killing Lila. Estela throws a spear at Rourke, which punctures him. She is shot from behind. The Rourke she threw the spear at is a hologram, and the real Rourke is the one who shot her. The real Rourke then shoots her again two more times but to no avail. However, with her last strength, Estela tells Rourke she will kill him. Rourke kneels down, presses the barrel of the gun to Estela's temple, and says goodbye.

Choice 7

  • Rourke kills his hired help. (Estela +1)
  • Lundgren will backstab you. (Jake +1)

Choice 8

  • We can get the pieces back.
  • That man broke you.
  • I know you're in there.

Choice 9

You can only rescue one person. Everyone survives but the two you don't save are a little more hurt.

  • Aleister (Aleister +2)
  • Sean (Sean +2)
  • Zahra (Zahra +2)

Choice 10

This is a timed choice!

  • The party Raj threw?
  • Entering the time portal?
  • That bridge in Elyys'tel?

Act VI, Chapter 12: Last Chance to Turn Back Choices

***Note: The order of some of the choices below might not be the same as the order in your game. Pixelberry has started to randomize option order within certain choices.

Choice 1

  • It's not a trap. (Aleister +1, Jake -1)
  • We'll be ready for whatever happens. (Aleister -1, Jake +1)

Choice 2

  • Launch an Attack (Aleister -1)
  • Plot a Distraction (Jake -1)
  • Hide in Plain Sight (Jake +1, Aleister +1)

Choice 3

  • Quinn's still our friend. (Grace +1)
  • We have to keep close watch on her. (Craig +1)
  • She just saved our lives! (Raj +1)

Choice 4 (if you let Quinn rest in Chapter 8)

  • Admit the Truth. (Grace -1, Raj +1, Aleister -1, Quinn +1)
  • Deny it. (Grace +1, Craig +1, Quinn -1)

If you told Quinn the truth in Chapter 8, you won't have this choice and you will receive Quinn +2.

Choice 5

  • Yes (Grace -1)
  • No (Grace +1)

Tough Choice 1

  • Tell him the truth. (if successful: Michelle +3 / if fail: Michelle -3)
  • He'll forgive you eventually. (No effect)

Choice 6

  • >>activate_forward_lamps (Michelle -1)
  • >>anon_transmission
  • >>location_data (Without Yeti Tracker, no effect. With Yeti Tracker, +1 Jake, +1 Michelle)

Choosing ">>anon_transmission" gives you a clue

Choice 7

This is a timed choice!

  • Hit the accelerator. (Estela +1, Jake +1, Michelle +1)
  • Slam the door into them. (Michelle +1)
  • Stay down. (Jake -1)

If you do nothing, you will get Michelle -1 and Jake -1

Choice 8

  • You don't have to come. (Zahra -1)
  • We need you. (Zahra +1)

Premium Choice 1

  • You still have tonight. (💎18) (Diego +2), then (Diego +1) x3
  • You'll find somebody else one day. (No effect)

If you pick the first option, you will receive the second clue for the chapter.

Choice 9

  • Who said he can't come with us? (Quinn +1, Raj -1)
  • I'll always remember him. (Quinn -1, Raj +1)

Making Up if you convinced Michelle to tell Sean the truth.

Choice 10

  • I once dressed up as a movie monster to scare Diego. (Jake +1)
  • I TP'd the mayor's mansion. (Zahra +1)
  • I've never really pranked anyone. (Grace +1)

Choice 11

  • I got to meet you all. (Sean +1, Diego +1, Craig +1)
  • I had one last adventure. (Grace +1, Raj +1, Quinn +1)
  • We survived. (Jake +1, Aleister +1, Estela +1)

Premium Choice 2

  • Spend the night with your Love Interest. (💎30)
  • Spend the night with no one. (No effect)

Path 2-A -Estela

  • +2 for spending the night with her.

2-A Choice 1

  • There are other ways to get revenge. (Estela +2)
  • it's time to let go. (Estela +2)

2-A Choice 2

  • Say it back. (Estela +1)
  • Just kiss her. (No effect)

Path 2-B - Jake

  • +2 for spending the night with him

2-B Choice 1

  • Keep Going (Jake +1)
  • Slow Down (Jake +1)

2-B Choice 2

  • Can't run forever. (Jake +2)
  • Can't let Lundgren win. (Jake +2)

2-B Choice 3

  • Say it back. (Jake +1)
  • Just kiss him.

Path 2-C - Quinn

2-C Choice 1

  • Keep Going (Quinn +1)
  • Slow Down (Quinn +1)

2-C Choice 2

  • This thing is curable. (Quinn +2)
  • You can learn to control it. (Quinn +2)

2-C Choice 3

  • Say it back. (Quinn +1)
  • Just kiss her.

Path 2-D - Sean

  • +2 for spending the night with him

2-D Choice 1

  • Keep Going (Sean +1)
  • Slow Down

2-D Choice 2

  • I think you can do anything.
  • Don't forget who you really are. (Sean +2)

2-D Choice 3

  • Say it back. (Sean +1)
  • Just kiss him.

Choice 12

  • Badass! (Craig +1)
  • Ridiculous. (Michelle +1)

Choice 13

  • The blizzard.
  • Water.
  • Explosives.

Choice 14

  • 3-1-7-2
  • 1-2-3-7
  • 7-1-3-2

Choice 15

  • Fell off the waterfall.
  • Drowned.
  • Were killed by Tetra.

Choice 16

  • We caught them searching for medical supplies.
  • We set a trap.
  • They turned themselves in.

If you mess up on some of the choices, a time loop kicks in that lets you redo your actions and make better choices.

Act VI, Chapter 13: All We Have is Now Choices

Choice 1

  • Black Widow (Zahra -1)
  • 3-1-7-2 (Sean +1, Craig +1)
  • I don't have one (Sean -1)

If the first or third choice is picked, however, Rourke doesn't fully trust you.

Choice 2

  • Point your gun at them (Michelle -1, Raj -1, Diego +1, Quinn +1)
  • Tell them to shut up (No effect)

If the second choice is picked, however, Rourke doesn't fully trust you. In addition, if you pick wrong on both choice 1 and choice 2, you will get shot with lasers when you leave the lab after choice 9 and die. You'll get sent back to just before choice 1 to try again. This won't happen if you answer "3-1-7-2." or "Point your gun at them."

Choice 3

  • What was she working on? (IRIS +1)
  • Did you know her? (IRIS -1)

Choice 4

  • Someone on the street.
  • A nearby parked car
  • The big clock.

Choice 5

  • A reflective skyscraper (You will get a clue)
  • Helicopters flying overhead.
  • The crowd around you.

For both choice 4 and 5, depending on what you choose, something different happens. In choice 4, if you choose "Someone on the street," a child will grow to adolescence in seconds and freak out her mother and MC. If you choose the car, it'll disappear (and MC will say that could be handy), and if you choose the clock, time will reverse (and MC will think it's cool). For choice 5, if you choose the skyscraper, you'll get a clue. If you choose the helicopters, they'll explode, and if you choose the crowd, everyone around you de-evolves to Neanderthals and MC will react negatively. In addition, if you get killed by the lasers after choice 9 and sent back to the start of the chapter, you will dodge the headset and won't get choices 4 and 5 again.

Premium Choice 1

  • Get the laser cannon (💎18) (Craig +2, Zahra +2, Sean +2)
  • Keep Moving

If you get the laser cannon, it can be used again in book 3 to get a Craig +1 and Jake +1, and to avoid a further Zahra -1 or Jake -1.

Choice 6

  • Hydrodynamic Stasis (Sean +1)
  • Hydroponic Containment (Zahra -1)
  • Theoretical Prismatics. (Craig -1)

Choice 7

This is a timed choice!

  • Pretend to look busy (Zahra -1)
  • Do Nothing! (Sean -1, Zahra -1)
  • Salute him! (Zahra +1)

If the timer runs out, you will receive Sean -1, Zahra -1.

Choice 8

  • Mouse
  • Fiddler
  • The Camera!

Choice 9

This is a timed choice!

  • Ripples of Heat. (Craig +1)
  • Movement of Fog. (Sean -1)
  • Footprints. (Zahra -1)

If the timer runs out, you will get Craig -1. However, if you picked up the Laser Cannon or shot the camera, this option will not appear. In addition, if you have the Laser Cannon, you will get a clue (Hotel Guests). You'll leave the lab here, and if you chose the wrong option for choice 1, the security system will kill you, sending you back to choice 1.

Premium Choice 2

  • Take the idol. (💎12)
  • Leave it. (No effect)

If you take the idol, you will see Jake's past and future. In his past, you see him in a military plane with Mike, where Mike starts giving nicknames to Jake, who tells him to stop it as it is very lame. Then, an ambush set up by Lundgren strikes the plane, causing Mike to launch Jake out of the plane before it crashes. In Jake's future, you see him being held prisoner before Zahra's Killswitch Protocol sets him free. He then rescues Your Character from a Cryostasis chamber. As the two of you are leaving, Mouse appears and shoots Jake. As Mouse is going to shoot you, Jake fights with him and kills him. In Jake's dying breath, he orders Your Character to escape and live your life.

Choice 10

  • I'll go first. (Sean +1, Raj +1)
  • Let's do this together. (Craig +1, Grace +1)

Choice 11

Whose hand do you hold?

  • Quinn (Quinn +1)
  • Estela (Estela +1)
  • Jake (Jake +1)
  • Sean (Sean +1)
  • Diego (Diego +1)

Act VI, Chapter 14: You Can't Promise Anything Anymore Choices

Choice 1

  • Look for survivors. (Grace +1, Jake -1, Sean +1)
  • Figure out what happened. (Zahra +1, Sean -1, Michelle +1)

Choice 2

  • I should be more careful. (Quinn +1, Raj -1)
  • Some risks are necessary. (Craig +1, Michelle -1)

Premium Choice 1

  • Buy Armor (💎25) (Grace +1, Diego +1, Quinn +1, Aleister +1)

''The Andromeda Armor only shows you how will your friends react based on what would you say. If it is action related of happenstance you won't know what action would cause what change with friends.''

Choice 3

  • Reminisce with them. (Diego +1, Estela -1)
  • Tell them to stay focused. (Estela +1, Zahra -1)

Tough Choice 1

  • We'll fix this. (if successful: Sean +3 / if fail: Sean -3)
  • I am so, so sorry. (No effect)

Tough Choice 2

  • Hug him. (if successful: Raj +3 / if fail: Raj -3)
  • Tell him to calm down. (No effect)

Choice 4

  • Roundhouse Kick.
  • Choke-Slam.

Choice 5

  • We can't quit trying. (Sean +1, Aleister -1)
  • We're in way over our heads. (Aleister +1, Sean -1)

Tough Choice 3

  • Same goes for all of us. (if successful: Quinn +3 / if fail: Quinn -3)
  • I wish I could stop it. (No effect)

Premium Choice 2

  • Take the idol (💎12)
  • Leave it.

If you choose to take the idol, you will see Aleister's past and future after Choice 8. In his past, you see him watching his father have a press conference, followed by a heated conversation between father and son. In Aleister's future, you see him at the Elysian Lodge talking with an Arachnid soldier who informed him of Zahra's Killswitch Protocol. Your character later knocks down the soldier and berates Aleister for betraying you and all your friends, culminating in Aleister's defenestration at your hands.

Choice 6

  • Tune him out. (Quinn +1, Aleister -1)
  • Just remember, he's messing with you. (Estela -1, Aleister +1)

Choice 7

  • You just made a big mistake. (Aleister -3, Estela +1)
  • I forgive you. (Aleister +5, Craig -1, Quinn -1, Sean -1)

Choice 8

  • Surrender (Estela -1, Aleister +2, Raj -1, Michelle +1)
  • Spit in his face! (Craig +1, Zahra +1, Aleister -2)

Act VI, Chapter 15: Self-Destruct Choices

Choice 1

  • Attack! They can't take us all! (Diego -1, Jake +1, Estela +1)
  • Lila, please, we're your friends. (Sean +1, Raj +1, Zahra -1)

Choice 2

This is a timed choice!

  • Get Down. (Estela +1, Diego -1)
  • Tackle Diego out of the way. (Diego +1, Jake -1, Michelle -1) (Diego +1, Craig +1, Quinn +1 if you are wearing the Andromeda Armor)

If the timer runs out you will get (Jake -1)

Tough Choice 1

  • Don't let this be all you are. (if successful: Estela doesn't kill Lila / if fail: Estela kills Lila)
  • Just get it over with. (Estela kills Lila)

If Estela doesn't kill Lila, Lila will sacrifice herself to take out some Arachnid Soldiers. Therefore, whatever the result of Tough Choice 1, Lila will die.

Diamond Choice 1

  • Say Goodbye (💎18) (Diego, Raj, Sean, Estela, Michelle if she likes you or higher, Quinn, Craig, Jake, Zahra +2)
  • No point to it now.

Choice 3

  • Wait for us! (Zahra +1, Sean -1)
  • Just Go! (Diego -1, Michelle +1)

Choice 4

  • Shout! (Jake -1, Michelle -1)
  • Act it out! (Zahra +1, Diego +1)

Choice 5

This is a timed choice!

  • Chest (Estela -1, Craig -1, Zahra -1)
  • Thigh (Estela -1, Craig -1, Zahra -1)
  • Jetpack Fuel (Estela +1, Zahra +1, Craig +1)

If the timer runs out you will get (Estela -1, Craig -1, Zahra-1)

Tough Choice 2

  • It's not too late. (if successful: Jake +3 / if fail: Jake -3)
  • You can’t save him. (No effect)

Diamond Choice 2

  • Blow this place sky-high. (💎18) (Craig +2, Quinn +1, Estela +2, Zahra +2, and get Havana Cigar clue)
  • Just find a way out of here.

If you get the Cigar, you can use it in book 3 and get Jake +1 and avoid a further Jake -1 or Estela -1

Choice 6

  • Fire the missiles, Jake! (Jake -1)
  • Use the chain gun, Craig! (Craig +2)

Choice 7

This is a timed choice!

  • Shock him! (Sean +1, Zahra +1)
  • Throw him! (Sean -1, Quinn -1)
  • Push him! (Estela -1, Zahra -1)

If the timer runs out you will get (Craig -2)

Choice 8

This is a timed choice!

  • Grab the landing skid. (Estela/Jake/Sean +1)
  • Miss the landing skid.
  • Slip on the landing skid

Act Six Bonus Scene

Three years earlier, Mike (the man who'd later become Mouse) wakes up in a Naval base's medical ward. Lundgren greets him and explains the mess Mike is in - contrary to what everyone else thought, Mike did in fact survive but was badly injured, with burns covering most of his body and him detached from his legs. Lundgren then puts a futuristic helmet, lined with drills, on Mike, while talking about changing the future of warfare.

In the present, Taari runs into Seraxa while trying to escape from his daring raid on the baker for cakes. They both miss the Catalysts.

Lundgren, Fiddler, Tetra, and Mouse play cards in a bunker. Lundgren expresses his distrust of Rourke, but says they have to play along while they are stuck on the island. Mouse is the only one to hesitate when hunting Jake is mentioned as they are friends.

Far away from its friends, the Fox, along with the Yeti, are curious about the column of smoke to the north.

At the Volcano Observatory, Rourke is fascinated by the Island's Heart. At long last, the Janus Project can begin. Iris frowns in agreement.

A man we've never seen before stares at a tendril of smoke through binoculars from a mountain pass. Then he turns and vanishes down the mountainside. (In Book 3, the identity of this man is revealed.)


In the epilogue, the first thing you sense is warm lips pressed against yours. A voice then starts calling out to you. You open your eyes from the bright light and figuring out where you are. You roll over choking and hacking up the water filling your lungs when you fell off the helicopter. You realized your on a boat and see Yvonne with you. She rescued you from the waters and gave you CPR. You look around, still dazed and from a distance, you see smoke from the MASADA Complex. You ask Yvonne how does she know where to find you. In response, she said she was dispatched to your aid by your red-clad friend. You don't know who it was. You and Yvonne head to the island and reached The Threshold. If you get your idol from Cetus, you will recognize the place from the vision. You noticed the compass Yvonne got from the cave. She mentioned how she encountered that red-clad demon. It told her that she needed your help. As you and Yvonne entered The Threshold, you walked in to a large ceremonial chamber lined with lava sprouts. You then see a figure at the center and it is Uzqhaal. He recognized you and is glad to see you. You told him that Rourke now has the heart.

End puzzle

Method for solution: The images on the wall refer to visions from the Idols. The first is a death from a dagger, the second is a death while chained, and the third is seeing eleven grave mounds. Zahra was killed by a dagger and she was the crow, or corvus in Latin. Jake was in chains and was the wolf, or lupus in Latin. You saw the eleven grave mounds and you are Andromeda. That gives you all the letters except for T, H, and F, which are fairly obvious from context once you put in the rest.

  • Save
  • Them
  • From
  • Themselves

You have reached the end of Endless Summer, Book 2. For choices in Book 3, click here.

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